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Introducing The FlashRouters Privacy App For Routers

For seven years, FlashRouters has provided Internet users with privacy and security via our Open Source VPN routers. Originally, DD-WRT and Tomato firmware have served as the backbone for the FlashRouters model.

Now, FlashRouters has made setting up a home VPN network even easier. Introducing the FlashRouters Privacy App! 

What is the FlashRouters Privacy App?

The FlashRouters Privacy App is a VPN app that makes the VPN router experience user-friendly and stress-free. It simplifies the VPN aspect and integration within the popular DD-WRT firmware. This instant privacy router solution works on any web browser offering more protection and more management than a typical VPN app. Check out some of the features below!Best DD-WRT Wireless-AD Compatible Netgear Router - R9000 Nighthawk AD7200

What Is A Browser App?

  • Our FlashRouters Privacy App runs straight from your Internet browser, whether it be on a desktop or your phone.
  • It comes pre-installed with any purchased FlashRouter, completely free of charge.
  • No need to download an application on every device you want to connect to VPN!

Easy Access via FlashRoutersApp.com

Accessing router settings and features is easy. With our new router app, users can configure their routers by simply entering FlashRoutersApp.com into their browsers. No more fiddling with clunky IP addresses or installing apps on your devices!

From this page, users are also able to log in to their VPN subscriptions, sign up for new subscriptions, and copy or download logs of their router.

Mobile Optimized User Interface

Gone are the days of fiddling with confusing settings through DD-WRT. The FlashRouters Privacy App comes with a fresh and simple user interface (UI) to easily access your settings. The UI is optimized for any browser, whether it be on your desktop on your mobile phone. That’s right, you can control your router straight from your phone!

FlashRouters Internet Privacy App for VPN Routers

Simplified VPN Security Device Management

The Privacy App expands VPN compatibility to all wireless and wired devices, even those without native VPN support. With more devices connected to the VPN network, we made it easier for users to sort and manage their devices through the FlashRouters Privacy App.

Some of the features that you can manage are:

  • Kill switch by device 
  • VPN bypass by device
  • Easy hostname management by device

These features can easily be switched on or off per device through FlashRoutersApp.com.

Easy VPN Server Switching

Connect - with Search_preview
Switching servers with any supported VPN provider is as simple as selecting a server from a drop-down menu. Sort from servers by location or by proximity with a click of a button!

This list of VPN servers are auto-updated regularly, populating our lists with the latest VPN servers of your choice.

An All-In-One Solution

The FlashRouters Privacy App is a one-stop solution for making the most of your home or office VPN network.

The FlashRouters Privacy App makes the VPN experience extremely user-friendly. Gone are the days of worrying about device limitations from your VPN provider. Even if your VPN provider only allows connections to VPN on 5 devices at a time, the FlashRouter counts as one VPN connection, and all devices connected to the router will be going through that connection.

If you already own a FlashRouter, we can upgrade your router firmware to the Privacy App. Please contact us for more info.

If you wish to have the FlashRouters App installed on your own DD-WRT compatible device, check out our support plans. The FR Privacy App will auto-upgrade on reboot to the latest updates as soon as they are available.

Which VPN Providers are Recommended for the FlashRouters Privacy App?

FlashRouter Router Privacy AppNordVPN and IPVanish are highly recommended for use with the FlashRouters Privacy App. With both of these providers, users can take advantage of the option of providing users a connection to the closest or least loaded server. Servers for these providers are updated daily!

Which VPN Providers are Supported by the FlashRouters Privacy App?

The FlashRouter will be pre-loaded with twelve VPN provider options. Those VPN Providers for FlashRouters App include ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, IVPN, Private Internet Access, BlackBox, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, SaferVPN, VyprVPN, and Windscribe. If you purchase a VPN FlashRouter for one of these providers, you have the option of easily switching to one of the other eleven providers.

That means if you purchase a router and choose to switch VPNs, the router setup will be just as simple.

