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  • Secure your wireless network
  • Enjoy a more open internet experience
  • Keep connected to Canadian channels from anywhere in the world

Web content changes dramatically from country to country, even within North America. So if you're in Canada looking to enjoy Netflix US or Hulu, or if you're in the US looking to stream the extra options offered by Netflix Canada or CTV, a good, reliable VPN is just what you need.

The importance of being subscribed to the right VPN cannot be overstated. VPNs ensure users a safer, more open internet experience - one that eliminates not only arbitrary geographical web boundaries, but the all-too-typical dangers posed by hackers, identity thieves, and invasive government agents.

Keep your online life free from threats to your privacy, and experience the wide world of the internet the way it was meant to be experienced. Open up your wireless network and let it flourish with a VPN and a VPN-ready FlashRouter.

Powerful Streamings Video & Gaming Routers Most Popular VPN Routers in Canada

ISP Compatability

FlashRouters work with the following providers:

  • Rogers Cable
  • Shaw
  • Telus
  • Distributel
  • Videotron
  • Bell Aliant
  • MTS Allstream
FlashRouters Dual Router Setup

Learn More GO If you already have a router or modem from your ISP, you can benefit from our FlashRouter Dual Router Setup without changing your ISP network settings.

Top VPN Services in Canada

If you're in Canada looking for comprehensive international coverage, these VPN service providers offer the variety and stability you need. Travel the globe online with these VPNs on your side.

Top VPN Services For Canadian Content

Whether you're outside of Canada temporarily or permanently, these VPNs keep you hooked in to your home network. Pick the right VPN with strong Canadian coverage and stay connected from anywhere in the world.

Canada Geo Restricted

Streaming Content

  • These services can only be accessed if you have a Canada IP address.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to streaming through VPN on just your computer; A FlashRouter VPN is the only way to get a Canada IP address on your SmartTV, Streaming Player, or Gaming System for the best movie and TV show viewing experience.
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