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With the help of TP-Link and FlashRouters, your wireless network will be reborn, rejuvenated, and revolutionized. All you have to do is pick the TP-Link router, and FlashRouters will take it from there - flashing your router with better firmware, testing and re-testing it to ensure the highest level of performance, and then sending it your way.

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ddwrt Firmware, + TP-Link

There's a simple reason why we do what we do: relying on stock firmware is a surefire way to riddle a good router with flaws and vulnerabilities. That's why we flash TP-Link devices with replacement firmwares like DD-WRT - to assure our users that they've purchased a router that's infinitely more secure, versatile, and flat-out powerful than can be found anywhere else.

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Is your router safe?

TP-Link Stock Firmware Vulnerability in the news

Here at FlashRouters we are always trying to make aware threats to security and privacy in stock routers. Here are the most recent list of vulnerabilites in the news.

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Legacy TP-Link Router Support

Support & Flashing services for discontinued TP-Link routers. We provide remote support for the following models:

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