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Premium Support Plan

Already have a router you would like to upgrade with Open Source firmware? Purchase a FlashRouter Support Plan and our friendly support experts will flash your router, setup your Internet and wireless network, as well as configure any supported VPN service.

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  • 2 Remote Support Session
  • Open Source Firmware “Flash” Upgrade
  • Basic Internet Setup Support
  • Wireless Network Setup Support
  • Basic VPN Service Configuration & Connection Testing
  • VPN Customization Options (2 Remote Sessions Required)
  • Wireless Customization Options (2 Remote Sessions Required)
  • 1 Year E-mail Support Period


  • Single Router VPN Setup
  • Dual Router VPN Setup
  • VPN Kill Switch


  • VPN Filter By Device
  • 1 Router, 2 Wireless Networks (1 Local ISP & 1 VPN)
  • Wireless Repeater VPN
  • Wireless Extender Options


  • VPN Filter By Device
  • VPN Filter By Website/Domain
  • 2 OpenVPN Connections, 1 Router

Basic Support Plan

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  • 2 Remote Support Sessions:

    • Anyone who purchases a FlashRouter Premium Support Plan will receive hands-on assistance via TeamViewer, a remote tech support application..

    • With TeamViewer our team can login directly to your network and complete all the required FlashRouter setup and configuration. Our team will live chat directly with you throughout the session and answer any questions you may have about the process.  

    • Once completed, our team will always save a backup file containing all configuration changes so that you can quickly restore them if you ever run into issues or lose any router settings.

    • You may use both TeamViewer at once for Advanced VPN or Wireless Customizations listed below that are supported by our team.

    • If you choose to use just 1 TeamViewer session for router flashing, with Internet, wireless, and VPN Client connection setup, then you can save your 2nd TeamViewer session to use at any time throughout the 1 year support period. Our team would be happy to upgrade your router firmware if needed, or integrate any new VPN service you would like to try out.

  • Open Source Firmware Router “Flash” Upgrade

    • Our “flashing” experts thoroughly test all new releases of firmware builds before they are approved for use with a FlashRouter Support Plan. We will flash your router with the most recent stable build/release.

  • Basic Internet Setup Support

    • Once your router is upgraded with Open Source Firmware our team will help you get the router connected to the Internet.

  • Wireless Network Setup Support

    • Our team will optimize wireless settings and setup wireless security on your FlashRouter so no unwanted users can access your WiFi connection.

  • Basic VPN Service Configuration & Connection Testing

    • Our team will get your FlashRouter connected to your favorite VPN service provider so that any devices on your network will all be passing through your encrypted VPN connection, using an anonymous IP address assigned in the geographical location of your choosing.

    • VPN client support is only valid for services that provide documentation for router setup. View our list of supported VPN service providers.

      • If your provider does not have documentation, contact us to test whether it is possible to connect your VPN service through a FlashRouter.

  • VPN Customization Options - These setup options count for 2 TeamViewer remote support sessions.

    • If you would like to segment your network so that not all devices go through your FlashRouter VPN connection, that is now possible using a FlashRouter with DD-WRT or TomatoUSB firmware. Read more below about the various VPN setup options available when you purchase a Premium Support Plan.

  • Wireless Customization Options - These setup options count for 2 TeamViewer remote support sessions.

    • With DD-WRT firmware you can transform a router into a wireless extender or bridge to create your own router wireless network or extend an existing network that is not providing a signal sufficient for your coverage area. Read more about supported wireless extender setups below.

  • 1 Year E-mail Support Period

    • After your router upgrade is complete you may contact our support team with any Internet, wireless, or VPN connection issues and our team is happy to assist. Our support team can provide updates on new firmware builds and guides for any supported VPN service provider. Our team is also always happy to review screenshots of your router settings in order to help diagnose any router configuration issues you may have.

  • FlashRouters Support Disclaimer

    • While we make our best attempt to assist all customers with our supported issues, any connection with a tech constitutes the start of a plan. We will make our best effort to assist you in the time allotted with your issue however we are not responsible for any prior issues or problems with a device and can not be held liable for any improper flash. This is a support service and provides no warranty for the setup or usage. If there is an issue with the flashing or setup, our team can work with you to provide alternate solutions but NO REFUNDS can be made once a tech has connected via Teamviewer. .


  • TeamViewer remote support hours are 10AM-6PM US EST Monday-Friday.

  • As soon as you purchase a support plan you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail. A FlashRouters Advanced Support Representative will then contact you within 1 business day to setup an appointment for a remote support session.

  • Order placed on holidays or weekends will not receive an appointment e-mail until the next business day.

  • Included in your appointment e-mail will be the firmware file(s) needed for “flashing”, customized setup guides, and a special remote support session code.

  • To make the “flashing” and configuration process as fast and smooth as possible, we strongly recommend you use a computer with both wired and wireless capabilities to complete any remote support session.

  • Our team can also work with you to schedule an appointment outside of normal support hours if our standard hours do not work for you. However, at least 1 business day of advanced notice is required for off-hours appointment planning.


