Dual Gateway Setup

Dual Gateway Setup

Learn how to split your internet traffic between a local and a VPN network on a single router!


How It Works

For many users it is important to have two Internet connection options up and running at the same time, a local ISP network, and an encrypted VPN network. This can easily be done with a FlashRouter Dual Router Setup, but if you are ready to scrap your old router and manage all your connection needs from a single device, then the FlashRouter Dual Gateway Setup is what you are looking for.

Our Dual Gateway Setup allows you to split Internet traffic between your VPN network and local ISP network in ways you may have never imagined with a single router.

•  Make a whitelist so only certain network devices connect through your VPN service.

•  Create 2 WiFi networks; 1 for ISP network connections, and 1 for VPN network connections.

•  Note that Dual Gateway setups will only work with OpenVPN connection configurations, dual gateway setup is not available with PPTP or L2TP router connections at this time.

While this VPN splitter option is possible to accomplish using any FlashRouter model, we strongly recommend a premium router with a processor of at least 800MHz to properly handle customized VPN routing policies.

Best Routers for Dual Gateway Setups

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