Additional VPN Router App Supported Providers

More supported providers include: AirVPN, BulletVPN, CyberGhost, Hide.Me, LeVPN, LiquidVPN, PerfectPrivacy, PrivateVPN, ProxPN, SmartDNSProxy, VPNArea, VPNSecure, VPNUnlimited.

To log into one of these VPN providers account within the FlashRouters Router Privacy App, simply select the provider from the drop-down menu in the app and enter your credentials.

Ready To Get Simply Secure!

Pick Your VPN Privacy App Router NOW!

More Questions About the FlashRouters Privacy App?

We thought you might. Our expert support team can’t wait to answer to answer them and give some helpful tips and recommendations for your scenario.

Netflix Content by Country Showdown – Unlock More Movies & TV Shows On Netflix

Netflix Comparison by Country - US, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada

Updated 2018

Netflix is the best best online streaming service for watching popular movies and TV shows in the US and around the globe. A quick glance at the FAQ page on the Netflix official website displays a quite extensive listing of all Netflix streaming-only countries.

However, each Netflix locale, be it the Netflix USA, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, Netflix, Brazil, Netflix France, Netflix Germany, and more, all provide different content viewing options. A movie or TV show that is available in Netflix USA may not also be available in Netflix UK and vice versa.

Are There Major Differences with Available Netflix Content by Country?

The simple answer is most undoubtedly, yes.

Streaming movies and TV shows may only be available in certain countries around the globe due to the regional content distribution deals and ownership rights of those titles. When a company like Universal licenses titles from their US catalog, it is possible they may not control those same rights in a country like Brazil. It is also possible they may have not agreed on fees in that specific country.

Netflix does not go into detail on their website about policies regarding the use of your account when traveling outside of your home country. This means that when you travel to the UK for a vacation or business trip you will still be able to log in and access your US Netflix account abroad. However, you will not be accessing the same Netflix you would see while connecting from home. According to Netflix’s FAQ page: “Available content may vary by location, and will change from time to time.” …and boy, does it ever!

In many cases, a TV show or movie may not be as popular in a given international region when compared to US viewing numbers. A studio trying to syndicate a TV show or distribute a movie that is unpopular in Europe or Latin America will accept a less lucrative content distribution deal with streaming services like Netflix in these locales. This allows Netflix to purchase movie and TV show rights by country to certain shows and movies, which may be prohibitively expensive in the US,  at fractions of the cost in locations around the world.

Comparing Availability of Netflix Content by Country

At FlashRouters, there is a very large International customer base, and one which is full of Internet users who love their streaming.

With this in mind, this post will begin a new series of blog posts to showcase the varied content that is available in differing Netflix locales. We want you to know what country is the best place to find the best and most popular content from top actors, directors, genres, and other fun categories (like superhero movies).

Our series of Netflix Content by Country Showdowns will showcase the vast difference between movies available in Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Latin America, Netflix Europe, Netflix Canada, and possible some other Netflix regions.

Over the coming months, we will scour the Netflix content by country specifically for superhero movies, classic TV sitcoms, movies from blockbuster stars, and much more. Our first Netflix Content by Country Showdown is one of the most popular movie stars in the world today, Denzel Washington. Check this post often for updates to existing movie start lists as well as new Netflix by Country showdowns.

Best Streaming Content on Netflix Canada 2014

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #1: Denzel Washington

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #2: Superhero Movies

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #3: 90s US TV Sitcoms

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #4: Johnny Depp

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #5: Jennifer Lawrence

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #6: Scarlett Johansson

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #7: Leonardo DiCaprio

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #8: Steven Spielberg

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #9: Charlize Theron

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #10: Robert Downey Jr.

And there is plenty more to come. Have an actor, genre or filmmaker you’d like to see us breakdown? Let us know in the comments down below!

How To Unlock Netflix Content by Country?

So now that you know that there can be huge differences in availability for your favorite actors or movies, the question becomes how do you switch to any Netflix country you wish.

Well that is our specialty here! FlashRouters partners with many reputable VPN and SmartDNS providers so you can access the content you desire and get the most out of their Netflix subscriptions while home or traveling/working anywhere in the world.

