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  • VPNs keep U.S. internet at your fingertips from anywhere in the world
  • Travel to international websites from within the U.S. by using VPNs
  • FlashRouters' VPN-friendly devices make VPN usage simple

FlashRouters is affiliated with the best of the best VPN services, all of whom offer top-notch coverage for those looking for US-based IP addresses.

It has never been so easy to remain connected to your home, even as work or leisure takes you to far-flung places around the world. Whether you're permanently outside of the US, or overseas on vacation or business, you'll be able connect to US networks without worry about online geographical restrictions or faulty service. Stay in touch without sacrificing stability or security.

With FlashRouters and the right VPN on your side, you'll feel like you're online in the USA.

Popular Wireless & VPN Routers for the USA

ISP Compatability

FlashRouters work with the following providers:

  • Comcast Xfinity
  • AT&T
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon
  • Optimum/Cablevision
  • Cox
  • CenturyLink
  • Charter
  • Frontier
FlashRouters Dual Router Setup

Learn More GO If you already have a router or modem from your ISP, you can benefit from our FlashRouter Dual Router Setup without changing your ISP network settings.

Popular VPN Services for USA

If you're in the USA looking for comprehensive international coverage, these VPN service providers offer the variety and stability you need. Travel the globe online with these VPNs on your side.

VPN Services with USA Servers

Whether you're outside of the USA temporarily or permanently, these VPNs keep you hooked in to US-based websites like Hulu or Amazon Prime Instant. Pick the right VPN with strong USA coverage and stay connected.

USA Geo Restricted

Streaming Content

  • These services can only be accessed if you have a USA IP address.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to streaming through VPN on just your computer; A FlashRouter VPN is the only way to get a USA IP address on your SmartTV, Streaming Player, or Gaming System for the best movie and TV show viewing experience.
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