Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns


At FlashRouters, we are confident that every router sold will function as advertised. We open, inspect, upgrade, configure, and then test all  FlashRouters before they get shipped out. That is why we guarantee you will receive a working unit and offer our own 1-Year Hardware Warranty included with all New and Refurbished routers purchased from the FlashRouters website.

If you would like to extend the warranty coverage period to 2 years, the option is available during the FlashRouters checkout process.

Since we are so certain you will be happy with your upgraded and super secure network, all routers purchased from FlashRouters.com also come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Please read the warranty and return section in detail before placing an order or requesting an RMA. Our goal is to make the return process as smooth and transparent as possible for all customers. If the router you purchased does not work out for your needs we still want you to be satisfied with your purchasing experience.

Warranties, Guarantees, and Returns


In the rare case you receive a router that does not power on, you can open a ticket to contact FlashRouter Support for an RMA or request an RMA in your customer account panel and we will work to rectify the situation immediately. If it is determined that the power supply you received was faulty, and not the router itself, our team will immediately ship you out a tested power supply at no additional cost.

Rest assured that we individually test and inspect every FlashRouter with great detail before shipment. BUT… if router gremlins (yes they do exist) snuck into your router during the shipping process and it no longer powers on, our team will supply you with a prepaid shipping label to return the unit back to our offices. As soon as we receive verified tracking on your return shipment we will ship out another thoroughly tested unit to you at no additional cost.

You must contact us within 30 days from when you received your FlashRouter to be eligible for a Hardware Guarantee prepaid shipping label from FlashRouters.


If you are not satisfied with the performance of your router after trying it out for up to 30 days, you can open a ticket to contact FlashRouter Support for an RMA or request an RMA in your customer account panel. Once the RMA is approved, you will then have the option to ship the unit back to FlashRouters.

Once we receive the return, our team inspects and refunds accordingly based on the original purchase price of your FlashRouter. Please note there is a $25 restocking fee and refunds do not include any initial shipping costs associated with your order.

The item must also be fully functional and have no signs of cosmetic damage for you to receive the maximum refund. If you do not include the original boxing, or any router accessories you may also be charged an additional fee as indicated.

Ethernet Cable: $5
Power Source: $10
Antennas: $5 per antenna
Router Stand: $10
Box: $10
Cosmetic Damage: Up to $25

What is covered under the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?
If the VPN speeds or WiFi network speeds are not what you had hoped, if the setup is too complicated, or you just decided on another solution; these are all covered under the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

We will not accept any returns of working routers after 30 days from the date you received your router. After 30 days, router returns/replacements will only be processed under the Hardware Warranty.

Can I get the restocking fee waived?
If you would like to upgrade your FlashRouter to a newer or more powerful model within the first 30 days of your purchase then we will waive the $25 restocking fee. You will still need to cover return shipping of the original router purchase back to our offices as well as the difference in cost with the new router you would like to receive.


A 1-year Hardware Warranty is included with the purchase of all New and Refurbished FlashRouters. If your router suffers hardware failure within 365 days from the date you received the unit then we will replace your router with another fully tested unit. You must pay for return shipping of the faulty unit back to our offices located in New Jersey, USA and our team will ship out your replacement at no additional cost.

You must contact the FlashRouter support team for an RMA number or request an RMA from your customer account panel before returning a router for warranty replacement. If you do not receive approval for a return then you will not be eligible for a replacement unit.

There are 2 options for receiving a Hardware Warranty replacement unit:
Option #1: Process another order for immediate shipping and as soon as we receive the returned device back in our offices we will issue you a refund for the initial purchase.

Option #2: Ship your faulty router back to our office, and as soon as we receive the unit our returns department will have a replacement unit shipped out to you at no extra cost.

How long do I have before my RMA expires?
RMA’s are good for 30 days from the date they are issued.

What if I upgraded to a 2 year Hardware Warranty at checkout?
All refund, replacement, RMA details, and options covered by the 1-year Warranty apply in the exact same manner for 2 year warranties over each respective warranty coverage period.

If for any reason the router you purchased is no longer in stock or discontinued then you have the option to replace your router with one of equal value or receive a refund. Hardware warranties are only eligible for refunds if we are unable to provide a replacement unit for you.

What should I do if my router is out of warranty coverage?
If your FlashRouter is out of the warranty coverage period, we are first and foremost apologetic for the passing of your router. Be sure to contact our sales team though and you can receive a special coupon as a return customer for a shiny new wireless networking centerpiece.

What is not covered with a FlashRouter Warranty?
Items that have been clearly damaged either by the customer or during the return process are not eligible for a full refund. This includes routers that have visible dents, scratches, or moving part inside the router.

Routers that have been “flashed” and configured by our support specialists for anyone who has purchased a Flash My Router Plan are not eligible for warranty coverage from FlashRouters. Only routers purchased through the FlashRouters.com website are eligible for warranty replacements or refunds.

FlashRouters Repair Offering

FlashRouters is proud to offer a free repair and upgrade service if you would ever like to ship your router back to our offices. Any and all shipment costs associated with FlashRouter repairs or upgrade requests are the burden of the customer and will not be paid for by FlashRouters. However, the repair and upgrade service itself is FREE.

If you do choose to ship your router back to our office for repair, then you should include a prepaid shipping label in your package back to your home or office, so our team can send the router back to your whether we are able to repair the unit or not. Router accessories like power supplies, ethernet cable, or antennas do not need to be included when shipping back a unit for repair.

If our team is not able to resurrect your router from a power failure, faulty firmware upgrade, or any other reason then we can return the faulty unit back to you using the return shipping label included with your return package. Alternately, we can destroy the unit and refund the return shipping costs if that is your preference.


What is an Open Box Router?
Open Box routers are fully functional units that have cosmetic flaws and are sold at heavy discounts. These units come with the same Support Plan options as New or RM units, which means you get the same support service with extremely discounted hardware.

Open Box routers are covered under the FlashRouter 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee BUT come with no Hardware Warranty. We take every measure possible to ensure complete functionality and our team fully load tests these devices before shipment, but you should be very aware that you buy these discounted “open box” devices at your own risk without any Hardware Warranty.

What is the Open Box Router return policy?
Open Box Routers can only be returned within 30 days from the date you received your router. Returns will not be accepted on open box routers after 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee window has expired. Please note that Open Box Router return shipping costs are not covered by FlashRouters and initial shipping costs are not included in any refunds.

Accessories Warranty

All Accessories purchased from FlashRouters are shipped out with manufacturer seals and are unopened. These accessories all come with manufacturer warranties as listed on the respective product pages.

FlashRouters will accept returns for refund or replacement of accessories only within 30 days from the date you received your order. After 30 days you must contact the manufacturer for any warranty replacements.

Accessories must be returned with all original packaging and with no cosmetic damage to receive a full refund. A missing box or damage to an item will result in a restocking fee per our discretion.