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Read some TESTIMONIALS about our FlashRouter TeamViewer Support Sessions to see how our team simplifies the process of flashing and configuring your router.


Single Router VPN Setup

  • Connect your FlashRouter through a modem and create a fully encrypted, VPN connected, wired and wireless network in your home for any streaming devices, gaming systems, SmartTVs, and more.
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Single Router Setup A shiny brand new router to improve your Internet. Learn More

Dual Router VPN Setup

  • If you have an existing router, including any commonly used DSL router/modems or Verizon Fios supplied Actiontec routers (just to name a few), our team will help you add in a VPN connection option in your network without changing any settings on your primary router device.
  • The result is two wired and wireless networks available in your home or office at the same time - your primary network for unencrypted local ISP connections and a FlashRouter network for encrypted VPN connections. Pick and choose between any wired or wireless network on all of your Internet connected devices.
  • If you require a PPPoE login to connect to your Internet service provider, you may use a FlashRouter to access your PPPoE network, however this will prevent you from connecting the same FlashRouter to many PPTP or L2TP networks. The FlashRouters Team also can not directly help with PPPoE Internet configurations. PPPoE users may need to contact their ISP for their user-specific login and connection setup information.
  • We do support FlashRouter connections to existing PPPoE connected routers to create a separate VPN connected network.
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Dual Router Setup Switch seamleasly between local and VPN network on any device, anytime! Learn More

VPN Kill Switch

  • Our team will set your router up to block all your traffic from accessing the Internet through your normal ISP IP address, guaranteeing that your identity and information is not leaked to the website(s) you are visiting.


  • VPN Filter By Device

    • The Policy Based Routing feature in DD-WRT allows any user to choose which devices in their network go through VPN, and which devices bypass the VPN tunnel. This setup involves mapping your network with Static IP addresses to manage Policy Rules properly.
    • Learn More Button: Dual Gateway Graphic pops down
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    Dual Gateway Setup Supported by FlashRouters only on premium routers. Switch between local and VPN on one network router! Learn More
  • 1 Router, 2 Wireless Networks (1 Local ISP & 1 VPN)

    • With DD-WRT you can have 2 wireless networks broadcasting from your FlashRouter at the same time. One network for any devices to automatically connect through your local ISP, and then a separate FlashRouter VPN wireless network for any devices you want to automatically connect through your VPN service.

    • Note this can not be done by separating your single and dual band broadcasts. This is accomplished through the use of Guest Network wireless setup features in conjunction with Policy Based Routing rules.

  • Wireless Repeater VPN

    • If you have a MiFi wireless network or you do not have access to your primary router network through a normal Ethernet connection then you can use a FlashRouter with DD-WRT installed to create a wireless extender. After the extender setup is complete, our team can setup a VPN connection with your desired service provider to protect this extended network through an encrypted VPN connection.

  • Wireless Extender Options

    • If you have a wireless network connection that you would like to extend, or if you need additional wired ports for Internet access, then our team can configure your DD-WRT FlashRouter as a Wireless Client Bridge, Repeater Bridge, WAP, or Repeater. Read more about the differences between wireless extender options (link to block post)


  • VPN Filter By Device

    • The Routing Policy feature in Tomato allows any user to choose which devices in their network go through VPN, and which devices bypass the VPN tunnel. This setup involves mapping your network with Static IP addresses to manage Policy Rules properly.

  • VPN Filter By Website/Domain

    • With Tomato firmware by Shibby it is possible to filter your VPN connection by website address or website IP address. By selecting which domains you would like to tunnel through VPN on your FlashRouter network you can access specific websites like Google, Netflix, or Facebook anonymously and securely through VPN, while maintaining normal network speeds and access for all other domains.

  • 2 OpenVPN Connections, 1 Router

    • Tomato firmware allows for the setup of two different OpenVPN clients within the GUI. It is not possible to connect to both VPNs at the same time, but this is a great feature for having a backup VPN connection or if you want a VPN connection to different locations easily available with the click of a button. Simply click Start Now or Stop Now to switch from one VPN connection to the other.

    • When using this feature with the VPN Kill switch your real IP address will never be exposed to the Internet when you are switching connections or changing locations.


  • By turning your router into a "FlashRouter" there are countless enterprise router features that you can now use for your benefit, however our support team is unable to offer direct assistance for all of these open source firmware setups.

  • The Premium Support Plan comes with hands on support from the FlashRouters team for firmware “flashing”, Internet connection setup, wireless network setup, VPN Client connection support, VPN Customization, and Wireless Customization Support.

  • Support for features such as Personal VPN Server/Client, Port Forwarding, QoS, Access Restriction, DDNS, USB storage or 3G/4G failover setup, and any other feature not explicitly listed as supported are not covered when your purchase a Premium Support Plan.

  • Our Support Team is happy to provide guidance, links, and tutorials for advanced features to the best of our ability however remote support for these features is not included.

  • One of the best benefits of using open source firmware is the active help forums and vast community of like-minded users, who can often help troubleshoot with advanced setups you have in mind.