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Introducing The FlashRouters Privacy App For Routers

For seven years, FlashRouters has provided Internet users with privacy and security via our Open Source VPN routers. Originally, DD-WRT and Tomato firmware have served as the backbone for the FlashRouters model.

Now, FlashRouters has made setting up a home VPN network even easier. Introducing the FlashRouters Privacy App! 

What is the FlashRouters Privacy App?

The FlashRouters Privacy App is a VPN app that makes the VPN router experience user-friendly and stress-free. It simplifies the VPN aspect and integration within the popular DD-WRT firmware. This instant privacy router solution works on any web browser offering more protection and more management than a typical VPN app. Check out some of the features below!Best DD-WRT Wireless-AD Compatible Netgear Router - R9000 Nighthawk AD7200

What Is A Browser App?

  • Our FlashRouters Privacy App runs straight from your Internet browser, whether it be on a desktop or your phone.
  • It comes pre-installed with any purchased FlashRouter, completely free of charge.
  • No need to download an application on every device you want to connect to VPN!

Easy Access via FlashRoutersApp.com

Accessing router settings and features is easy. With our new router app, users can configure their routers by simply entering FlashRoutersApp.com into their browsers. No more fiddling with clunky IP addresses or installing apps on your devices!

From this page, users are also able to log in to their VPN subscriptions, sign up for new subscriptions, and copy or download logs of their router.

Mobile Optimized User Interface

Gone are the days of fiddling with confusing settings through DD-WRT. The FlashRouters Privacy App comes with a fresh and simple user interface (UI) to easily access your settings. The UI is optimized for any browser, whether it be on your desktop on your mobile phone. That’s right, you can control your router straight from your phone!

FlashRouters Internet Privacy App for VPN Routers

Simplified VPN Security Device Management

The Privacy App expands VPN compatibility to all wireless and wired devices, even those without native VPN support. With more devices connected to the VPN network, we made it easier for users to sort and manage their devices through the FlashRouters Privacy App.

Some of the features that you can manage are:

  • Kill switch by device 
  • VPN bypass by device
  • Easy hostname management by device

These features can easily be switched on or off per device through FlashRoutersApp.com.

Easy VPN Server Switching

Connect - with Search_preview
Switching servers with any supported VPN provider is as simple as selecting a server from a drop-down menu. Sort from servers by location or by proximity with a click of a button!

This list of VPN servers are auto-updated regularly, populating our lists with the latest VPN servers of your choice.

An All-In-One Solution

The FlashRouters Privacy App is a one-stop solution for making the most of your home or office VPN network.

The FlashRouters Privacy App makes the VPN experience extremely user-friendly. Gone are the days of worrying about device limitations from your VPN provider. Even if your VPN provider only allows connections to VPN on 5 devices at a time, the FlashRouter counts as one VPN connection, and all devices connected to the router will be going through that connection.

If you already own a FlashRouter, we can upgrade your router firmware to the Privacy App. Please contact us for more info.

If you wish to have the FlashRouters App installed on your own DD-WRT compatible device, check out our support plans. The FR Privacy App will auto-upgrade on reboot to the latest updates as soon as they are available.

Which VPN Providers are Recommended for the FlashRouters Privacy App?

FlashRouter Router Privacy AppNordVPN and IPVanish are highly recommended for use with the FlashRouters Privacy App. With both of these providers, users can take advantage of the option of providing users a connection to the closest or least loaded server. Servers for these providers are updated daily!

Which VPN Providers are Supported by the FlashRouters Privacy App?

The FlashRouter will be pre-loaded with twelve VPN provider options. Those VPN Providers for FlashRouters App include ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, IVPN, Private Internet Access, BlackBox, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, SaferVPN, VyprVPN, and Windscribe. If you purchase a VPN FlashRouter for one of these providers, you have the option of easily switching to one of the other eleven providers.

That means if you purchase a router and choose to switch VPNs, the router setup will be just as simple.

Additional VPN Router App Supported Providers

More supported providers include: AirVPN, BulletVPN, CyberGhost, Hide.Me, LeVPN, LiquidVPN, PerfectPrivacy, PrivateVPN, ProxPN, SmartDNSProxy, VPNArea, VPNSecure, VPNUnlimited.

