Wireless VPN Extender Setup

Wireless VPN Extender Setup

Create a dedicated VPN connection from any existing wireless network. Connect two routers on one network.


How It Works

Adding a FlashRouter into your network as a dedicated VPN client connection is simple enough when you can wire in directly to your modem or primary router device. However, in some cases you may not have physical access to the main network router, or perhaps the device used to create a wireless network in your home has no Ethernet ports at all. Using a FlashRouter Wireless VPN Extender you can still create your own personal WiFi network, with an active VPN connection.

A common scenario for this setup is when you are provided with a public or shared wireless SSID and password such as in an apartment complex, school, hotel, or coffee shop. A FlashRouter can repeat that wireless signal through its own virtual network with a unique SSID and password that only you know. As soon as you setup a VPN connection on the FlashRouter, the repeated wireless signal and all wired FlashRouter ports will encrypt all your network traffic.

Additional uses for VPN extender setup would be if you use a wireless MiFi Hotspot device, or a tethered smartphone wireless network using data from your phone plan as your primary Internet connection. Not only can you use a FlashRouter to secure all wireless network traffic through VPN, you also add the option to connect wired only devices to the Internet through any FlashRouter Ethernet port.

Best Routers for a Wireless VPN Extender Setup

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