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What Can I Do With A FlashRouter?

What Can I Do With A FlashRouter?

What exactly is a FlashRouter? What makes it different from a store bought router? What can it do for you?

In short, a FlashRouter is an open-source, all-in-one privacy solution for your home networking needs. So, why do you need one? Read on to find out!

What Exactly Is A FlashRouter?

What Makes a FlashRouter Different?

A FlashRouter is a powerful wireless router that comes pre-installed with open-source firmware called DD-WRT. The DD-WRT firmware enhances and upgrades performance and features of wireless routers. The firmware lifts restrictions that are built into the default stock firmware that comes with store-bought routers.

DD-WRT Upgrades And Enhancements

DD-WRT firmware comes with a slew of upgrades to stock firmware. Some of these upgrades include, but are not limited to:

  • Firmware bug fixes to stock firmware
  • Improved network stability & network status information
  • VLAN (Virtual LAN) support
  • Advanced wireless modes such as access point, wireless client bridge, & repeater mode
  • Advanced DNS forwarding
  • Processor overclocking
  • Increased wireless signal strength
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP support
  • VPN server and client integration and support

What Does A FlashRouter Do?

With DD-WRT pre-installed on a router like the popular, reliable Linksys WRT3200ACM, possibilities for network security nearly endless. With VPN support built into our devices, users can easily integrate their VPN service straight into their wireless router.

This enables users to protect their entire home network with a secure VPN connection, creating a wireless home VPN network. Here are some other advantages:

Counts as only one VPN connection

  • VPN providers typically only offer a limited number of connections to their VPN service.
  • A FlashRouter counts as just one connection, allowing for all devices connected to the FlashRouter to count as one connection as well.
  • This nullifies the VPN providers’ connection limit, freeing up the other available connections for other devices.

Protects all devices under your VPN subscription

  • Any device connected to the FlashRouter will go through the VPN connection.
  • This goes for wired or wirelessly connected devices.
  • Devices that don’t natively support VPN connections will be encrypted to the VPN.

Comes with our new VPN Privacy App

  • The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App allows for easy setup and configuration of your wireless network.
  • Access your FlashRouter simply by entering
  • An optimized UI enables users to set up their router via any browser or mobile phone.
  • Easy access to login to your VPN account
  • The app also includes easy-to-use server switching (seen in the screenshot below).


Now that you see what a FlashRouter does, you may be asking, what can I do with it?

What A FlashRouter Can Do For You

In the age of Internet streaming, data breaches, and of course a restrictive government, a FlashRouter is an all-in-one solution. With seamless setup, US-based support, and our new FlashRouters Privacy App, taking the Internet back into your hands has never been easier.

1. Easily get around restricted content and geo-blocking

Some services, such as Netflix or Hulu, only offer certain shows and movies in different areas of the world. Using a VPN connection allows you to change their IP to a different location, allowing you to stream whatever you want, wherever you want.

The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App features a seamless way to easily switch VPN servers at your leisure, enabling you to appear as if you are anywhere in the world.

2. Prevent data breaches and potential hackers

Unfortunately, data breaches and hacking is becoming the norm. Protecting your home network with a VPN encrypts your sensitive data and information by routing it to a secure VPN server.

Using a FlashRouter effectively shrouds your entire home network and any connected device with the VPN service of your choice.

3. Securely circumvent government censorship

With countries such as China and Russia cracking down on Internet censorship, true Internet freedom is slipping away. A VPN enabled FlashRouter allows for an easy way to get around new laws and regulations restricting access to the Internet.

Not only does a FlashRouter allow for a secure VPN connection on all your devices, it encrypts and routes your data to bypass any government censorship.

FlashRouters: The All-In-One Solution

Premium performing VPN Router for HideMyAss - HMA 2017-2018

As you can see, there are many advantages to using a FlashRouter (like the WRT3200ACM pictured above) for your home network. The DD-WRT firmware pre-installed on our devices upgrade and enhance the stability, security, and functionality of a standard wireless router.

With that being said, the added VPN support on our FlashRouters allows for unprecedented security and privacy on any and all connected devices.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade and secure your network today!

Have any questions or concerns? Contact our support team for more information.

Top Reasons You Need A FlashRouter Even Without A VPN

Top Benefits of a Open Source Firmware DD-WRT Router from FlashRouters

As you may know, FlashRouters offers users premium DD-WRT routers that are work hand-in-hand with VPN services. But what if one does not want to use a Virtual Private Network? What else does a DD-WRT upgraded FlashRouter offer?

