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VPN by Device

The best VPN router solutions for your console & IoT device.

Best VPN Routers/Services for Xbox One & more

The many interactive features of Xbox One make it a must-have gaming console, but that interactivity also comes with a set of risks. Fortunately, we here at FlashRouters know all of the best VPN service providers, and they will help keep your wireless network airtight during your gaming, streaming, Skyping, and anything else you might enjoy on your Xbox One.

Looking to use a VPN on your Xbox One, Xbox 360, or getting your network ready for Xbox Project Scarlett? FlashRouters has you covered!


 HD Streaming

 Lag Free Gaming

 Access to content worldwide

Best VPN Routers/Services for Apple TV

Apple TV brings all of your favorite streaming channels together in one compact package, and with the help of the right VPN and our VPN-friendly FlashRouters, you can open up a world of streaming possibilities like you've never imagined.

Access Hulu from anywhere in the world, explore the Netflix libraries of other countries, or access Apple’s own AppleTV+ streaming service.
The possibilities of your Apple TV are limitless when you have a VPN and a FlashRouter on your side.


 HD quality streaming

 Stay in touch with content all over the world

 A fast, flawless viewing experience

Best VPN Routers/Services for PS3/PS4 & More

Your Playstation 4 is the absolute centerpiece of your home entertainment system, and it deserves a powerful router driving the wireless network behind it all. And the very best way to ensure a pristine gaming and streaming PS4 experience is with our VPN-friendly FlashRouters.

You can even future-proof your network for the release of Playstation 5! Secure your network with the help of an impenetrable VPN, and open up a whole new wireless experience with the help of our versatile devices.


 Flawless HD gaming and streaming

 Full VPN Integration for OpenVPN, PPTP & L2TP

 Location Privacy Protection with a VPN Router

Best VPN Routers/Services for Smart TV

Get yourself a VPN-ready FlashRouter and watch as your Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL, Sony) experience improves by leaps and bounds. Enjoy the peerless protection provided by powerful VPNs as you go from one streaming channel to the next. With a strong, secure wireless network on your side, the streaming possibilities are limitless!

Access Your favorite content, like Netflix, HBO Go, on your SmartTV with a VPN-configured FlashRouter


 Crystal-clear HD streaming

 Powerful VPN protection

 A strong, secure wireless network

Best VPN Routers/Services for Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an inexpensive media option that brings all of your favorite streaming services together in one compact media player. With a VPN subscription and our VPN-friendly FlashRouters, you can open up a world of streaming possibilities. Access content from anywhere in the world. Of course there is all the content you get with Amazon Prime & Amazon Instant Video.

Couple this, with the ability to configure the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi, and the possibilities are endless. Not familiar with Kodi? Learn all about Kodi XBMC and how it can be used on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


 HD quality video streaming

 Access content all over the world

 A fast, flawless Kodi viewing experience

Best VPN Routers/Services for Roku

Suffice to say, if your Roku runs on a conventional router's stock firmware, you're not getting the most out of your Roku. That's why your wireless network badly needs the boost of a VPN and a VPN-ready FlashRouter can provide.

Enjoy fluid streaming across a powerful and secure network, as well as the ability to access the content you want no matter where in the world you happen to be. Revitalize your network today and watch your Roku flourish.


 Peerless HD streaming

 Access your favorite content, worldwide

 Encrypt & anonymize Roku internet traffic

Access the most popular streaming devices & gaming systems for movies, TV, Music, and Sports. Protect your IoT devices like Smart TVs, smart speakers and home hubs.

 Learn how to access these popular streaming, gaming and smart home devices from anywhere. Discover the latest news and info on how to watch your favorite content, stream music, and game anywhere in the world while travelling for business, pleasure or education. See for yourself how adding a VPN to your favorite gaming console, streaming device, or IoT smart speaker can help you keep up with your favorite show, team, and more.

Connect your Xbox, PlayStation, or Apple, Amazon, or Google streaming device to a VPN-configured FlashRouter and unblock content from the world. Connect your favorite smart devices like Smart TVs, Amazon Smart Speakers, and Home Assistants, and ensure that your family’s data is always safe.

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