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Watch NASCAR Live in 2019 With VPN

This year’s NASCAR season is about to heat up. Since the release of schedules at the end of December, fans have been anxiously awaiting the start of the season. On February 10th at 3 PM EST on FS1, they can finally tune in. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual observer, FlashRouters has you covered for the best ways to watch NASCAR live in 2019.

Introducing NASCAR’s 2019 Season

This season is set to be exciting. The Daytona International Speedway for the Advance Auto Parts Clash starts on February 10 at 3 PM EST. It is the first qualifying race for the Daytona 500.

In the 2018 edition, Joey Logano won the competition after finishing 1st in the Champion 4 race. Logano hopes to reclaim the title but will face stiff competition from Martin Truex Jr. (2017 winner), Kevin Harwick, and Kyle Busch, who finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, respectively in 2018.

The 2019 season also features the unveiling of Ford’s Mustang GT. Following Ford’s decision to discontinue the Ford Fusion, the company introduced the Mustang GT as its new vehicle.

How to Watch NASCAR Live in 2019

In the US, broadcasting rights for NASCAR is split between 4 channels: Fox, FS1, NBCSN, and NBC. This is part of a 10-year deal signed between Fox, NBC, and NASCAR. Currently, the deal is in its fifth year. In cases of a scheduling conflict, races are transferred to CNBC or USA from NBC, and to FS2 from Fox.

Fox will broadcast the first 16 races. Ten of those races, including the Daytona 500, will be broadcast through Fox, while six will be broadcast through FS1. NBC will take the remaining 20 races, splitting them between NBC (7 games) and NBCSN (13 games). Both broadcasters also provide a Spanish-language feed that is available through Telemundo Deportes, Universo, and Fox Deportes.

Watching NASCAR Live OTT

For many fans, especially those who have cut the cord, accessing Fox and NBC is impossible on its own. Luckily, OTT (Over The Top) services give fans the opportunity to follow their favorite sport. Watching NASCAR live is possible thanks to the following services:

  • fuboTV: NBC (in select markets), Fox Sports (through RSNs), NBC Sports, Universo, CNBC, USA, FS1, FS2, and Fox Deportes.
  • SlingTV:
    • Sling Blue: NBC, NBC Sports, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, and FS2
      • News Pack Add-on: CNBC
      • Best of Spanish Add-on: Universo
  • Hulu: NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, and FS2
    • Espanol Add-on: Universo
  • YouTube TV: NBC, NBC Sports, Universo, CNBC, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, and FS2
  • DirecTV: DirecTV offers 5 bundles (Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big, Gotta Have It, and Todo y Mas)
    • Live a Little: NBC, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, NBC Sports, and CNBC
    • Just Right: NBC, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, NBC Sports, CNBC
    • Go Big: NBC, USA, Fox Sports RSAs, and FS1, NBC Sports and CNBC, Universo, FS2
    • Gotta Have it: NBC, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, NBC Sports, CNBC, Universo, FS2
    • Todo y Mas: NBC, USA, Fox Sports RSNs, FS1, Fox Deportes, Universo
  • PlayStation Vue: Four Bundles to Choose From
    • Access: NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, FS1, and FS2
    • Core: NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, FS1, and FS2
    • Elite: NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, FS1, and FS2
    • Ultra: NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, FS1, and FS2
    • Also,
      • Espanol Pack: Universo
      • Sports Pack: Fox Sports

Watch NASCAR Live without Cable

For fans who have cut the cable cord, NASCAR offers a number of their own services. First off, there’s NASCAR Drive. This free option allows fans to watch the action from inside the driver’s car. Fans can view driver stats, leaderboards, side-by-side camera views of all available drivers, and Fantasy Live Progress. However, NASCAR Drive does not offer sound.

For the superfan, there’s NASCAR Scanner. NASCAR Scanner is an audio option that gives fans the opportunity to experience the race through their ears. With Scanner, users can listen to team communications and in-car audio. With this tool, fans can be in the thick of the action, and follow each driver and team. This option costs $2.99/month or $17.99/season.

