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How To Use Tails And VPN To Increase Privacy

If you’re concerned about your Internet privacy, you’ve probably heard about Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) and Virtual Private Networks.

Here is a rundown on how to use these tools to help protect your data.

What Is Tails OS?


Tails is a Linux-based, live operating system that you can boot up on almost any computer from a USB drive or DVD. Tails runs independently of the computer’s operating system, leaving no trace unless you explicitly ask it to.

The goal of Tails is to preserve your privacy and anonymity and to help circumvent censorship. It includes several applications pre-configured with security in mind. These include but are not limited to: web browser, instant messaging client, email client, office suite, and many more.

Tails uses the Tor anonymity network to protect your online privacy. Tor works by bouncing your connection around a volunteer-based network of relays around the world.

Using Tails And VPN To Increase Privacy

The best way to use Tails and VPN in unison is by placing the VPN connection before the connection to Tor. This setup yields the most benefits, including but not limited to:

  1. The Tor network thinking you are the VPN server.
  2. If the Tor network is compromised, they must also get past the VPN server.
  3. If your ISP blocks the Tor network, the VPN allows access to the Tor network.

This configuration enables Tails to operate exactly as designed but with a VPN server between your computer and the Internet. This can be easily achieved with a VPN FlashRouter.

What Makes a FlashRouter Different?

A FlashRouter is a custom wireless router with VPN capabilities, allowing for easy connection to your favorite VPN provider. This set up allows for perfect connection from your Tails computer, to your VPN provider, to the Tor network, enabling multiple layers of security.Best DD-WRT Wireless-AD Compatible Netgear Router - R9000 Nighthawk AD7200

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Netflix Adds a Whole Lot of New TV Episodes – Louie, The Walking Dead & much more…

Louie: Season 3 - Now On Netflix Instant

Louie: Season 3 – Now On Netflix Instant

Well, cordcutters, cable opt-outers,those months of pain, those months spent listening to friends and people on Twitter and Facebook going on about the latest INSANE developments on The Walking Dead, or the latest hilarious episode of Family Guy, are about to pay off: Netflix just added a whole bunch of new television to their Instant streaming section.

That’s right; at long last, season three of The Walking Dead is finally on Netflix Instant. We’d like to assure those who couldn’t get past the (at best) serviceable dialogue and wealth of dull characters that populated the first couple of seasons that things pick up considerably in the third season. A lot of the dead weight is jettisoned in righteously gruesome ways, and there are some compelling new characters who bring with them some compelling conflicts.

But the real crown jewel in the influx of new streaming television on Netflix Instant is the third season of Louie. This frequently innovative, often poignant, and always hilarious comedy continued its unparalleled streak of flawless episodes in its most recent season, even experimenting with longer form storytelling. And the cameos (which we won’t spoil here) are each of them perfect.

But those are just a pair of shows we want to highlight among many: You can also enjoy new seasons of New Girl, Say Yes to the Dress, Hoarders: Buried Alive, Mythbusters, and season 10 of Family Guy. It’s almost enough to make you wish the weather would get worse so you’d have an excuse to stay inside.

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Oh & have a wonderful Columbus Day weekend!

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