VPN Guest Setup

VPN Guest Setup

Local ISP & VPN wireless networks on the same router!


How It Works

The VPN Guest Network is optimal if you want to seamlessly switch between VPN and non-VPN on the same router setup. The VPN Guest Network setup creates two segmented Wireless or WiFi networks on the Same Router but with completely different purposes.

One would be your standard day to day internet for basic activities at top speeds, the second would be Virtual Private Network encrypted for your most private activities.

1 Router, 2 Wireless Networks (1 Local ISP & 1 VPN)
With DD-WRT, you can have 2 wireless networks broadcasting from your FlashRouter at the same time. One network for any devices to automatically connect through your local ISP, and then a separate FlashRouter VPN wireless network for any devices you want to automatically connect through your VPN service.

- Switch back and forth with any device between VPN and non VPN as simple as connecting to WiFi.
- Support VPN for any user or device in your home with no additional VPN configuration.

Note: The VPN Guest Network setup can not be done by separating your single and dual band (2.4/5 GHz) broadcasts. It is accomplished through the use of Guest Network wireless setup features in conjunction with Policy Based Routing rules.

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Best Routers for VPN Guest Network

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