Fans who want to watch and follow the action, there’s NASCAR Raceview. NASCAR Raceview is NASCAR’s own service to watch games. Users have the option of choosing between paying a monthly fee of $9.99 or $79.99 for the entire season. However, there’s only one problem. NASCAR Raceview is a digital rendering of live games. Therefore, you’re not seeing the actual races, but a visualization of the race. While it does offer cool features, like multiple angle views, and the ability to move throughout the race and focus on a specific car, it’s not the same as actually watching the game.

Best VPNs for Watching NASCAR Live

OTT services are an excellent way to get rid of cable, but they still don’t allow complete customization. All OTT services offer a plethora of other channels and need some level of customization. In most cases, these services end up running at least $40/month, not including all the charges of customization. Meaning, fans will need to shell out an extra $500 to watch their favorite races.

NASCAR’s own products, though less expensive, do not provide the ability to watch live games. Additionally, fans stuck outside of the US need to find local bars that are showing the game or pay up for local channels. While that might suit expats, business or vacation travelers may not be staying long enough to access such services. So what are they to do?

Sign up for a VPN, of course!

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. A Virtual Private Network filters an Internet connection through a remote server and back. Tunneling between servers encrypts the connection. It also changes the appearance of a user’s geo-location. For example, if you are in Canada and want to watch NASCAR live, selecting a stateside VPN server will open the door to accessing geo-blocked content.

Here are some providers that are excellent for watching NASCAR live from abroad:

As low as
As low as
As low as
- Strict no logging policy
- Military grade encryption
- Award winning customer service
- 5000+ Servers in 60+ Countries
- Customized ExpressVPN firmware
- 30-day money back guarantee
- 24/7 customer service
- 2000+ Servers in 94 Countries
- Recommended for the Middle East
- No logs
- Owns and operates their own servers
- 1,100+ VPN servers in 60+ countries
Learn More
Learn More

Learn More

Watching NASCAR Live with FlashRouters

While using a VPN is excellent for unblocking content, VPN subscriptions can become difficult to maintain if there are too many devices to connect. Plus, while a VPN will allow you to watch NASCAR live from anywhere, not all devices have native VPN support. However, with a FlashRouter, NASCAR fans can take their gaming system, AppleTV, or Amazon Firestick, and connect them to a VPN.

Premium performing VPN Router for HideMyAss - HMA 2017-2018- watch nascar live

If you plan to watch NASCAR live via VPN on a game console or Smart TV, you will have to use a FlashRouter. A FlashRouter, like the WRT3200ACM Linksys FlashRouter, is a router that has been flashed with Open Source firmware. Flashing a router with Open Source firmware removes any bugs or backdoors found in the router’s factory settings and opens the door for the device to be used as a tunnel to the VPN server of your choice.

Looking for something a little less? Some of our other other recommended routers include:

Netgear R6400V2 AC1750
Linksys WRT1900ACS/AC v2 AC1900
Netgear R7800 AC2600
Wireless-AC1750 Mbps
1 GHz Broadcom Processor
3 Ext Antennas
Top Economy Router
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1.6 GHz Marvell Processor
4 Ext Antennas
Great for Streaming
Wireless-AC2600 Mbps
1.7 GHz Qualcomm Processor
4 External Antennas
One of Our Most Powerful Routers

Exciting NASCAR Races to Watch – Jewel Races

Daytona 500

February 17, 2:30 PM on Fox at the Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida

Coca-Cola 600

May 26, 6:00 PM on FS1 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, North Carolina

Bojangles’ Southern 500

September 1 at 6:00 PM on NBCSN at the Darlington Raceway, Darlington, South Carolina

Big Machina Vodka 400 at the Brickyard

September 8 at 2:00 PM on NBC at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway, Indiana

