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Latest Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Firmware Upgrade To Collect & Share Private Data

If there wasn’t enough to be paranoid about with the recent news involving the US Senate Privacy Resolution.

It was recently revealed by Netgear themselves that new builds of Nighthawk R7000 firmware will begin recording specific information. It is unclear at this time if the feature can be disabled. The real question becomes, what information does Netgear need to record and what will the information be used for?

Netgear posted in their knowledgebase the R7000 firmware update will record the following: “information regarding the router’s running status, number of devices connected to the router, types of connections, LAN/WAN status, WiFi bands and channels, IP address, MAC address, serial number, and similar technical data about the use and functioning of the router, as well as its WiFi network.”

If they know this information, this potentially means that Netgear can know that the information it collects is from you specifically. Obviously, this is a problem for people who wish to stay private and as anonymous as possible online.

How To Protect Yourself From The R7000 Netgear Data Collection

It is important to note that this is an issue with the stock Netgear firmware. The ideal solution would be to replace that spying and bug-ridden firmware altogether. If you were interested in acquiring an R7000 still, our team would recommend purchasing the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 from FlashRouters.  A FlashRouter replaces this “informant router firmware” with open source DD-WRT firmware to prevent this data collection.

Flashing a router with open-source firmware completely replaces the stock Netgear firmware normally found on these models. Furthermore, this makes the router more stable and more secure by allowing for an array of benefits including advanced security features.

One of our most popular FlashRouters – the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 has a powerful 1 GHz processor and 3 external antennas. This makes it a great balance of range and power.

What To Do If You Own A Nighthawk R7000 Or Other Supported Router?

Concerned that if this effects the R7000, it might affect other Nighthawk routers? Then we suggest some preemptive, preventative measures. Your router is the first line of protection from Internet malfeasance on your home or office network.

If you already own an R7000 or another of the many router models that we support, our team offers assistance with DD-WRT or TomatoUSB firmware with our expert remote firmware upgrade/support plans. After purchasing a support plan, simply email our support team to setup a remote TeamViewer session.

Have Any Additional Questions?

Reach out to our friendly and helpful sales staff and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide whatever expertise to help you find the best solution for you.

Best Netgear Routers for DD-WRT Open Source Firmware Upgrade

R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

The Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Are you sick of your under-performing router? High bandwidth activities like video streaming and gaming are putting serious strain on routers that would have been totally acceptable less than a decade ago, so what’s the solution?

Actually, the solution is less complicated and more affordable than you might think. With the help of some of our best Netgear DD-WRT routers, you’ll find that no networking task is too great when you have the right device on your side.

What Are the Benefits of DD-WRT?

But first, you may be wondering what exactly DD-WRT is. It’s quite simple actually…

DD-WRT is an open source firmware that is designed to replace and improve upon your router’s stock firmware. You’ll find that a DD-WRT router leaves all of its competitors in the dust by increasing the device’s functionality, security, and speed. Put another way, the benefits of DD-WRT are…

Taking quality routers and improving them by flashing them with open source firmwares like DD-WRT is what FlashRouters does best. Any router flashed with DD-WRT is one you can trust.

Best Wireless-AC Netgear DD-WRT Routers

The Best of the Best Wireless-AC Netgear Routers

Meet The Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 DD-WRT FlashRouter - Holiday Gift Guide

The Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Netgear Nighthawk R7800 X4S AC2600 DD-WRT FlashRouter

A bunch of new routers have been added to the FlashRouters roster this past year, and none have wowed customers quite like the Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800. And when you take a look at its features – from the incredibly powerful 1.7 GHz processor to the 4 high-powered antennas – it’s easy to see why. The DD-WRT R7800 is the perfect Netgear VPN router.

This model also supports MU-MIMO. MU-MIMO stands for Multi User-Multi Input Multi Output and allows for the router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This increases the speed of the WiFi network, by limiting interference between devices.

