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EMOJID™ – Broadcast An Emoji WiFi SSID From Your FlashRouter

Express Yourself with a Wireless EMOJID network

Stemming from classic emoticons, emojis have become a common form of communication for everyone from teens to great grandparents. But FlashRouters is proud to bring emojis where they have never gone before EMOJID, the Emoji WiFi solution.

Exclusively with FlashRouters App’s EMOJID, choose your favorite emojis far and wide by turning your old boring wireless network name (AKA SSID) into an emoji filled SSID!

We thought this was so EXPLOSIVE that we had to do something big RIGHT AWAY! Check out just a few of our favorite FlashRouters office EMOJIDs broadcasting right now.

Emoji WiFi SSID on FlashRouters DD-WRT Privacy App - EMOJID

Whether you want to want an Emoji WiFi with explosions, animals, police sirens, musical notes or inside jokes, the EMOJID feature from FlashRouters is ready to change the way you connect to your boring old WiFi.

And no more excuses to have a boring old Guest Network either! Give visitors a fun, memorable network name filled with roses, cats or sunshine to say “Hey, welcome to my WiFi!” while still keeping them segmented from your personal network secure and private.

Using EMOJIDs with the FlashRouters Privacy App

In the past, if you attempted to input emojis into router settings you would have received an error and been unable to save it. However, using the unique FR Privacy App for DD-WRT, setting up EMOJIDs is not only feasible but simple as pie!

However, EMOJID is exclusively available on DD-WRT routers compatible with the FlashRouters Privacy App. One of the many exclusive benefits of a purchasing a DD-WRT FlashRouter is the custom installation and support of the FlashRouters Privacy App.

The FR App is a game changer when it comes to setting up VPN on your router on top of unlocking the amazing power of EMOJIDs. FR App features include the ability to:

  • Use Top VPN Providers on a Router with a few clicks.
  • Easily switch between VPN locations with the tap of a button.
  • Pick and choose which devices go through the VPN.

To find a full list of features, screenshots, check out the FlashRouters Privacy App website.

Which Devices Can I Use To Setup DD-WRT EMOJID?

One popular advantage of the FlashRouter App is cross device compatibility. The FlashRouters App is a browser-based app allowing you to connect and manage your WiFi Privacy from any device with a web browser. You are not required to install any new apps on your phone to run and manage your privacy settings because of this.

Once the FR Privacy App is installed, EMOJIDs work on all iOS, Android, MAC OS, and Windows 10 devices. Smartphones and tablets are ideal for changing settings and managing your entire WiFi and VPN network. Most desktop computers do not have built-in emoji keyboards, and so you can use browser extensions or websites like Cool Symbol to click and copy any emoji you would like to enter into your FR App settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have older Windows devices, EMOJIDs may not display properly in your available WiFi networks. Be sure to keep one of your network names without emojis for legacy devices.

Popular FlashRouter Privacy App DD-WRT Router Options

Netgear R6400V2 AC1750
Linksys WRT1900ACS/AC v2 AC1900
Netgear R7800 AC2600
Wireless-AC1750 Mbps
1 GHz Broadcom Processor
3 Ext Antennas
Top Economy Router
Wireless-AC1900 Mbps
1.6 GHz Marvell Processor
4 Ext Antennas
Great for Streaming
Wireless-AC2600 Mbps
1.7 GHz Qualcomm Processor
4 External Antennas
One of Our Most Powerful Routers

Have any EMOJID questions or feedback? We can’t wait to hear them!

VIDEO: DD-WRT Firmware Top Wireless Router Features

FlashRouters Videos - What is DD-WRT?

Firmware is the operating system (like Windows or Mac OS) on your router that is often limited in features by the manufacturer. Why would they do this? So they can sell business users more expensive routers with the same hardware with more features available in the firmware. That is not he we work at FlashRouters. We unlock a router’s full potential by installing a feature-rich version of popular alternative firmware options like DD-WRT.