Table Of Contents

What Exactly Is A FlashRouter? 

Let’s start with some basic definitions. A FlashRouter is essentially a supercharged wireless router with additional capabilities and features. Moreover, some things that make a FlashRouter different from a standard wireless router are:

Of course, one of the main reasons we flash DD-WRT onto our devices is to enable our users to utilize a VPN on the network level. Furthermore, using a VPN on a DD-WRT router allows any device connected to the FlashRouter to be covered by the VPN tunnel.

What Can A DD-WRT FlashRouter Do?

Luckily, you don’t need to use a VPN to get the full benefits of a FlashRouter. Along with everything mentioned above, a DD-WRT enabled FlashRouter provides a slew of additional networking and security enhancements. These include but are definitely not limited to:

Advanced DD-WRT Firmware Features

  • Router firmware backdoors, bugs & fixes
  • Improved Network Stability & Network Information
  • Advanced Wireless Modes: Access Point (AP), wireless client bridge & repeater modes
  • VLAN (Virtual LAN) Support
  • Adjustable Antenna Transmission Settings – Increase wireless strength and coverage
  • Policy Based Routing – Choose segments of Internet activity based on website, device, wireless network etc.
  • Access RestrictionsCustom time, website, app & user-based restrictions
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP VPN Client/Server Integration
  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service integration
  • SPI Firewall/ IP Tables
  • IPV6 Support
  • Advanced Port Forwarding – Create port forwards, redirects, & triggers with included UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).
  • DNS forwarder – DNSmasq with local hostnames, domain names, and internet address caching
  • Bandwidth Graphing/Statistics: Real-time, daily & monthly
  • DHCP Server – Using DNSmasq with dynamic and static DHCP leases
  • WPS Disabled
  • Wi-Fi hotspot Integrations: Create hotspots for businesses with a verification page using the integrated Chillispot or NOCATSPLASH system
  • Wake-on-LAN – Remote network access
  • Samba file-share/CIFS client
  • WDS: Wireless distribution system AKA wireless bridging
  • Telnet/SSH Support
  • Radius Authentication: Enterprise level wireless security
  • JFFS2 Support
  • NAT (Network Address Translation) support

As you can see, DD-WRT’s list of features could be a little confusing and overwhelming. So what does all this tech jargon mean to you?

Top DD-WRT FlashRouter Benefits Outside of VPN Integration

Top Benefits of an Open Source FIrmware/ DDWRT FlashRouter

To put it simply, a FlashRouter can upgrade and enhance your entire home network experience. Furthermore, some key features that DD-WRT offers include:

Improved Network Stability

Through DD-WRT, users can enable and disable features that use precious memory and processing power. You can also limit connections and set some the connection timeout to a shorter amount of time. This allows for a more efficient wireless router, cutting back on how often you need to restart the device.

Advanced Wireless Modes

DD-WRT routers allow for users to use their wireless routers in different wireless modes. This includes the AP or access point mode, wireless client bridge, and even wireless repeater bridge. Further on, this feature enables users to use their FlashRouter to extend their wireless range throughout their home.

Advanced Port Forwarding

Online gaming consoles require certain ports to be forwarded in order to connect to the game consoles network. DD-WRT routers let users create port forwards, redirects, and triggers. Moreover, the firmware also includes universal plug and play (UPnP) for quick and seamless access to your games.

Adjustable Antenna Transmission

With DD-WRT, users can easily tweak the antenna transmission and power. As a result, adjusting the transmission power settings allows for a broader transmitting range thus giving you more coverage in your home!

The Best FlashRouters For Your Everyday Needs

Ready to take the leap and upgrade from your old router? Check out some of our best Open Source Firmware FlashRouters of 2018 or some of our top recommended devices below!

ac5300-front-900Nighthawk Netgear Secure VPN Router
Asus RT-AC5300 DD-WRTR7800 Nighthawk DD-WRTLinksys WRT1900AC v2 DD-WRT
Wireless-AC5300 Mbps
1.4 Ghz Broadcom Processor
8 Ext Antennas
Top Gaming Router
Wireless-AC2600 Mbps
1.7 Ghz Broadcom Processor
4 Ext Antennas
Prepares Your Network For All The Latest Devices
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1.6 GHz Marvell Processor
4 Ext Antennas
Use in Small-Medium Homes

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to our support team for more information!

