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Router Basics

There's no denying the many benefits of owning a open-source firmware router with DD-WRT or Tomato. Yet we know someone who lacks familiarity with these firmwares may be wondering what makes these devices so special. Find out more about these amazing alternative and powerful firmwares and WiFi setups.

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What Is DD-WRT Firmware?

Plain and simple: your average router's stock firmware just won't cut it. If you want a router without gaping vulnerabilities and flaws, a router that is versatile, powerful, and controllable, you want a router with DD-WRT firmware.

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What Is Tomato Firmware?

Looking for a replacement firmware that boosts your router's functionality, allows you complete control over your network, and offers consistent support with OpenVPN? Then TomatoUSB by Shibby is the firmware for you. Designed as an open-source option that eliminates the flaws and vulnerabilities of stock firmware while opening up whole new levels of performance, Tomato is built to improve the wireless experience of novices and experts alike. Enjoy flawless streaming, skip-free gaming, and an all-around fluid network with Tomato on your side.

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What is Wireless-AC?

Wireless-AC (AKA 802.11ac) is the second most powerful wireless networking protocol currently available. Wireless-AC can transmit wireless at rates more than 6x the best Wireless-N devices and 100x the best Wireless-G devices. In the age of streaming media and online gaming, Wireless-AC is not just a luxury: this is the networking standard you need and deserve.

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What Is OpenVPN?

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Benefits of Open Source Firmware

The open source software movement is one of most important entities in technologies. Learn more about its history, efforts and the advantages of using open source firmware on your router.