This will mark the last non-Cup Championship Playoffs Race 500

October 13 at 2:00 PM on NBC at the Talladega Superspeedway, Lincoln, Alabama

Watching NASCAR Live with the FlashRouters Privacy App

Every DD-WRT FlashRouter comes with a free FlashRouters Privacy App. The FlashRouters Privacy App revolutionizes and simplifies using a DD-WRT router with a VPN. With the Privacy App, users can:

  • Switch between locations with the tap of a button
  • Manage which devices go through the VPN and which don’t
  • Change VPN Providers with a few clicks on the same device

Want better support for your entire network? The FlashRouters Privacy App is here to help.

To find a full list of features, screenshots, visit our FlashRouters Privacy App website.

Have any other questions on unlocking VPN access to watch NASCAR live in 2019? Feel free to contact us.

How To Stream NBA Games From Anywhere 2018

NBA Logo

It’s time to get your WiFi networks in order: the NBA season is here! The first game of the 73rd NBA season tips off on October 16th at 8:00pm at Boston’s famed TD Garden, featuring the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. Don’t miss your chance to watch this rematch of last year’s Eastern Conference Semifinals!

Then at 10:30pm, watch the Oklahoma City Thunder face defending 2018 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. Former teammates turned rivals Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook face off for the first time in the 2018-2019 season. This opening night doubleheader is one you do not want to miss!

For NBA fanatics everywhere, missing any marquee matchup during the season is the worst feeling imaginable. Whether it is not nationally televised or if you are not in the United States, FlashRouters is here to ensure that you will not miss any games with your favorite teams or players!

FlashRouters has the solution to make sure you can keep up with your team’s rising stars and superstar highlights. Whether you aren’t in the geographic region to stream your team’s matchup or not in the U.S to watch major rivals faceoff, we have the solution to make sure you don’t miss any game-winner, flashy dunk or killer crossover! We’ll even dish out ways to get them in the U.S for the low.

Stream NBA Games With NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass

The best way to stream NBA games is with NBA League Pass. Subscribers are able to choose a variety of different plans, such as the standard NBA League Pass, NBA Team Pass, or NBA League Pass Premium. These plans vary in pricing and offer different perks. Perks range from virtual reality for certain games and even in-arena streaming in lieu of commercials.

NBA League Pass Pricing

Subscribers can stream NBA League Pass via the web, iPhones, iPads, Androids, Tablets, or video games consoles.

Unfortunately, NBA League Pass is subject to regional blackout restrictions. Blackout restrictions exist because some local and national content providers own exclusive rights to certain games.

How To Stream Every NBA Game With International NBA League Pass

Luckily, there is a way to bypass EVERY regional blackout in the United States and Canada. The remedy is simple: subscribe to the International version of NBA League Pass! This version of NBA League Pass is only available to individuals outside of the United States.

With International NBA League Pass, subscribers get full access to all live games. Subscribers get access to all NBA games played during the regular season, All Star Weekend, Playoffs, and the Finals. Gone are the days of getting blocked by regional restrictions.

So what happens if you’re in the United States but want to subscribe to International NBA League Pass? Use a virtual private network of course!

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a service that routes and encrypts your online data to a secure VPN server anywhere in the world. This makes it look like your Internet connection is connecting from your chosen VPN server.

For example, a person in the United States connecting to a VPN server in the United Kingdom will trick NBA League Pass into thinking they’re from the United Kingdom. This allows for them to subscribe to and watch International NBA League Pass and access geo-blocked content from around the world, all while protecting your online data!

The Best VPN Providers For International NBA League Pass

Getting around regionally restricted NBA games on NBA League Pass is as easy as using a VPN. A VPN allows an individual to route their connection to a secure and remote VPN server, effectively changing their IP address. This makes appear as if they are in the location of the VPN server rather than their home.