To unblock the content you want on Netflix, it is important to choose a VPN or SmartDNS provider wisely. In order to access content from any Netflix library, it is important to subscribe to a provider with a wide array of international servers and locales. There are countless titles and shows that may only be available in a single Netflix region. If your VPN or SmartDNS provider does not offer a server or DNS locale in one of these regions, you will be missing out on some great streaming content.

SmartDNS vs. VPN Service

Debating whether you should be using a VPN or SmartDNS service, here is a handy breakdown of the benefits/disadvantages of each.



Unlock Netflix Content in Any Country

Encrypted & Private Internet Connection

Fastest Speeds

Lower Cost

FlashRouters Supported

To summarize, both VPN service and SmartDNS service provide excellent solutions for gaining access to worldwide streaming content. Both of these are also fully supported by the FlashRouters support team.

When choosing between VPN or SmartDNS, it is important to identify what advantages are most important to you.

Advantages of VPN Service over SmartDNS

If you are concerned about general privacy and would like to make sure that your network and personal data are secured, then a protective VPN service would be preferable. A VPN service will actually change your browsing IP address and make it seem as if your IP address is in the country of your choosing.

This will also fully encrypt and anonymize your Internet activities from your ISP, other Internet services (Google, Facebook etc), or government oversight. Netflix servers will see you as visiting from this new VPN location and thus display the content for that Netflix region.

Advantages of Smart DNS Over VPN Service

If your main goal is to stream content that may be blocked in your region while maintaining your full network speed, without the need for extra encryption, then you should choose a SmartDNS provider.

How does Smart DNS Work? When you connect to a streaming service (or any website for that matter), that site will be resolved by Domain Name Servers (DNS) that are automatically passed through to your router or computer by your ISP, unless you manually input alternate servers.

At the simplest level, SmartDNS providers offer unique DNS addresses to input into your router or computer, so that when you visit a specific streaming website, that streaming website is resolved through the SmartDNS servers. These servers are specially configured to make your query appear as if it originated from the “smart” locale of your choosing, and not your real geographical location.

Since network masking is only occurring as the webpage is being resolved, your activity and connection is not encrypted. Therefore, there is no extra processing power required, which often causes a drop in the overall speed of the network. As this service does not need the same type of server maintenance as a full VPN solution, the price is typically a bit lower than that of a VPN service.

Best Routers for Netflix with VPN Service & SmartDNS

While it is possible to use both VPN and SmartDNS on single devices in your network, the only way to fully broadcast your VPN or SmartDNS network to any wired or wireless device in your home network is to configure the service on your router. Every FlashRouter is compatible with services from the best VPN and SmartDNS providers now available.

Top SmartDNS Providers For Netflix

ExpressVPN – One of the newest features to the ExpressVPN router app is their new MediaStreamer function. This new feature is a unique DNS management system that allows users to access streaming video content without encrypting your online traffic through a VPN.

This feature is built in to the ExpressVPN router app, allowing users to use their VPN service or their MediaStreamer option!

Check out our ExpressVPN Routers!

Smart DNS Proxy – Smart DNS Proxy founders have been in the Internet security business for nearly 20 years and have introduced the dedicated, safe-browsing, easy to use, no logging Smart DNS service with the ability to get access to the streaming content in the region you want no matter where you are located. For only $50 you can get the service for a full 2 years. SmartDNSProxy subscription now includes VPN service as well!

Check out our SmartDNS Proxy Routers.

Top VPN Service Providers For Netflix

Great deals on IPVanish Netflix VPN DD-WRT & Tomato Routers

Running a VPN connection requires a large amount of processing power, so if you choose to use a VPN for streaming needs, it is recommended you use a router with a large processor to handle the network encryption and HD streaming requirements (usually a minimum of 600 MHz).

This will help avoid drops in network speeds, due to high processing requirements needed from a router hardware to tunnel encrypted traffic around the globe. As VPN services need more maintenance and upkeep the price is usually a bit higher than that of a SmartDNS service.