In our inaugural FlashRouters video, using the Linksys E4200 we’ll highlight a few of the top features and show you how DD-WRT differs from a router’s default/stock firmware.

Watch the video below to learn more about the best upgrades from DD-WRT:

Why Choose FlashRouters for Your Wireless Router Needs?

The difference in installing firmware from a regular operating system is that it must installed with a special process called flashing due to the small amount of memory featured in a router. A certain file must be sent a certain way at the right time to unlock the great wireless router features on DD-WRT and this is our specialty.

Much of the growing interest in DD-WRT as an open-source firmware solution for your router is because it vastly expands the possibilities of what users can do with their router. Just like updating your operating system can be a big change for your computer, a router with better firmware can overhaul your network in stability, power and control you have over your Internet connection, your WiFi, your personal information/privacy with integrated VPN and so much more.

Here’s just a few of the top DD-WRT firmware added features:

  • Compatible with the most popular VPN services – Integrated OpenVPN, PPTP & L2TP Client connection options.
  • Upgraded stability. No more constant rebooting
  • Advanced Router Modes: Wireless Client Bridge, Wireless Repeater, WDS.
  • OpenVPN Setup Options.
  • Advanced Internet Access Policies: Limit network & activities for guests, children or family members.
  • QOS Prioritization: For popular gaming, sharing and streaming services from Netflix to BitTorrent to World of Warcraft.
  • Restrict Internet availability by time or user: Stop household members from hogging bandwidth or staying up to late on a school night.
  • Advanced networking functionality: Repeater/Wireless Extender, WDS, Access Point.
  • Various WiFi Hotspot creation services and integration like Sputnik, HotSpot, & Nocatsplash for creating Free WiFi Hotspots for your business or office.

Ready for a router upgrade? Check out our full list of our top DD-WRT WiFi routers at out Best DD-WRT Firmware Routers List.

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Best DD-WRT Open-Source Firmware Routers of 2013

Updated: 02/2018 – The Best DD-WRT Wireless Routers List of 2018 is now available with top wireless routers.

A new year, a brand new look, and now it is time for a new iteration of everyone’s favorite tech list, the best DD-WRT routers in 2013.

What is DD-WRT?

DD-WRT Open Source Firmware Logo

DD-WRT is an open-source project that provides firmware upgrades to a large selection of wireless routers. This upgrade unleashes a wide array of features and functionality, turning the average $100 router into a $500+ router. Default router firmware often hinders a user’s ability to have many of these features at their disposal. By replacing a router’s lackluster firmware with the DD-WRT open source firmware solution, these previously impossible tasks quickly become as simple as a few clicks.

FlashRouters ship with DD-WRT already installed by one of our networking specialists to ensure it is the right version for the corresponding wireless router. We’re here to help you make this decision as easy as possible by offering the best possible routers, running the best firmware, all including our popular setup guides and free tech support to ease any anxiety regarding the setup process.

Just a few improvements from DD-WRT installation include:

  • OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP client integration.
  • Wireless Access Point, Wireless Repeater & Client Bridge Mode to extend wireless range into wireless dead-spots in a home or office.
  • Antenna transmission boosting settings.
  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth controls for specifying spectrum and speed for specific network devices.
  • Improved Router User Interface.
  • WiFi Hotspot and NOCATSPLASH integration for free Guest & WiFi Hotspot networks.
  • Advanced Security and Remote Access options.

FlashRouters also includes a free setup guide for any VPN service provider that supports DD-WRT router setups (PPTP, OpenVPN or L2TP), including IPVanishNordVPNPrivateInternetAccess, and many more.

No need for VPN service? DD-WRT is an upgrade for any network or user. Make WiFi connection issues with Apple iPads, Xbox 360s, PS3s, Apple TVs, Rokus & more a thing of the past. You have great devices, let them work at their best with an upgraded router.

Don’t let your under-performing router get in the way of maximizing your speed and connection stability. Upgrade to a DD-WRT router for your needs today! Keep reading for recommendations on the best-selling and most popular DD-WRT routers.

