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FlashRouters Shipping Info

Shipping FAQ


General Shipping FAQ Answers

What company do you use for shipping?

We offer domestic shipping with United State Postal Service (USPS) with a FedEx Overnight option. For International shipments, we now offer USPS and FedEx as options. We have chosen to offer USPS and FedEx because they offer the most competitive rates for our specific packaging. We try to keep shipping costs as low as possible for all customers.

Where will you ship a FlashRouter?

We ship worldwide. Almost anywhere that the USPS or FedEx ships, we will be willing to ship, exclusions apply. We do use an address verification system that from time to time will hold up the shipping of your order to make sure that the item is shipping to the correct location. Known excluded countries are Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Malaysia, and Yemen. Shipments to any African country may also be delayed for further order verification.

How fast do you ship?

Our goal is to ship your order within 1-2 business days (Monday through Friday) from when your order is placed. Once an order is placed, we must configure DD-WRT or Tomato settings on the router based on your customization and VPN service provider configuration requests. If our configuration team is not able to configure your router as requested, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours, where our team will contact you and let you know if there are any issues with your order. If the team does not hear back from you within 24 hours they will ship out the unit to avoid further delays. Our support team will then be available to assist if you have any setup issues when receiving your router.

We do our best to maintain inventory of all available routers.

Who pays for shipping?

Currently customers must pay full shipping and customs (if applicable) costs for their FlashRouter. We understand shipping can be expensive and so we have done our best to offer you the best shipping rates available.


Customs and Expenses FAQ Answers

Do you charge sales tax when purchasing a FlashRouter?

We will charge sales tax in any state where we are required to do so. Currently that is within New Jersey, due to the fact that this is the physical location of our business and New York but that is subject to change as law dictates. 

Any taxes or customs fees that are incurred to your country’s current policies are out of our hands. We do our best to make the router and the shipping quick and affordable but are unable to foresee custom-related issues.

Will there be extra customs charges when my FlashRouter arrives?

In some countries there may be additional customs fees incurred based on local importation laws. Any and all customs fees charged by domestic customs agents on either USPS or FedEx shipments are not covered by FlashRouters and are not included in any shipping payments when checking out with your FlashRouter. Any customs fees will be a separate charge and must be paid by the company or individual importing the FlashRouter unit. 

Any taxes or customs fees that are incurred based on domestic policy within your host country are out of our hands. We will do our best to inform you of possible customs fees to the best of our ability, however we will not accept returns because of refusal to pay these fees once the package has arrived in your country. If we do receive a return due to failure to pay customs fees you will be refunded for the initial purchase price of your router unit, less original international shipping costs. 

We do our best to make your FlashRouter shipping quick and affordable but are unable to foresee all customs-related issues. Please be sure to check before ordering if you are concerned with local customs fees.

How much will it cost to ship to my country?

During the checkout process you can find out your expected shipping costs with our easy-to-use integrated shipping calculator. This amount will then be added to your final checkout total.


Return Shipping FAQ Answers

Do you accept returns?

Yes we do. We offer various return options depending on how long you have had your FlashRouter in use, and depending on the issue you are having with your router. Review our FlashRouter warranty and return policy.

Who pays for return shipping to FlashRouters?

FlashRouters will only provide you with a prepaid shipping label for free return if you have received a faulty router unit and it is within 30 days since you have received your router. All other return shipments to FlashRouters for refund or replacement under our Warranty or Return policy are the burden of the customer and will not be paid for by FlashRouters. 

Can I ship back my FlashRouter for repairs or upgrades?

FlashRouters is proud to offer a free repair and upgrade service if you would ever like to ship your router back to our offices. Any and all shipment costs associated with FlashRouter repairs or upgrade requests are the burden of the customer and will not be paid for by FlashRouters. The repair and upgrade service itself is free.

If you do choose to ship your router back to our office for repair, then you should include a prepaid shipping label in your package back to your home or office, so our team can send the router back to your whether we are able to repair the unit or not. If our team is not able to repair your unit then we can refund the costs of the return shipping label back to your home or office and destroy the unit based upon your request.  

What is your "Open Box" FlashRouter return shipping policy?

“Open Box” items must be returned within 30 days from the date you received your router based on official tracking information, in order to receive any refund.

Returns will not be accepted by any means for “Open Box” routers past the 30-Day period after you have received your FlashRouter.

"Open Box" item return shipping costs are not covered by FlashRouters. If you would like to return an "Open Box" router within the first 30 days, you must pay for return shipment back to the FlashRouter offices to receive a refund or replacement if possible. Read our complete Open Box FlashRouter warranty and return policy.