To log into one of these VPN providers account within the FlashRouters Router Privacy App, simply select the provider from the drop-down menu in the app and enter your credentials.

Ready To Get Simply Secure!

Pick Your VPN Privacy App Router NOW!

More Questions About the FlashRouters Privacy App?

We thought you might. Our expert support team can’t wait to answer to answer them and give some helpful tips and recommendations for your scenario.

Securing Your Entire Wireless Network With Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN: The Most Popular VPN Service Provider of March 2014 for FlashRouters

Private Internet Access VPN

With a near constant stream of cyberhacking news, snooping government agency news, and rampant identity theft news, one could be forgiven for being nervous about the current state of online safety.

In the current Internet climate, safeguarding your online activity and tracks is a necessity. That’s why VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are out there, fighting the good fight to make people’s online data safe and secure, every day. And VPNs don’t come much more powerful and affordable than Private Internet Access or PIA for short.

Private Internet Access VPN’s Peerless Service

pia-speedometer-vpn-fastSo what makes Private Internet Access so special? Where to begin…

Well, let’s start with their 2500+ servers located in 18 countries including a variety of 9 options in the US as well the rest of North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. That’s a lot of the globe covered by one VPN.

They are also PCMag’s editor’s choice and Reader’s choice at Tom’s Hardware among many other accolades.

And what does this worldwide coverage cost? Unbelievably, you can secure your wireless network and bypass geographical restrictions with Private Internet Access VPN’s peerless service for the cost of a mere $39.95 a year! That breaks down to a mind-bogglingly affordable $3.33 a month!


Why you should buy VPN service

Of course, if you don’t feel like committing to a full year of service, you can go for the half year package at $35.95 ($5.99 a month) or go month by month at $6.95 each. When you look at it like that though, it really makes the most sense to spring for the year. After all, Private Internet Access is the go-to low-cost provider that you can count on.

Private Internet Access VPN FlashRouters

Having the right VPN is important, but the experience just isn’t complete without the right router to make the network run as smoothly as possible.

And that’s where FlashRouters comes in.Our main goal at FlashRouters might seem ambitious, but it’s one we work tirelessly to achieve, day in and day out; we want to provide our customers with the best wireless network money can buy.

By flashing our wireless routers with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware – open-source replacement firmwares that vastly improve a router’s functionality – we ensure that our devices are versatile, powerful, and future-proof. DD-WRT and Tomato give our users access to a range of advanced features not available on your average router; you can extend your wireless network, access extra security options, and even determine how your bandwidth is allocated!

Private Internet Access users should be happy to hear that a FlashRouter can improve your VPN experience as well. We can customize your router specifically for your VPN, allowing you to avoid tricky installation processes and connect multiple devices (iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Android Devices, Rokus, Apple TVs, desktops, laptops, etc.) to your VPN account. And, if you hold on to your old router, you can use our popular dual router set-up, which allows you to switch easily between a local account and your VPN.

Setup Private Internet Access VPN Service on Roku, AppleTV, SmartTV, PS4

Here are a few more open-source firmware features:

  • Built-in OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP Client Connectivity: Utilize your Private Internet Access subscription with multiple devices as well as popular streaming players like Rokus. Connect any device to a VPN with one setup while saving you the trouble of installing the VPN connection on each single device!
  • Use Private Internet Access on a Repeater, Wireless Extender or Client Bridges.
  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service): Allocate your bandwidth for VOIP, streaming service & popular websites.
  • Network Access Restrictions: Set hours for your Internet connection to be on/off, or block specific websites and keywords.

Best VPN Routers for Private Internet Access

PIA VPN Netgear R8000 FlashRouters

Netgear R8000 PrivateInternetAccess VPN FlashRouter

FlashRouters offers a variety of powerful Private Internet Access DD-WRT & TomatoUSB Routers. Here are a few customer favorites:

  1. PrivateInternetAccess Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT FlashRouter – Our most powerful Asus device, primed for PIA.
  2. Private Internet Access Netgear AC1450 FlashRouter – The go to wired choice with an 800 MHz processor right under $200
  3. PIA Linksys E2500 TomatoUSB FlashRouter – Entry level dual band with premium TomatoUSB firmware

What FlashRouters Does to a VPN Router?