HideMyAss! – Over 700 servers in over 100 countries 90000+ IP addresses available.

Check out our HideMyAss FlashRouters.

IPVanish –  Offers some of the fastest L1 server speeds worldwide with 60 plus country servers & most popular users in the Middle East & Asia.

Check out our IPVanish FlashRouters.


Tired of Netflix Throttling by Verizon FiOS and Other ISPs?

Net neutrality has been a hot topic in the mainstream press for several months, and for good reason. In a post-Snowden world of increasing awareness towards the protection of privacy and the maintaining of a Free and Open Internet, users worldwide have looked for resources on how to keep their connections clean, safe, and void of outside intrusion.

However, as time moves on, this has become more and more difficult. With snooping governments, massive data mining by websites and advertisers, the increased attention towards privacy (brought on by Edward Snowden’s revelations) have caused at least some changes in the United States government’s relationship with Internet security. This is a step in the right direction, but a fix-all this is certainly not.

How Does Net Neutrality & Bandwidth Throttling Work?

“Throttling” is defined as “the deliberate regulation of the data transfer rate in a communications system.” As Verizon FiOS and other ISPs attempt to divide the Web into a highway-like structure of “fast” and “slow” lanes, companies like Google and Netflix find themselves at the mercy of ISPs, who provide two options: pay up or find yourself in the slow lane.

The way that the major US Internet Service Providers- AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, and especially Verizon Fios – have handled their grip on Internet connections can only be described as “Mob-like”, to reference comedian Jon Oliver’s now infamous 13 minute rant on Net Neutrality. Oliver’s speech on his HBO series Last Week Tonight offered an extremely entertaining yet well-researched perspective on this important topic. It is definitely a recommended watch…

How Can I Fix Netflix Throttling as Caused by Verizon and Other ISPs?

What does this bandwidth management mean to you? If Netflix throttling continues, you can start to expect very slow buffering speeds. Already feeling the tension from watching House of Cards? Well, the saga of Frank Underwood is going to get much more intense, as you spend every episode at the edge of your seat praying that the shows twists and turns aren’t interrupted by a spinning red circle.

How I Met Your Mother Buffering Netflix Throttling

Netflix Throttling: Turning your re-watch of “How I Met Your Mother” into an Endless Buffer

However, aside from signing petitions or just hoping for the best, it would appear to your average Internet user that there is not much one can do about preventing Netflix throttling, and that bowing down to the Great Cable Gods of Verizon and Comcast is simply unavoidable. But you are not the average Internet user, and you know this is not the case.

Using a VPN- or Virtual Private Network -provider is an incredibly useful way to encrypt one’s online presence, hiding from both the behemoth-like ISP providers and peeping United States Government. VPN service providers such as IPVanish provide users with access to servers all around the world, “tunneling” their connection to make it appear to outside sources they are located at a different IP address, be it in California or Singapore.

Using a VPN will prevent an ISP from being able to deeply monitor your service, making Verizon FioS or Comcast unaware of what services you are using, whether it is streaming video, downloading torrents, or hosting a web server. Encrypting your activity disables these pathway operators’ ability to target specific services and users and to slow them down for that reason.

Top VPN Services to Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

If Verizon cannot see you are using a specific streaming video or music service, then how can they throttle Netflix or Pandora or Hulu or WatchESPN? When changing your IP and encrypting your connection to avoid monitoring by cable companies, it would be best to keep the new IP address close to your current location, to prevent the VPN from slowing down. Most providers have a large amount of US addresses but certain providers have a large amount of international locations you can connect to, enabling you to encrypt your connection and activity with limited loss of speed from doing so.

The VPN providers with the most abundant high speed servers in the US include NordVPN (300+ servers in 34 states) IPVanish (40+ servers in 11 states) & SaferVPN (50+ Servers in 18 states).

Best Routers for Preventing Netflix Throttling

The Full Selection of Tomato Alternative Firmware Routers

TomatoUSB Alternative Firmware Routers

Are you planning to use Netflix on a streaming media player like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, or PS4? Unfortunately, these devices have no native VPN support. However, there is a way that you can use your VPN provider account alongside your streaming media player, preventing Netflix throttling.

