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(Virtual Private Network)

What is a VPN?

Introduction to VPN

The Internet has fully integrated itself into our lives. Whether we use the Internet for social media (like Facebook or Twitter), to communicate through Skype, to run and grow a business, to access entertainment and media, or simply to send e-mails; we have all established a virtual identity.

We take full measures to protect our personal identities, information, and belongings in our home, but the Internet has grown so rapidly that we often do not have time to learn about how to protect this virtual identity.

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider, you have full control over your Internet presence. Instead of connecting to the Internet directly through your regular ISP or Wi-Fi hotspot, all of your network traffic is rerouted through a VPN server. This privacy tunnel encrypts your data flow and provides you with a different IP address in the location of your choosing. This extra layer of encryption offered by a VPN provider is all you need to maintain a constant online security system. You can login to your VPN account through your cellphone, laptop, iPad, and more, from nearly anywhere there is access to Internet or Wi-Fi.

How does a FlashRouter enhance using VPN service?

At FlashRouters, we know there is more than one computer connected to the Internet in your home or small office network. That is why a FlashRouter with an internal VPN connection to encrypt all network traffic should be used for ANY and all connected devices. If a device has a wireless or wired connection, all data will be tunneled through your FlashRouter VPN connection.

Using DD-WRT or TomatoUSB open source firmware, VPN capabilities are built in to the router using the most popular VPN protocols; OpenVPN & PPTP. You can even encrypt the connections of streaming HD video or media device that do not have native VPN support. Encrypt the connection of your Apple TV, Smart HDTV, Roku, Boxee Box, iPad, iPhone, as well as laptops and gaming consoles (Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation), all with the help of a FlashRouter. Browse websites safely and securely or stream movies, TV shows, music, and other media, because your FlashRouter-based Internet connection makes it possible.

FlashRouters does not provide VPN service or include it with router purchases. Our team has tested and built a database of connections to more than 50 of the most popular VPN providers including ExpressVPNIPVanishNordVPN, & PrivateInternetAccess so that subscribers can get the maximum benefit from their VPN service. If you prefer another provider, that is not an issue at all. You can still use a DD-WRT VPN FlashRouter with any VPN provider that offers DD-WRT router integration support.

Have additional VPN-or-DD-WRT-Router-related questions? Please do not hesitate to shoot your query to our helpful, friendly FlashRouters support staff directly.