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  • Access Netflix Instant around the world with a VPN-friendly FlashRouter
  • Stay connected to your home queue, even when overseas!
  • Enjoy fluid, flawless streaming on your home network!

Cordcutters are ditching their expensive cable packages in favor of more affordable streaming channels, and Netflix Instant is at the forefront of this movement. What you may not know is that Netflix Instant offers different libraries of content, country-to-country.

With our VPN-friendly routers, you can search the whole world of Netflix Instant for the movies or TV shows you want to watch, keep in touch with your home Netflix Instant queue even while overseas on vacation or business, and, most importantly, enjoy a flawless streaming experience free of annoying skips, stalls, and freezes.

Premium HD Netflix & Unblocking Netflix US

Best Wireless Routers for Netflix

Why is it the best for Netflix
  • Broadcom 1.4 GHz (1400 MHz) Dual Core Processor
  • 8 Powerful External Antennas
  • Tri-Band Gigabit Wireless
  • High-end DD-WRT Firmware Installed
Why is it the best for Netflix
  • Marvell 1.8 Ghz (1800 MHz Processor
  • 4 Powerful External Antennas
  • Wireless-AC3200 Mbps
  • High-end DD-WRT Firmware Installed
Why is it the best for Netflix
  • Qualcom 1.7 GHz Processor
  • 4 External Antennas
  • Wireless-AC2600 Mbps
  • High-end DD-WRT Firmware Installed
Best VPN Speeds & Server Locations

Best VPN Providers for Netflix

Take a closer look at the best VPN providers for accessing Netflix US and other Netflix countries worldwide.

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