The Benefits of a FlashRouter

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Imagine improved and increased network stability, advanced bandwidth, wireless signal controls, and more. With a FlashRouter, there's no need to imagine anymore.

Your average router's stock firmware is unreliable, functionally limited, and likely full of dangerous vulnerabilities that can put your entire online experience at risk. In fact, manufacturers will often not even bother to patch routers with serious security holes, especially if the device is a few year's old. This leaves devices defenseless, out in the world, completely exposed to potential hackers and prying eyes looking for network security weaknesses to exploit. 

Because of this, FlashRouters utilizes DD-WRT open-source firmware to transform a personal-class router with limited functionality into a powerful, multi-use, business-class router. With DD-WRT, a router's enterprise potential can be unlocked at a home user’s cost.

How it Works?

Plug and Play Setup

FlashRouters upgrades the best brand name routers adding enhanced DD-WRT Open Source Firmware to make them ready for your next gen networking needs right out of the box.

Increased Network Stability & Protection

No more dropped signals or interruptions in your network. With support from an active open source community, users can expect their devices to stay secure and running optimally. And, with new features, users can prolong the shelf life of their networking device.

Full VPN Network Security

The DD-WRT open source firmware, installed on all FlashRouters, unlocks VPN router integration, an impossibility on most wireless routers. Meaning, a FlashRouter can protect your whole network with one VPN connection, rather than connecting each device individually.

Advanced Features

Manufacturers develop routers for non-technical users in mind, making them simple and easy to use while limiting their effectiveness. Open Source Firmware unlocks your router’s potential giving you access to a number of features not seen on stock wireless router firmware, like bandwidth monitoring, QoS, VLAN Support, Advanced Wireless Setups, and more.

Secure Your Privacy Today!

What Makes a FlashRouter Different?

The goal of FlashRouters is to give you the freedom to manage your network with the best tools available and to keep unwanted network intrusion at bay. Our team is constantly researching and testing the best wireless routers and maximizing their performance with the most compatible alternative firmware. In other words, we do all the heavy lifting for you so you can take better control of your privacy. With a FlashRouter you can expect to:

Get Real Support

Our expert US-based team is laser focused on VPN & open source router setups. We also provide expert open source router support to get that protected home or small office wireless network up and running exactly the way you want it.

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Keep Your Setup Simple

We strive to make privacy and open source technology as simple as possible for our customers by providing them with setup guides, a complete online support center and the FlashRouters privacy app, the easiest way to connect to the best VPN services from your router.

Take Control of Your Privacy

Certain devices like streaming players, gaming systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices do not have native support for VPN client connections. These devices need security too, and with the FR Privacy App all devices that connect to your home network can now connect through your VPN service.

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Broswer-based FlashRouters Privacy App For DD-WRT Routers on Mobile/iPhone/Android. Control VPN on every device with a FlashRouter.Broswer-based FlashRouters Privacy App For DD-WRT Routers on Mobile/iPhone/Android. Control VPN on every device with a FlashRouter.

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