Once the order is completed, our staff of expert technicians procure the correct model and versions of the router you’re looking for, then handle the hassle of flashing, configuring, and testing the router and its customization (minus the potential for bricking that this process can occasionally invite). We’re happy to handle the nuisances so that your Private Internet Access FlashRouter experience is as hassle-free as possible.

FlashRouters will upgrade your router of choice with the a recent, stable VPN-ready open-source firmware. Your router will ship within 1 business day after flashing and testing including a Private Internet Access setup guide, 3 months of Internet/VPN Setup support (upgradable to a year during purchase) from our networking experts, and a 90 day warranty.

Option #1

Find a favorite among our recommended PIA Routers and checkout.

If you want your router pre-configured prior to shipment, include your VPN username, password and preferred VPN server in our order Comments area during the final step of the checkout process. We fully respect your privacy but make this offer for users who are uncomfortable completing a router setup on their own.

And if you do not include that info and need help along the way, every FlashRouter includes a custom setup guide and 3 months of premium VPN setup support (including remote Teamviewer sessions) that will make sure you get up and running.

Option #2

  1. Choose your FlashRouter from our entire catalog.
  2. Select Private Internet Access from the VPN Service dropdown menu on any product.
  3. Add to Cart & Checkout!

The choice is yours, and as long as you go with Private Internet Access VPN & a PIA FlashRouter, you can’t go wrong.

Have Questions About Private Internet AccessFlashRouters?

Send us a question or contact our live chat and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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DD-WRT & Tomato Routers for PrivateInternetAccess VPN

PrivateInternetAccess VPN FlashRouters
Big news in the FlashRouters camp! Have you been scouring for the perfect DD-WRT or Tomato router configured for PrivateInternetAccess VPN? Are you looking to expand your PPTP or OpenVPN security to all of your wired, wireless, and streaming devices (Roku, AppleTV) with one big upgrade?

Well, FlashRouters can tell you how to do just that. We’re proud to announce that we’ve been tapped as an official provider of pre-flashed, open-source routers for PrivateInternetAccess users!

Advantages of Using a FlashRouter with PrivateInternetAccess

A FlashRouter is an all-in-one product designed to help you use a VPN service with your wireless devices: laptops, desktops, iPhones, Android Devices, Samsungs, Rokus, Boxee, Apple TV, Internet Smart TVs and the like. No need to set up each device individually with PrivateInternetAccess. Just connect any device to the FlashRouter with VPN service integrated and the device will be VPNed.

Benefits of a FlashRouter Dual Router Setup

Additionally, a FlashRouter is a customized out-of-the-box solution that offers an elevated networking experience and allows increased control to users over their network and its flow of data. Use the DD-WRT Router instead of, or in tandem with, your current router.

The FlashRouters dual router setup allows you to create two simultaneous wireless networks to switch between, depending on where you want to connect. Easily switch between a local ISP connection when you need speed and local access and a PrivateInternetAccess VPN connection for advanced security and unblocking your favorite streaming services and websites worldwide.

The best Linksys DD-WRT Router ready for improved security

Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT Router

  1. Netgear R7000 DD-WRT – Our top wireless range, speeds, and processor for premium PIA performance.
  2. Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT – The revival of the blue old classic router.

The difference between DD-WRT & Tomato for PIA VPN service users is supported VPN protocols. DD-WRT and Tomato firmware both offer PPTP support but currently only Tomato offers OpenVPN & PPTP connection options.

More About PrivateInternetAccess VPN Service

In the world of VPN service providers, PrivateInternetAccess is quickly becoming the go-to choice for VPN users of all stripes, from newbies to experts, the cost-conscious to the highly informed.

privateinternetaccess-logoPrivateInternetAccess offers a completely secure internet experience, ensuring impenetrable levels of data and identity protection & encryption, as well as uncensored access to any regionally restricted, or otherwise restricted, websites.

