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  • Untangle Single Pane Dashboard Untangle Single Pane Dashboard
  • Untangle Bandwidth Control Rules Untangle Bandwidth Control Rules
  • OpenVPN Server Setup - Untangle Custom Router OpenVPN Server Setup - Untangle Custom Router
  • Simple Captive Portal Setup - Untangle Custom Router Simple Captive Portal Setup - Untangle Custom Router

Untangle Linksys WRT1900ACS/AC v2 FlashRouter

Quick Overview

•  Includes Customized Untangle Router + USB Flash Drive
•  Single Pane Dashboard for Info & Alerts
•  Simple OpenVPN Server Creation/Management
•  Advanced Bandwidth Monitoring/Controls
•  Easy Captive Portal/WiFi Hotspot Setup More Info

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Take Control of Your Network with Untangle!

Router hardware has evolved and improved over the years but its firmware remains stuck in the dark ages when it comes to security, network traffic visibility and control. Recognizing the inherent limitations in popular commercial routers, Untangle set about making a radical new OS for home routers based on its popular, broadly installed and easy-to-use NG Firewall product.

With this custom Linksys WRT1900ACS/AC v2 Untangle Smart Router, the NG Layer 7 Firewall is finally available on an out-of-the-box open-source flashed consumer appliance.

The Untangle NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive solution for small-to-medium businesses and modern digital homes that require enterprise-grade perimeter security with the flexibility of a convergent Unified Threat Management (UTM) device and the ease of use of a consumer product. Untangle’s industry-leading approach to network traffic visibility and policy management gives its customers deep insight into what’s happening on their network via its database-driven reporting engine and 360° dashboard.

Best Router Bandwidth Monitoring - Untangle NG Firewall Dashboard

FlashRouters is proudly the official, approved supplier of the the all-in-one- Untangle NG Firewall Router and USB Package. This FlashRouter Linksys WRT1900AC v2 Untangle Smart Router includes a

  • Pre-upgraded with custom firmware out of the box with the latest firmware
  • A custom USB flash drive with the necessary installations to allow for Untangle’s advanced monitoring features.

Once you receive the device just log in to your Untangle account and the router interface will work just like the Untangle software except at a router level.

Top Benefits of Untangle NG Firewall Router

The Untangle NG Firewall software offers app-level customization with a single pane view like those of high-end enterprise firewall products.

This Untangle NG Firewall flexibility has both a free and paid version (NG Firewall Complete). Any new Untangle user can test the full paid version for 14 days once they sign up. The free version allows you to install some very in-demand apps for your Wireless router.

Create OpenVPN Server on a Router - Simple OpenVPN Server

Top Untangle Benefits Free Software

Single View: Single pane of glass view providing security alerts and insight into system performance.

OpenVPN Server: Create your own OpenVPN server or connect to the OpenVPN server at your office. This is for home or business based VPNs, not connecting VPN services.

Captive Portal/ Free WiFi Hotspot

  • Great for businesses like Gyms and Coffee shops
  • Turnkey Captive portal/WiFi hotspot creation sans subscription. Easier than DD-WRT and Tomato.

Basic Web Monitoring & Reports

Logging: Logs traffic for rich, robust reporting into every facet of what’s happening online

Access Restrictions/Rules: Allows you to create rules for managing access to websites, applications, and content based on criteria like device, user, geolocation, time of day, day of week and more.

Built specifically to serve SMBs: Providing enterprise-grade capabilities with consumer-oriented simplicity. 

Added Features from NG Firewall Complete/Paid Version

Load Balancing and Failover Capabilities

Bandwidth Control: Limit individual user bandwidth while also prioritizing specific websites like Netflix and Hulu

Advanced Web Monitoring & Reports

IPSec Support

Additional apps can be installed to create a custom firewall based on your needs. For complete details on the benefits of visit Untangle feature comparison page or check out the live Untangle Software demo.

About Untangle

Untangle is a cybersecurity products innovator, designing security applications specifically focused towards small businesses, home offices, nonprofits, schools and governmental organization use. Untangle’s integrated suite of software and applications provide enterprise-grade capabilities and consumer-oriented simplicity to organizations with limited IT resources. Untangle’s award-winning network security solutions are trusted by over 40,000 customers around the world. Untangle is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Additional Information

Ethernet Ports
Ethernet Port Type
Gigabit (10/100/1000Mbps)
Wireless Data Rates
AC1900 (450+1450Mbps)
Processor Brand:
Processor Speed
1.6 GHz
Number of Antennas
Volt Input
12V 2.5A
Package Contents
A/C Power Supply
1 Year Limited
Product Condition
  1. Flash Routers Is the Best review by Tim M. on 3/15/2017

    Flash Routers is THE BEST! To ANYONE looking for a router, of any kind, please do yourself a favor and purchase one from Flash Routers. I work in IT and information security and privacy is extremely important to me and should be to you, too. Flash Routers takes care of setting everything up and configuring the difficult parts for you. All you have to do is literally plug it in and play :). Do yourself, and your family a favor and secure your information as good as possible! I promise it's the best choice you can make. If your not tech savvy, it doesn't matter, Flash Routers is there with you every step of the way. They send detailed instructions on EVERYTHING you need and are in communication with you the whole time. If you run into any issues, they will help you correct it. I can't say enough about them.I am a repeat customer and plan to use them again in the future. Thank you Flash Routers!

  2. Perfect For Small Business review by Gregg on 3/8/2017

    This is the perfect router for a small business. I am a tech novice. I have experience with computers but I know nothing about programming. I need to set up a VPN server and I was lost. I looked around on Google and I was intimidated by the guides. I thought to myself- there is no way I could do this.

    Flash routers showed me Untangle and Untangle provided me with the ability to easily set up a VPN server. It was so helpful. This is perfect for a small business owner looking to set up a VPN server.

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