  • ExpressVPN – Over 2,000 VPN servers in 148 server locations in 94 countries. Unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switches. Recommended VPN service for China.
  • NordVPN – Use over 5,156 servers from 62 countries around the world. Pay using bitcoin for maximum security. No logging and military grade AES 256-bit encryption!
  • IPVanish – No logs! Own and operate their own servers. Over 40,000 IPs on 1,000+ servers in more than 60 countries! Recommended VPN service for the Middle East, including UAE & Dubai.

Streaming Live NBA Games With A FlashRouter

Why A VPN Router

The best way to take full advantage of a VPN is to use a FlashRouter.

A FlashRouter creates a VPN wireless network, allowing for any Internet-enabled device to benefit from a VPN connection whether it be wired or wireless.

This allows for ANY and ALL devices with an Internet connection to connect to a VPN, allowing for unprecedented streaming from International NBA League Pass.

We flash every router with open-source DD-WRT, overhauling and super-charging already powerful routers with a variety of advanced uses. Boost the range of your wireless signal, take advantage of advanced security options, and even control your own bandwidth.

You can also prioritize HD NBA streaming! No more annoying freezes or stalls because a FlashRouter is on your side.

Most noteworthy, if you want to make using your VPN easier, FlashRouters helps with that too. With our new VPN Privacy App, users are able to seamlessly switch VPN servers and providers with just a few clicks, or even taps. That’s right. You can use our VPN Privacy App with any device with an Internet browser, whether it be a laptop or mobile phone!

Best FlashRouters To Stream NBA Games On Any Device

Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT
R7800 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouterAsus RT-AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1.6 Ghz Marvell Processor
4 External Antennas
Wireless-AC2600 Mbps
1.7 Ghz Broadcom Processor
4 External Antennas
Wireless-AC5300 Mbps
1.4 GHz Marvell Processor
8 External Antennas

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to our support team for more information!

Comparing A VPN Router To A VPN App: Why A VPN Router Is Better

Why A VPN Router

Our team has quietly and stealthily released what we think is a revolutionary solution for users looking to simplify VPN setups in their home network – the FlashRouters VPN Privacy App For Routers. We thought this would be the perfect time to showcase how using a VPN service on a router separates itself from just using a VPN app on your phone or laptop.

The Shortcomings Of A VPN App

If you purchase a subscription to a Virtual Private Network, you will more than likely have access to a VPN App. VPN Apps run as a client on popular devices including desktops, Androids, and iOS devices. Unfortunately, a client VPN app trades ease-of-use for flexibility.

Client VPN apps are only compatible with specific devices and operating systems, often forcing users to update their devices and seek support for their device. Users are also only able to use VPN apps on a limited number of devices, often having a cap of 3-5 simultaneous VPN connections.

Along Came The FlashRouters Privacy App For Routers

Single Router Setup

With a FlashRouter, VPN subscribers will not have these problems. A FlashRouter is a wireless router flashed with open-source DD-WRT firmware. With this firmware, a FlashRouter can be used to create a wireless VPN network. This remedies the many problems that appear with VPN client app.

No More VPN Device Limits

VPN App: 3-6 Devices 

VPN Router: Unlimited Devices

Using the FlashRouters Privacy App for Routers allows you to maximize for almost limitless connections.

ExpressVPN Multiple Devices Infographic

For instance, a basic subscription to ExpressVPN includes three simultaneous connections. This means that you can only use the ExpressVPN App on three devices at a time. As stated in the image above, adding more connections will require the purchase of additional licenses.

  • No need to worry about going over VPN device limits.
  • Save additional VPN connections for on-the-go usage.
  • All connected devices count as one connection.

One Setup For Full Network Security

VPN App: Install One Device, Secure One Device

VPN Router: Install Once, Protect Every Device on the WiFi Network
  • All devices connected to the router will be going through the VPN.
  • This is the case for all devices: wired and wireless connections will all be encrypted.
  • Not interested in WiFi? Disable wireless and use the FlashRouter as a wired VPN hub.Connect All Devices To VPN

Connect Devices Without Native VPN Support

With support for wired and wireless connections, any device can reap the benefits of a VPN. Many Smart TVs, video game consoles, and various other Internet of Things devices offer no native VPN support. A FlashRouter remedies this issue by offering any connected device protection through your favorite VPN service.

