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Wireless-AC Routers

  • The wireless networking standard to beat for jaw-dropping speed!
  • Wireless transmission rates that can reach 5300 Mbps!
  • Flawless, fluid gaming and streaming with Wireless-AC!

For sheer, mind-blowing speed, there's no wireless networking standard that can hold a candle to Wireless-AC. The previous wireless networking standard that offered the highest maximum transmission rate was Wireless-N, which boasted speeds of 600 to 900 Mbps. Wireless-AC came along and doubled it. Soon after, Wireless-AC more than tripled it. In fact, we at FlashRouters can offer you Wireless-AC devices with speeds of 3200 Mbps! Imagine for yourself the potential gaming and streaming you can do at that speed. Suffice to say, we're not expecting any wireless networking standard to dethrone Wireless-AC any time soon.

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