It’s this level of service that has earned PrivateInternetAccess plaudits from LifeHackerPC Mag, & Business Insider among many others. FlashRouters couldn’t be more thrilled to be chosen by PIA as a trusted provider of VPN Routers as they continue to grow into one of the best and most recognizable VPN providers around.

Configuring a DD-WRT router or Tomato router with your PrivateInternetAccess Account allows any device connected to the router to be under the scope and privacy of PrivateInternetAccess’ 276-plus encrypted VPN servers in 9 countries.

FlashRouters is an all-in-one open-source DD-WRT or Tomato Router stop. Our technicians procure the correct model and versions of the router, then handle the hassle of flashing, configuring, and testing the router and its customization (minus the potential for bricking that this process can occasionally invite). FlashRouters does the grunt work so PrivateInternetAccess VPN users can enjoy the perks.

  • Tested & Upgraded Firmware Device (Tomato or DD-WRT)
  • Use VPN with a RokuAppleTV etc: A FlashRouter allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant with PrivateInternetAccess VPN.
  • PrivateInternetAccess Setup Guide Included
  • Free US-based VPN & Internet Setup Tech Support

Have Questions About PrivateInternetAccess VPN Routers?

Open a sales ticket and we’ll answer your questions ASAP.

Updated: 05/02/2016

What is the Difference Between Firmware and Software?

Officially, there is no true compositional distinction between firmware and software. When discussed, firmware usually refers to fixed data as part of a hardware device, unlike software which is meant to be used for interaction, productivity and activity like word processing, video editing, listening to music, or video conferencing.

Wikipedia describes the history of the term firmware:

The term firmware was originally coined in order to contrast to higher level software which could be changed without replacing a hardware component, and firmware is typically involved with very basic low-level operations without which a device would be completely non-functional. Firmware is also a relative term, as most embedded devices contain firmware at more than one level. Subsystems such as CPUs, flash chips, communication controllers, LCD modules, and so on, have their own (usually fixed) program code and/or microcode, regarded as “part of the hardware” by the higher-level(s) firmware.

Without firmware as a backbone, there is really no software as it is commonly perceived, to be run. From DVD drives to portable music players to the computers inside of an automobiles, firmware is integral to their functioning.

Firmware is software that is semi-permanently placed in hardware. Firmware does not disappear when hardware is powered off. The memory that firmware uses is very speedy — making it ideal for controlling hardware in which performance is paramount.

Regular Wireless Router Firmware vs DD-WRT Firmware in FlashRouters

The firmware used in routers tends to make them faster than a computer performing a similar routing function. Firmware is used for optimizing a device for a peak performance. Yet most of the out-of-the-box firmware used in today’s routers is substandard to the needs and tasks desired by users.

Linksys 1900ACS

A software or firmware upgrade makes a permanent change — usually an improvement in features, in performance, or to correct errors. In the case of the the DD-WRT routers, the upgrade allows for a variety of upgraded options such as integrated VPN connectivity, advanced wireless security/encryption options, wireless signal boosting, wireless repeater/bridge modes and advanced bandwidth monitoring abilities.

Router firmware is usually Linux based and has a specific way to update or upgrade it. It cannot be simply installed like a standard executable program. They have to be sent a file or “flashed” in a very specific way in order to allow for the router to continue to function usually through direct Ethernet connection, using a very specific set of network settings.

If a router is flashed incorrectly, the firmware can be damaged causing the router to be bricked/unusable. When purchasing a FlashRouter, you get an upgraded device customized to your network that features all the upgraded features of DD-WRT without the hassles of bricking your router.

Check out some of our amazing routers, from leading brands like Linksys, Netgear, and Asus!

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Netgear R6400V2 AC1750 Asus RT-AC5300 AC5300
Wireless-AC3200 Mbps
1.8 GHz Marvell Processor
4 Ext Antennas
Top Gaming Router
Wireless-AC1750 Mbps
1 Ghz Broadcom Processor
3 Ext Antennas
Top Economy Router
Wireless-AC5300 Mbps
1.4 GHz Broadcom Processor
8 Ext Antennas
Great For Large Homes

Get tech support to make sure you get your router and VPN connection up and running for practically the same price the router would cost regularly. Unleash your web experience with a DD-WRT Flashrouter today!

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