What is this way, you ask? Using a FlashRouter.

A FlashRouter is an advanced router with upgraded DD-WRT or TomatoUSB firmware. Due to the nature of this upgraded firmware, VPN service provider integration becomes a very rewarding option. With a FlashRouter, you can use one VPN account on any number of streaming media devices.

Looking to stop Netflix throttling and provide added security to a network that includes multiple laptops, iPads, a SmartTV, and other streaming players? The powerhouse Netgear Nighthawk R7000, with its 1 GHz processor, three external antennas, and high-end DD-WRT ARM firmware will shine in any busy setup.

Have a current router or modem/router setup you don’t want or can’t replace? Use our popular Dual Router Setup.

Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup - Local & VPN

How To Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup

In a Dual Router Setup, use a FlashRouter as a VPN account connection, while using your current router to maintain a basic ISP network. This setup enables you to create two wireless networks, and selecting a VPN connection for any device is as simple as selecting to which network the device connects. The Dual Router Setup also allows you to get the most out of your VPN, segmenting your network and not overriding the device maximum on a VPN account with a myriad of devices.


DD-WRT Routers for HideMyAss OpenVPN Now Supported

Updated: 5/18/2015

Best OpenVPN DD-WRT HideMyAss Routers - Wireless-AC

HideMyAss OpenVPN DD-WRT FlashRouters

Big news for fans of both online privacy and open source firmware: OpenVPN is now fully supported on our line of DD-WRT flashed routers designed to work with one of your favorite VPN service providers, HideMyAss.

Up until recently, if you wanted to enjoy OpenVPN on your HideMyAss FlashRouter, you chose a Tomato firmware router or you were required to use PPTP and L2TP connections only. Now, after much tweaking, testing, trial, error, and retesting, we’re finally confident enough to offer and support a full DD-WRT HideMyAss OpenVPN solution.

The Difference Between OpenVPN & PPTP For HideMyAss Users

So you may be asking, what are all those protocols. Why would one prefer OpenVPN versus PPTP?

According to Wikipedia’s PPTP page:

PPTP has been the subject of many security analyses and serious security vulnerabilities have been found in the protocol. The known vulnerabilities relate to the underlying PPP authentication protocols used, the design of the MPPE protocol as well as the integration between MPPE and PPP authentication for session key establishment. PPTP is (as of October 2012) considered cryptographically broken and its use is no longer recommended by Microsoft.

So that sounds like more tech gibberish to most. Basically, PPTP is a VPN protocol/connection type that is easier to implement. PPTP has long been integrated into Windows-based devices and Apple devices without any further installation. However, that ease of use also makes it less secure generally. PPTP VPN connections are still of great use to many users around the globe. PPTP VPN is better than using no VPN connection at all and still provides an anonymous IP address in the country of your choosing, which allows for the unblocking of geographically restricted content for users. OpenVPN is simply a more secure, open-source based project that has some of the best and brightest in the IT security world preferring it.

So basically, you will be trading the simplicity of use with PPTP for the advanced security with OpenVPN. And isn’t security the most important concern when it comes to networking in the modern world? While we always have wanted to fully support this option, it took us years of testing to find stable, suitable setups that our team could replicate, create setup guides for and be able to support with ease.

Multiple HideMyAss OpenVPN Setup Options

We are introducing two methods of OpenVPN support for HMA connections at this time with some solid benefits to both connection methods.

Option #1: HMA OpenVPN Command Line Installer

If you navigate to your HMA account area on their website, then go to Download & Setup, you will notice an area specifically designated for DD-WRT router setups the DD-WRT command line installation generator. The first steps are fairly self explanatory and quite simple. Enter your regular HMA password in the specified field (NOT your PPTP password), then select your preferred server location using the radio button option. You can choose a specific HMA server in your preferred location, or  you can allow the installer to select a server randomly if you like. Our configuration specialists make a few final customizations to all HMA routers before we ship them out to customers. This allows users to then generate their account-specific command line, and immediately run the command on their FlashRouter.

