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What is DDWRT Firmware?

DDWRT is a Linux-based firmware project developed to upgrade and enhance wireless Internet routers. This open-source firmware was developed for specific router models and is used as a replacement for the factory default firmware. This modification lifts restrictions built-in to the default firmware, providing advanced capabilities to make your Internet and Home Network more controllable and versatile.

Manufacturers develop routers for non-technical users in mind, making them simple and easy to use, while limiting their effectiveness as a web-access gateway. DDWRT transforms a personal-class router with limited functionality into a powerful, multi-use, business-class router. With DDWRT, a router's enterprise potential can be unlocked at a home user's price.

What does it mean to "Flash" a router?

Flashing is the process of replacing the firmware on a router. Due to the limited size of memory on a router, you cannot simply uninstall the factory firmware and then install DDWRT, as you would do if you were replacing a program on your computer.

In order to alter the firmware you must first upgrade the router's control panel. If this process is done improperly your router will cease to function correctly and the router's hardware may become permanently damaged.

While flashing a router with DDWRT is highly beneficial to you, the risks that are involved can sometimes outweigh the benefits for the user. Flashing a router with DDWRT can be risky and when done improperly, you may "brick" your router. "Bricking" a router renders it entirely useless as a networking device.

Choosing the correct router and then the correct DDWRT release candidate for your firmware update can be an arduous process in itself. Then you must complete the 'flash' process correctly, which may be complicated for anyone who is inexperienced in dealing with SoC (System-on-a-Chip) devices.

Why buy a DDWRT router from FlashRouters?

FlashRouters always come flashed and tested. No need to worry about "bricking." We have chosen high quality units with the best bang-for-your-buck to meet all levels of networking needs.

Additionally, we can customize your router to internally run VPN services. Using a VPN Passthrough will give you increased locational security and protection for those worried about the prying eyes of others. Additional immediate benefits for some might be a workaround for many applications that have localized-based services such as Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Prime, Slacker, YouTube, Hulu Plus & more. These services geographically restrict their videos and content based on the viewer's IP location. Using a VPN allows you to take the web on the road with you, whether it is internationally for business or on vacation for pleasure.

Instead of running a client program on your computer to access a VPN service for each device, all you have to do is connect a device to your FlashRouter, and it will automatically tunnel all network traffic through the VPN. This process provides a layer of encryption for all wired and wireless devices you may use to access the Internet.

All FlashRouters include DDWRT technical support. If you need help setting up your network or taking advantage of any specific DDWRT benefits we will be glad to assist.

For more details on DD-WRT visit the What is DDWRT Introduction

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