…and here is a list to lay it all out:

  • 4 External Antennas,
  • 1.7 GHz Broadcom Processor
  • AC Wireless Speeds up to 2600 Mbps
  • MU-MIMO support
  • Best in Class RAM/Flash Memory (512/128 MB)

High End Netgear Wireless-AC Contenders

Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 AC3200 DD-WRT Router

If you’re in the market for one of the top routers available but the X8 is just a little too rich for your blood, then the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 FlashRouter is the perfect alternative.

With Tri-Band WiFi speeds up to 3200 Mbps, a 1GHz dual core Broadcom processor, and 6 external antennas to maximize your wireless range (and to make the whole thing look really cool), this DD-WRT beauty has been vastly improving our customer’s networks ever since we added it in the past year. If your router is struggling to keep up with the demands of HD streaming, then the Nighthawk X6 is just what you need.

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk - Wireless-AC Router

Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT

Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT Router

You want a powerful internal processor? How does a Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU suit you? Need more RAM? The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter’s best-in-class 256 RAM should do the trick, right? Throw in a 3.0 USB port to go along with a 2.0 port, three high-powered external antennae, and top speeds of 1900 Mbps(450 2.4 Mbps & 1450 5.0 Mbps) you’re getting an unbeatable device.

And then there’s the DD-WRT upgrade, which fills in security gaps, offers advanced wireless transmission and networking options, and much, much more.

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Netgear DNS Vulnerability Leads to Attack on 10,000 Routers

Well, 2016 is a young year yet, and we’re already seeing a news story about a whole load of routers that were exposed to attack because of vulnerabilities.

Best Netgear Routers for DD-WRT


DNS Vulnerability Leads to Attack on Netgear Routers

As reported by The Oceanside Post, 10,000 Netgear SOHO (Small Office Home Office) routers, left exposed due to a DNS vulnerability, have been attacked. The nature of the attack allows the hacker to take remote and full unauthenticated control over the routers if WAN administration is enabled.

Shell Shock Labs and Compass Security discovered the vulnerability and, after Netgear failed to meet a 90-day disclosure deadline, made the information available to the public. Affected models include Netgear JNR1010v2, Netgear NR3000, Netgear JWNR2000v5, Netgear JWNR2010v5, Netgear N300, Netgear R3250, Netgear WNR2020, Netgear WNR614, and Netgear WNR618 (none of which are carried by FlashRouters, incidentally).

Stay Safe With a FlashRouter

News stories like this drive home just how important is to buy routers that you can trust. At FlashRouters, we pride ourselves on providing devices that have been endlessly tested and vetted to ensure the complete safety of our customer’s online experience.

If you have not had a chance to get to know our devices and what makes them so special, now’s a good a time as any. We take strong routers, remove their faulty firmware, and replace them with DD-WRT or Tomato open source firmware, making them stronger, more versatile, and safer.

R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

The Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter


A DD-WRT or Tomato-flashed router will provide users with many features that other routers just can’t offer, but most importantly and most relevant to the news discussed above is that a FlashRouter is loaded up with advanced security features. We take the full gamut of online threats seriously, and know fully just how important it is to keep your internet-based data as protected as possible.

So as you peruse our line of Netgear routers, you can be assured that they are built to keep your sensitive information safe. Whether you choose one of our R7000 Nighthawks (available in Tomato and DD-WRT form), or the even more powerful R8000, or one of our economy models like the WNDR3700, you’re going to get an excellent and invulnerable device that has no equal.

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Netgear R7000 Nighthawk TomatoUSB + Dual Gateway/Selective VPN

Top Netgear VPN Router for Netflix - R7000 TomatoUSB

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk TomatoUSB

Our goal at FlashRouters is to offer a healthy mix of open-source firmware upgraded DD-WRT and TomatoUSB routers. Our method of choosing devices is always based on performance and functionality in long-term testing. Lately, that seems to have leaned heavily towards DD-WRT.

However, after months of requests, we are finally giving the people what they want — a high-powered Wireless-AC Tomato router!

Meet The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk TomatoUSB FlashRouter

That’s right. The much beloved DD-WRT Nighthawk now has a Tomato counterpart. The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk TomatoUSB AC1900 FlashRouter has launched to revolutionize your network control using its superpower, a special release of TomatoUSB open-source firmware.