Easily Switch Between Multiple VPN Servers And VPN Services

Do you use multiple VPN services for different servers or features such as supporting our preferred streaming video services? Do you wish you could easily toggle between different providers?

One of the largest frustrations for VPN users when it came to routers was the annoyance and confusion on how to manually configure the device and even worse the frustration on how to change servers.

The FlashRouters Privacy App has that problem licked as well. The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App is a user-friendly way to access your router settings and options. It runs directly from your Internet browser, allowing for easy network tweaking and VPN configuration. Some features include:

  • Easy device management.
  • Kill switch and VPN bypass by device
  • Seamless VPN server switching.
  • Optimized UI on any browser or mobile phone. 

In one move, you can upgrade your router performance, privacy and avoid another monthly fee for more devices.

The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App For Routers

Every DD-WRT FlashRouter now comes included with our new VPN Privacy App.

FlashRouters Internet Privacy App for VPN Routers

The new FlashRouters Privacy App is designed to make the VPN router experience user-friendly and stress-free. It eliminates the shortcomings of typical VPN apps while also streamlining and improving the user’s wireless network experience.

Get started with one of our Best VPN Routers Of 2018 today!

Any questions? Feel free to contact our support team.

Verizon VPN: What Is It And Why You Shouldn’t Use It

Verizon VPN

Watch out: Verizon VPN is now “a thing.” The Internet Service Provider has unveiled that they will be launching a Virtual Private Network service dubbed Safe Wi-Fi. But is this service really safe? Can you really trust Verizon to protect your information?

Verizon VPN: Can You Trust Them With Your Data?

For most users, using a VPN means uncompromised security and encryption. A VPN means freedom from logging, tracking, and prying eyes. Using Verizon’s VPN goes against everything a VPN stands for.

In essence, the point of a VPN is to circumvent your ISP and hide your information from them. When your ISP owns your VPN, are you really hiding your information?

Verizon’s Supercookie Technology

A few years ago, Verizon was forced to settle with the Federal Communications Commission over their “supercookie” web tracking software. This allowed for tracking of interests and actions by Verizon without user consent.

Verizon had been selling information gathered by their “supercookie” technology to third parties to use for ads. Luckily, the FCC has since cracked down on Verizon’s shady business and forced an opt-out solution for their “supercookies.”

Verizon Does Not Support Net Neutrality

With Net Neutrality dead and gone, it just gives ISPs like Verizon all the more power over your online information. The new rules, or lack thereof, allow for ISPs to sell your online data without consent. With a Verizon VPN, this makes selling your information easier than ever.

The Verdict

Are you really prepared to give up your privacy to Verizon? Of course, it may be enticing at only $3.99 a month with the promise to block advertising and secure your connection, but there are so many better options.

With the Verizon VPN, only devices connected to your Verizon account can access the service. Is this to limit the connections to the VPN? Or is it to track your online activity through the VPN? Who knows?

This also means that you can only use the service on certain devices, which does not include your Wi-Fi only iPad or Mac device.

Alternative VPN Services

Luckily, FlashRouters has teamed up with the best and most trustworthy VPN providers to offer you the best services and privacy solutions. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

  1. ExpressVPN  Now offering the easiest to use custom plug and play VPN router solutions. Top performance in Asia and Australia.
  2. NordVPN – Top service for users in the EU.
  3. IPVanish  Level 1 server speeds worldwide & popular in countries like Saudi Arabia & the UAE.
  4. PrivateInternetAccess  Always a VPN service budget favorite.

Once you select one of these top-notch VPN providers, the next step is to protect your home wireless network and devices. How do you do this? With a FlashRouter of course!