A Bug on the Comcast Site: Xfinity Customers Need A VPN

Xfinity Logo

Security Flaws In The Xfinity Router Activation Website

Do you lease an Xfinity router from Comcast? If so, you need to start using a VPN as soon as possible.

Recently, security researchers Karan Sanai and Ryan Stevenson revealed the Xfinity router activation website was leaking sensitive information. Sainai and Stevenson found that the website contained several security holes.

First, the website sends customers’ SSIDs and passwords in plain text over the Internet. This makes it easily accessible to anyone snooping on the network.

Second, accounts that are already activated can be “activated” again. Even more so, users only need an account number and street address to access the service.

Essentially, would-be hackers can obtain customer’s SSIDs and passwords with ease. This enables them to gain unauthorized access to routers, exposing unencrypted traffic on customer’s wireless networks.

How To Protect Yourself From Xfinity’s Security Flaw

The good news is that Comcast, Xfinity’s parent company, took down the service and claims that it will “take all necessary steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.” Nevertheless, this should cause customers to think twice about leasing devices from Xfinity.

One way to protect yourself from these types of router insecurities is to use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to encrypt your wireless network. Unfortunately, Xfinity routers do not support VPN connection, but a FlashRouter supports it natively.

Using A FlashRouter In A Dual Router Setup

Plug and Play VPN Router Privacy

A Dual Router Setup is a network configuration that uses a FlashRouter alongside your Xfinity router. This configuration allows for the use of your unprotected Xfinity network or your encrypted FlashRouter VPN network.

With the new FlashRouters Privacy App, integrating a FlashRouter into a Dual Router Setup is quick and seamless. This is done as easily as plugging in the FlashRouter to your modem router and accessing via the web browser of your choice.

Using this set up gives you the option of staying with Xfinity as your ISP but also gives you the chance of protecting your home wireless network.

Best DD-WRT Wireless-AD Compatible Netgear Router - R9000 Nighthawk AD7200

Check out some of our best FlashRouters of 2018 to protect your network today!

Any questions or concerns? Reach out to our support team for more information.


FlashRouters Privacy News Center: Reddit Data Breach, Verizon’s New VPN, Snooping Smart TVs, & VORACLE

UPDATED: 8/16/2018

Welcome to the FlashRouters Privacy News Center, your one-stop shop for news on worldwide Internet privacy.

Whether it is a hardware vulnerability potentially exposing the privacy of users, a draconian government snooping in on their citizens, or even big company’s data breach, FlashRouters provides a solution for online safety in a constantly changing world. Now, let’s check in on this latest Internet privacy top stories.

FlashRouters Privacy News Center

The Reddit Hack: What Happened And How You Can Protect Yourself

On June 19, Reddit, the world’s most popular social news sharing site, was hacked. According to the Reddit security team, an attacker was able to compromise a handful of employee accounts within their cloud system and source code hosting providers.

The attacker was able to intercept two-factor authentication from Reddit employees’ phones, granting them access to the accounts. They were able to gain read-only access to backup data, source code, and other logs. It is recommended to change their password for Reddit as well as any other accounts that may share the same password.

Verizon VPN: What Is It And Why You Shouldn’t Use It

Verizon has recently unveiled that they will be launching a Virtual Private Network service called Safe Wi-Fi. But how safe is it? Can you really trust Verizon to protect your information?

The general consensus is: no, you can’t trust Verizon with your personal online data. Just a few years ago, Verizon was forced to settle with the FCC over their “supercookie” web tracking software, which tracked users without their consent. Verizon sold this data to third parties to be used for targeted advertisements.

Verizon also does not support Net Neutrality, a crucial part to a free and fair Internet. Without Net Neutrality, companies much like Verizon can track, harvest, and sell personal user data easier without consent.

Is Your Smart TV Spying On You? US Senators Think They Are

Two Democratic US senators have recently asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Internet-enabled Smart TVs. Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal wrote a letter to FTC Chairman Joseph Simons addressing their concerns:

“Many Internet-connected Smart TVs are equipped with sophisticated technologies that can track the content users are watching and then use that information to tailor and deliver targeted advertisements to consumers.”

“Regrettably, Smart TV users may not be aware of the extent to which their televisions are collecting sensitive information about their viewing habits.”