Tomato Firmware Upgrade

As the brief video above showcases, upgrading or “flashing” a router with Tomato firmware heavily expands it features, integrations and setup option including:

  • Bug & backdoor fixes in Broadcom-based Netgear firmware.
  • Complete OpenVPN & PPTP Integration: Client & Server.
  • Multiple OpenVPN Connection Setup: TomatoUSB firmware allows for two VPN connection configurations within the router. Only one VPN connection can be used at a time but two can be saved for switching back and forth connections with ease.
  • Advanced access restrictions for increased network security: Limit access by day of the week, time, user, or block specific websites.
  • Advanced QoS: Prioritize your network traffic with advanced Quality of Service. Stream a lot of Netflix? Put it at the top of your list.
  • Integrated Wireless Survey page: View other wireless networks in your area that may be affecting your WiFi signal and adjust accordingly.
  • Improved network stability. 

And that’s just the beginning. We haven’t even gotten into all the terrific new VPN features that R7000 Tomato ARM upgrade enables.

Terrific Tomato VPN Features

FlashRouters has worked with Shibby (the lead developer of TomatoUSB) as part of our ongoing Open Source Donation Matching program to overhaul the VPN integration on Tomato. With the new Tomato ARM builds, TomatoUSB users can now enjoy the benefits of Dual Gateways AKA selecting VPN use by website and device with a few clicks of a button.

Dual Gateway Support

Integrated in the aforementioned Dual OpenVPN client setup in TomatoUSB, you will now see the just added Routing Policy tab. This may seem like a simple change but this is a game-changer that many of our TomatoUSB users have begged for.

Select VPN By Device

Put your Tomato router in two locations at once with dual gateway support. If you want certain devices on your network to run through the VPN and others to run through your local network, that can now be done within the Tomato OpenVPN firmware settings.

Routing Policy/Selective VPN By Website

And if that doesn’t wow you, how about this? Using the To Domain option, you can now set specific websites to go through VPN, while any other websites you visit will connect through your local ISP IP address. Want Netflix Instant to run through your VPN while keeping the rest of your web-browsing local? Using the new Tomato build, enter Netflix underneath you VPN connection and you’re good to go.

Use VPN based on device or website on any device

Since this is set up on a router, it will apply to all of your devices. Want to make sure BBC iPlayer is running through the UK on your iPad and your Roku? Done. Netflix US from Canada or Australia while your other activities stay local? This is the solution!

Advanced TomatoUSB Setup Support

Worried this looks a bit over your head or think you might need a helping hand with the latest R7000 Tomato build? That’s why we’re here!

Each R7000 Nighthawk TomatoUSB includes a complete tutorial guide of the array of options and possibilities with this new Dual Gateway/Selective VPN Routing feature.

Need help about setting up static routes to your specific devices for devices or websites to go through VPN? FlashRouters support team now covers these features with Tomato ARM FlashRouter. As of now these special OpenVPN features are limited to the R7000 Nighthawk.

R7000 Nighthawk Features & Specs

So what exactly makes the R7000 so popular? Let’s start here:

  • Best-in-class Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU, 256 RAM/ 128 MB Flash Memory
  • 4 Gigabit Ports, AC1900 (450 2.4 Mbps & 1450 5.0 Mbps)
  • 3 Powerful external antennas
  • 1 USB 3.0 & 1 USB 2.0

The R7000 is the our best-selling router because it has power and speed to burn. This power and speed is ideal for handling the burden of a more feature heavy firmware as well as the power needs of handling constant incoming/outgoing VPN activity. Add to this an amazing security enhancing, firmware upgrade and you have an ideal network centerpiece to prevent intrusion and privacy invasions for years to come. What more could you want out of a wireless router?

The FlashRouter Difference

A FlashRouter makes the process of getting your new device up and running as simple as can be imagined. The TomatoUSB FlashRouter R7000 Nighthawk arrives pre-installed, tested, and re-tested Tomato firmware build.