FlashRouters Support is more than happy to complete the entire command line installation before an order is shipped for any HMA customers who desire. By no means do we require your account information, to configure your HMA router, however you may leave your information in the SSL-secure Order Comments section when checking out with your HMA router if you would like a completely out of the box configuration.

No need to worry about changing your HMA VPN server location after receiving your FlashRouter. Once our routers are primed with the HMA command line installation, generate server configurations for any location you desire and then run them on your router to connect to your new preferred geographical location.

Option #2: HMA OpenVPN DD-WRT Startup Script Method

This option is based on HMA’s official router setup tutorials in detail. Not as clean and simple as HMA’s command line installer, it is quite effective and allows for some truly amazing advanced setup setup options.

With the extended scripting method, FlashRouters Support will still set up everything for you in the router so when you receive your new device you simply have to input your HMA username, password, and in the case of the extended script your preferred server locations. When we say locations, that is not a typo. This often requested feature for advanced Internet anonymity is now available. With this extended script you can actually input several HMA servers at once, then your HMA DD-WRT router will connect to one of your preferred servers at random each time you start up the router and connect.

Utilizing this method you can make it so that you are not always connecting through the same VPN server address. This round robin connection setup to HMA servers makes it even harder for anyone who might be trying to peek to pin you down. Keep your IP address randomized every time you connect.

The HMA DD-WRT Script Method allows you the option to set different servers within a single location as well, in case one fails to connect, the script will attempt to connect to the next server in line. You may also setup connection with servers in different US states or countries. If your foremost concern is security and anonymity rather than the benefit of gaining access to content in a specific localized region, then you can keep connecting to VPN in different countries randomly each time you  start the VPN connection.

Again the FlashRouter support team is more than happy to setup the entire extended script method for you before shipment. When placing your order for an HMA router, specify your desire in the Comments section. If you would like to take advantage of the advanced scripting method out-of-the-box, please provide your HMA account information with your list of favorite HMA server locations to input on your FlashRouter. If you don’t provide this info, a setup guide will always be included.

Best HideMyAss OpenVPN DD-WRT Routers

Best OpenVPN Wireless-AC Router - High Powered Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT OpenVPN

Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT Upgraded Features

Whew, that is a lot of options. If you feel privacy is paramount, having all this at your fingertips makes using a DD-WRT FlashRouter even more exciting and enticing. For FlashRouters, this updated configuration support means that a whole slew of beloved DD-WRT routers are able to work with HMA OpenVPN right out of of the box.

One of the most popular reasons for installing an OpenVPN connection at the router level is that any device that connects to the router is then connected to the OpenVPN connection. That means you can now connect a Roku 3 to HideMyAss via OpenVPN which is not possible otherwise. Being an open-source firmware platform that is constantly updated makes using DD-WRT highly advantageous and the choice for in-the-know tech users who truly value control over their privacy and network security.

Ready to choose the privacy protector of your future.? Here’s a few of our best HideMyAss OpenVPN ready routers from basic/economy to next-gen top end wireless and everywhere in between.

HideMyAss Netgear R7000 AC1900 DD-WRT FlashRouter – Our top of the line Tomato router.

The Netgear Nighthawk has been one of the most popular FlashRouters for almost a year now, and it’s easy to see why. Packed with a 1 GHz processor alongside three powerful external antennas, the Nighthawk is the perfect defense against any slowdown caused by connecting to a VPN server. Now available with user-friendly Tomato firmware, this device is even more unstoppable.

Asus RT-AC87U Wireless-AC2400 OpenVPN DD-WRT Router – A classic, high-end Wireless-AC device.

Powerful processor, huge RAM/Flash memory, better cooling for better performance and Next-gen AC wireless, OpenVPN ready for HMA users. And don’t forget about those ever popular, powerful external antennas.