FlashRouters: The All-In-One Solution

What Makes a FlashRouter Different?

A FlashRouter offers capabilities and features beyond your normal everyday router. With open-source DD-WRT firmware pre-installed on each FlashRouter, you get a supercharged and privatized router to protect you and your family.

DD-WRT allows our FlashRouters to be VPN capable, effectively routing any connected devices to any VPN provider of your choice, regardless if they support VPN connections or not. This means that your iPhones, iPads, and various other tablet devices can be protected as well.

Better yet, DD-WRT also has the capabilities to block ads on your entire home network, keeping trackers and “supercookies” out of your browsing data.

And for the cherry on top, we’ve developed a new and intuitive router app to streamline your home network experience. The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App runs directly from your Internet browser enabling users to quickly change options and settings from your computer or mobile phone.

Ready to protect your home network? Check out our best FlashRouters of 2018 or contact our support team for more information!

Using a VPN To Unblock YouTube

Unblocking And Using YouTube With A VPN

To most, YouTube was a huge turning point in the history of the Internet. The main purpose of YouTube is to create and share videos and ideas with anyone and everyone online. But what happens if everyone can’t access YouTube? How would you find music, fix a leaky sink, or even watch silly cat videos?

The answer to all these questions? Use YouTube with a VPN!

Why Countries Block Access To YouTube

There are many reasons that an oppressive government would block YouTube. Some of these reasons include:

  • Limit exposure to content that may incite social or political unrest
  • Prevent criticisms of a ruler, government, government officials, religion, or religious leaders
  • Violation of national laws such as copyright and intellectual property protection laws
  • Violation of hate speech, ethics, or morality-based laws
  • Preventing access to videos inappropriate for youth

While some countries completely block access to YouTube, some countries only block partial access to certain videos.

Countries That Block Access To YouTube

Currently, there are only a few countries that have enacted full blocks to YouTube. These countries include:

  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea

It is no surprise that these countries are blocking access to YouTube, given their history of oppressive government regulations.

China, for example, has severely cracked down on the way their citizens use the Internet, removing foreign TV shows and even jailing VPN users.

More Countries That Have Previously Blocked YouTube

  • Afghanistan
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Russia

While these countries may have lifted their restrictions on YouTube, some may still limit users to what they can view on the website.

Using YouTube With A VPN

As stated before, the obvious answer to getting around these blocks is using YouTube with a VPN. A VPN allows for users to circumvent blocks and regulations by routing connections to a remote VPN server.

These VPN servers are typically located in different countries, making it appear as if your connection to YouTube is from a different country.

For example, if you were located in Russia and connected to a United States VPN, YouTube would think that you are connected to the United States. This effectively unblocks content previously restricted by your government or ISP.

Unblocking YouTube With A VPN FlashRouter

Unfortunately, VPN services typically only offer a limited amount of connections to their VPN servers. These limits can range anywhere from 1-10 concurrent devices. Luckily, a FlashRouter is a perfect solution.

A FlashRouter is a powerful wireless router that is flashed with open-source DD-WRT firmware as well as our new FlashRouters Privacy App. With these upgrades, a DD-WRT FlashRouter:

  • Fixes bugs and firmware insecurities
  • Improves network stability
  • Increases wireless strength
  • Enables VPN server supportSelect Least Loaded VPN Server with the FlashRouters Privacy App

Additionally, the FlashRouters Privacy App extends these capabilities to allow for an easy and streamlined user experience. This enables users to:

  • Access options and configurations directly from your Internet browser
  • Easy device management such as kill switch and VPN bypass by device
  • Simplified VPN server switching by server location or server load

Can’t access YouTube from your current VPN server? No problem! Simply go to the Privacy App homepage and select a new VPN server from the dropdown box!

Want to learn more about using YouTube with a VPN? Visit our most popular router options or feel free to contact our team for all your internet streaming and privacy needs!