That includes:

  • Custom VPN Configuration: Include your preferred router & VPN setup options in the order checkout Comments area and we’ll take caintegrate it for free.
  • TomatoUSB Firmware Setup & Troubleshooting Manual
  • Free Open-Source Firmware Tech Support: Our skilled open-source router specialists can assist in getting your Internet or VPN setup running via remote Teamviewer support sessions.
  • Tomato Warranty: Tomato firmware installation voids manufacturer warranties. All FlashRouters include an 90-day warranty for Tomato installation that is upgradable to 2 years.
  • International Dual Voltage Compatible (100v – 240v): Ships with U.S. power cable, international adapters available here.
  • Worldwide Shipping via USPS & FedEx.

If you have any questions, concerns or are just looking for a recommendation on the best device for you and your setup, take a look at our knowledge base or just send us a note. Our router specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right device.

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Experience Tri-Band WiFi With The Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

R8000 AC32000 DD-WRT FlashRouter

Meet Tri-Band WiFi: The Netgear 8000 DD-WRT Router

FlashRouters has listed our best and most popular routers of last year and introduced you to the networking beast that is the Asus RT-AC87U, the fun hasn’t ended yet. Meet the Netgear R8000 DD-WRT AC3200 FlashRouter. The R8000 is a true behemoth device offering Tri-Band WiFi with six powerful adjustable external antennas and a 1 GHz Broadcom processor. Yes, you read that correctly. Six powerful adjustable external antennas.

What is Tri-Band WiFi?

The Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter utilizes Tri-Band WiFi, meaning one 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands. More bands mean more room for devices, as you can assign your SmartTV, Xbox One, and iPad different networks within the device. No need to clog your network with unwanted traffic.

The six external antennas that make up these networks provide for the most range available from a router today. Looking to cover multiple floors? Stream Netflix from your laptop on your outdoor patio? The Netgear R8000 has you covered.

DDWRT Installed R8000 Netgear X6 - OpenVPN

Netgear R8000 X6 DD-WRT Specs

Some other fantastic features of the Netgear R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter include:

  • Wireless-AC coverage with speeds of up to 3200 Mbps.
  • Dual Core 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Broadcom CPU internal processor.
  • Best-in class RAM (256), 128 MB of active flash memory.
  • A Networked USB 3.0 port for the fastest high-speed transferring available.

Adding these features on top of the already-mentioned six external antennas and Tri-Band WiFi makes a powerful device even more powerful. Not to mention the DD-WRT firmware itself…

DD-WRT Advantages for the FlashRouter R8000 X6 DDWRT


Flashing the R8000 with DD-WRT firmware truly brings this device to the next level. Looking into using a router as a VPN network hub for a device like  HideMyAss, IPVanish, or PrivateInternetAccess? With its massive processor and range capabilities, the R8000 is a top-end choice for any VPN subscriber.

FlashRouters provides an easy-to-follow setup guide with all of our routers, and if you provide us with your VPN credentials before purchasing the router, we can send the device to your door to work right out of the box with your VPN account. There is also no need to remove your current router from your setup, as you can use it to create an ISP network alongside your VPN connection from the R8000 DD-WRT FlashRouter.

Using a router like the R8000 DDWRT also opens the door to:

The FlashRouters Difference


The FlashRouters Support Routers Advantage

FlashRouters offers pre-configured, DD-WRT flashed routers with free access to our Support Team and a free 90-day warranty. If you have any issues involving setting up your router and network configuration, our Support Team would be more than happy to help you via our ticketing system or a remote-access Team Viewer session.

We also offer help via our…

Knowledge Base & Help Desk: Our site has a handy Knowledge Base and Support Desk to better handle the many requests and inquiries we receive. If you have any questions, concerns or are just looking for a recommendation on the best device for you and your setup, click the Support button on the left-hand side. Our DD-WRT specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right device.

Support Plans: FlashRouters now offers advanced DD-WRT support plans. Different routers come with slightly different plans. Users looking for support for their own routers can visit the FlashRouters Support Plan Center.

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