Asus RT-AC56U HideMyAss OpenVPN DD-WRT FlashRouter – Now, if you’re looking for OpenVPN DD-WRT for HideMyAss FlashRouters, but you’re in the market for something a little more modestly priced, we can wholeheartedly recommend this incredibly affordable device.

If you’re looking for a quick way to considerably upgrade your network, the Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT is one of those quick, simple, and economical solutions that only seem too good to be true. The Asus RT- AC56U’s consistently excellent performance offers the sort of stability and reliability that routers twice the price cannot.

Netgear WNDR4000 HideMyAss OpenVPN DD-WRT Router (Discontinued) – If you haven’t had a chance to yet, please meet one of our favorite high-end DD-WRT routers. The Netgear WNDR4000 was selected by PCMag as an “Editor’s Choice” and was further complimented as a “throughput thoroughbred in the 5 GHz band.”

You can easily land distinctions like that when you offer features like Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless for optimal performance in crowded areas such as crowded apartment buildings, busy downtown districts and cities with heavy wireless interference. Throw in the extra features added by DD-WRT and the extra security of a HideMyAss subscription, and you’ve got a wireless network that can’t be beat!

Benefits of a Purchasing a DD-WRT Router from FlashRouter

Yes, you can flash any device yourself at your own risk. But that is part of it, risk. FlashRouter takes the risk out of it and gives you a whole lot more. All FlashRouter purchases include a minimum 90 day warranty, a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 3 months of VPN/Internet Setup Support from our US-based open-source firmware experts.

Our goal is provide you with the best hardware with the best firmware and have your back if you run into any stumbling blocks. We think it is important that everyone has more privacy and knows more about what is going on in their network as it is increasingly the most important and most vulerable part of your home!

Want more information about our open-source router line and news about open source firmware, internet privacy, & security? Follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook.

Best VPN Services for US Expats

Asus RT-N66U Tomato Now Available for IPVanish Users

IPVanish and FlashRouters

Though it seems obvious to point out, there is a reason that people opt to live in the country of their birth, no matter the corresponding troubles that accompany staying put. In fact, as of 2003, 30% of people were living in the town in which they were born!

No doubt comfort has a lot to do with it. Other countries bring other languages, unfamiliar customs, habits, behaviors, etc. And, to bring up another obvious point, nearly everyone you know is likely residing in the country in which you’re born. That’s why those of us who choose to always look at a person who opts to move out of the country of their birth with a mixture of confusion and admiration; a sort of “Huh. I don’t get it, but godspeed” attitude.

But some times, it just can’t be helped. Semesters abroad beckon, and occasionally jobs demand a drastic lifestyle shift. You might find yourself transferred overseas, and quite suddenly, you and maybe even your family have a lot of adjusting to do.

One thing most people moving out of the country probably don’t consider is the way it affects their internet service. Sure, people know they have to change phone plans, but it doesn’t occur to most just how this will affect the way they get their news, their social media service, and their streaming movies. Lord knows we’ve demonstrated just how different Netflix is all over the world.

So now, you’ve picked up stakes and moved to a totally unfamiliar country, with less access to many of your loved ones and zero access all of your favorite Internet haunts like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle or maybe even Twitter/Facebook, and now you have to worry about being disconnected from even your favorite websites and streaming services? Fortunately, FlashRouters is here to make some handy recommendations on the Best VPN Service Providers for US Expats, all of which are certain to ease you and your family through an exciting and challenging transition.

Between a VPN service and a VPN Router, you will feel a little bit more like you are still at home when you sit down to enjoy you’re favorite movies and TV shows. If you’re a US expat, then we’re happy to tell that VPNs are here, VPNs are good, and VPNs will make your lives much, much easier.

First Off, What’s a VPN?

Overplay VPN

Overplay VPN

Before we get into the Best VPN Services for US Expats, let’s tell you exactly what a VPN is:

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is designed to help keep you, the online denizen, safe from the increasingly growing list of malevolent forces out there on the internet. These subscription-based services keep your sensitive information (e-mails, credit-card information, etc.) safe from would-be hackers and cyber-criminals by tunneling it all through secure servers all over the world! By logging into a VPN, you’re ensuring that your information is untraceable and unaccessible to identity thieves.