While there are laws preventing cable and satellite TV companies from harvesting customer data, these protections do not cover companies using Internet connectivity. Essentially, Federal Law does not account for privacy problems and concerns raised by Internet-enabled Smart TVs.

IPsec VPN Connections Broken With 20-Year-Old Protocol Flaw

This particular attack targets the Internet Key Exchange’s handshake implementation for IPsec-based VPN connections. It essentially opens the door for man-in-the-middle attacks or for hackers to access data transferred during VPN sessions.

Hackers are able to use the vulnerability to intercept IKEv1 session keys to decrypt VPN connections. This technique was discovered by a team of academic researchers from the Ruhr-University Bhocum, Germany and the University of Opole, Poland. Thankfully, Cisco and Huawei have issued patches for the vulnerability just days after the flaw was uncovered.

VPN Connections Compromised By VORACLE Attack

A new attack named VORACLE can compromise HTTP traffic sent over VPN connections. While this attack can only be used under certain conditions, users should still be aware of the vulnerability.

VORACLE is a variation and a mix of past cryptographic attacks such as CRIME, TIME, and BREACH. In these past attacks, researchers found that they could recover data from TLS-encrypted connections if the data was compressed prior to being encrypted. With VORACLE, VPN services that compress HTTP web traffic before encryption can be vulnerable to attack.

It is recommended that VPN users switch to a non-OpenVPN protocol and stay away from HTTP websites, as HTTPS traffic is still immune to VORACLE attacks. The attack also does not work in Chromium-based browsers where HTTP requests are split into header and body. For example, Firefox sends HTTP requests in one big packet, leaving the data open for attack.

More Steps To Secure Your Home Network

A FlashRouter provides open-source firmware such as DD-WRT, OpenWRT and TomatoUSB to secure and protect your home network from exploits, whether they come from hackers or snooping governments.

Choose from our most popular VPN & Security Enhanced FlashRouters or creach out to our Team of Open Source Experts for more information!

Best Asus Routers for DD-WRT and Tomato Open Source Firmware

Asus RT-AC56U

Here at FlashRouters, we only stock the best of the best wireless router brands available. This includes, but is not limited to Linksys, Netgear, and Asus. Today, we will be highlighting some of our best Asus routers and showcasing how open-source firmware makes them even better.

Open-Source Firmware On Asus Routers

Our Asus routers come pre-flashed with your choice of two different open-source firmware. These firmwares are DD-WRT and Tomato.

Both of these firmwares fully upgrade your router’s capabilities, whether it be stability, performance, or even the ability to use a VPN. Some upgrades include:

Whether your preferred firmware is DD-WRT or Tomato, you will not be disappointed. At this point, there are no major functional differences between DD-WRT and Tomato firmware. The difference between DD-WRT and Tomato firmware shows itself in the design of the graphic user interface (GUI) of each router.

To see the differences between the two firmware, compare and contrast this DD-WRT emulator with this Tomato emulator.

Best ASUS Router For Installing DD-WRT Alternative FirmwareAsus AC5300 - 8 External Antennas

ASUS RT-AC5300 AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter – The ASUS RT-5300 comes packed with a powerful Broadcom 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. It boasts 8 powerful external antennas for maximum WiFi coverage for larger homes and offices.

ASUS RT-AC87U AC2400 DD-WRT – The ASUS RT-AC87U sports a Broadcom 1 GHz dual-core processor. It includes 4 powerful external antennas that will be more than enough for a typical home WiFI set up. This router comes with a QSR1000 wireless chip, the only Wireless-AC chip that includes 4×4 MIMO.

Best ASUS Router – Tomato

ASUS RT-AC3200 AC3200 Tomato FlashRouter – With a dual-core Broadcom processor clocking in at 1 GHz, the ASUS RT-AC3200 is nothing to scoff at. It includes six high-powered external antennas for easy coverage of larger homes.

ASUS RT-N66U N900 Tomato FlashRouter – The ASUS RT-N66U, deemed The Dark Knight, includes a modest 600 Mhz processor. Although it may look like a small device, after flashing with Tomato firmware, its internal antenna can reach Wireless-N ranges of up to 450 feet!

The FlashRouters Solution

With a FlashRouter, the problems that come with stock firmware are a thing of the past. Stability issues, security issues, and performance issues are no more.

Benefits of FlashRouters

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your wireless network with a FlashRouter today!