Additionally, VPNs can also improve your online experience in ways that have little to do with security. Since you’re information is tunneled through encrypted servers, VPNs allow you to change your IP address to one in any country of your choosing. This means that regionally restricted material is not restricted to you. Access Google from China by picking a US-based IP address, or use that same IP address to watch Netflix US from anywhere in the world!

HideMyAss DD-WRT Router - PPTP VPN Connect - Now Available from FlashRouters.com

HideMyAss VPN

So if you’re a former US citizen who is making a home for yourself in another country and you wish to stay in touch with a more familiar internet experience, you might be wondering: What’s the right VPN service provider for me?

Glad you asked. FlashRouters has proudly kept close ties with a number of superlative VPN service providers, all of whom provide great US coverage, and all of whom belong on any reputable Best VPN Services for US Expats list. In fact, check out our recent list of our most popular VPN service provider set-ups (and DD-WRT/Tomato WiFi routers) for June of 2013.

Though we hate to choose one over the other, if we’re ranking coverage of the best VPN services for US Expats, we have to go with HideMyAss. There’s simply no way to beat a VPN service provider with nearly 30,000 US-based servers, and their international coverage is nothing to scoff at too.

But, of course, time and again, Overplay tops our list of most popular VPN service provider set-ups, and with their simple, intuitive system and terrific local and international coverage, it’s easy to see why.

For the VPN user on a budget, we’re always happy to recommend PrivateInternetAccess, which provides top-notch coverage at an affordable price. Additionally, FlashRouters was recently tapped as an official provider of pre-flashed, open-source routers for PrivateInternetAccess users, so if you follow that link, you can get your whole network set up in a few quick clicks.

Lastly, if speed is your primary concern, then there’s no beating IPVanish. In addition to hosting over 7000 IP addresses across 44 countries, IPVanish offers the fastest high speed VPN connections out there.

And What Can You Do For Me, FlashRouters?

FlashRouters Offers Great Open-Source Firmware Solutions

FlashRouters Offers Great Open-Source Firmware Solutions

Aside from happily pointing in you the direction of some of our most requested VPN providers, FlashRouters has much to offer for any US expat looking to keep a reliable online connection with their old home base. After all, friends and relatives are going to want to Skype, e-mail, and tweet with you, are they not? Let FlashRouters take the lead in helping you making this transition as easy as pie.

Stronger Wireless Power: So you’ll want to be certain that you’re WiFi connection is as strong and steady as possible, and we’ve got the open-sourced routers that will make that happen. All of our routers are flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, which are replacement firmwares designed to make already fast and powerful routers even more so.

Built-in VPN Connection & the Dual Router Setup: Our routers include built-in VPN connectivity, which saves you the time and trouble of installing the VPN connection on your own, a lengthy and tricky process that, in the hands of a novice, can lead to a bricked router. Save yourself the heartache and allow our experts to handle the trouble on our own. What’s more, the built-in VPN connectivity allows you to connect more than one device to the same VPN connection! And if you want to hang on to your old router, you can hook it up to your new FlashRouter and go with the popular dual-router set-up, which is great for lengthening your signal and easily switching between a local network and your VPN.

The Most Popular VPN Routers for US Expats: Our most popular overall router choice is the Cisco Linksys E4200 DD-WRT FlashRouter, which also happens to be rated as our best DD-WRT router, though the Asus RT-AC66U is giving it a run for its money with its unmatched speeds. If Tomato firmware is more your speed ( preferred for users looking for OpenVPN integration), there’s no beating the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight router, which is one of the more powerful routers we’ve ever had the privilege to flash.

No matter what VPN router for US expats you choose, we guarantee fast, affordable, worldwide shipping, and a free custom home networking configuration guide, custom setup guide, and networking support including VPN service provider setup.

If there’s anything we can do to help you, don’t hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket or e-mailing us. Our friendly support staff is there to answer all of your questions.

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