The Best Selling DD-WRT Router

Top Choice - Best All-Around DD-WRT Router Under $200Linksys Cisco E4200 DD-WRT

The Linksys Cisco E4200 (Discontinued) is a DD-WRT router that both consumers and small business users have long craved. Stylish and lightweight, but also extremely powerful, it is no wonder this is the best selling, open-source upgraded networking device. Many contenders have come and gone but the E4200 is steadily our most sought after model by far from newbies to expert networking users. Combining excellent hardware, power, stability, speeds, and consistency, it will continue to perform far into the future.

Touted as part of the Linksys Maximum Performance router series, here’s a quick list of the most desirable features on the Linksys E4200 DD-WRT Router:

  • Maximum Wireless Speed up to 750 Mbps (300 + 450 Mbps).
  • Six Powerful Internal Antennae with full 3×3 MIMO antenna array.
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band N (2.4 & 5 GHz).
  • Gigabit Ethernet 4-port switch.
  • Network USB port for data sharing, media storage backup & networked printing.
  • Unrivaled HD Video Streaming via Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

E4200 DD-WRT Router Performance

The E4200 DD-WRT router continually undergoes extensive flashing tests by our networking experts, who are always checking for the most all-encompassing DD-WRT version for its Broadcom chipset. This testing is performed to focus on stability and durability for long-term and heavy use for power users such as those who would like a dedicated VPN network or better HD video streaming.

Converting the firmware from Linksys Cisco’s subpar firmware to DD-WRT Big or Mega build allows the E4200 to flourish and become the perfect network solution for the most bandwidth intensive networking setups and operations.

The E4200 DD-WRT handles all the networking tasks you may need in stride from high-end streaming video, to screaming fast download speeds, to handling high volumes of users with guest networks, and P2P torrents while also providing consistently the strongest VPN client connections.

  • High Bandwidth users tired of seeing buffering on their HD videos from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video.
  • Dual Band Upgrades.
  • Offices, Cafes, Schools and Small Businesses looking create free WiFi hotspots for their customers.
  • Home users with heavy users or more than 10 total devices including iPads, Rokus, Laptops etc. You get the picture.
  • Top Choice for SaferVPN, HideMyAss service users looking to integrate VPN service with their entire network instead of individual devices. (Review our full list of supported providers and VPN protocols.)

NOTE: Many new and in-store models of this router are V2 which is not DD-WRT capable at this time. All E4200 Units from FlashRouters are all V1, the hard to find version of the device.

Editor’s Note (11/25/13): Now available two next-gen Wireless-AC devices, providing speeds of up to twice as fast as the E4200 with Wireless-AC compatible devices. Both the Asus RT-AC66U (Discontinued) and the Netgear R6300 (Discontinued) are ideal for those looking for the ultimate in future-proofing routers). The Asus has a wider range with its 3 external antennas while the Netgear has by far the strongest memory specs we offer with 128 MB Flash Memory.

We know everyone likes a deal so use the coupon code “best2013” through 06/31/2014 and get an extra $10 off any FlashRouter valued over $70. (This cannot be combined with any other offer)

Best DD-WRT Routers Under $150

Netgear WNDR3700 N600 ($149.95) – Offers the full package of top-shelf consumer grade router options including Simultaneous Dual-Band, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, Max Wi-Fi speed of 600 Mbps (megabits per second), eight internal antennas for signal-boosting strength and a networked USB port for network printing and NAS/system backup capabilities.

TP-LINK WDR3600 DD-WRT ($319.95) – A very underrated dual-band router at an amazing price. Plus it features dual external antennas and has inline specs with most of the other N600 devices we feature.

Asus RTN16 DD-WRT Router with USB Port & High-Strength 2.4 GHz Signal

For users looking for simplicity and consistency, you may want to consider the Asus RT-N16 ($159.95). The Asus RT-N16 tops the list as the most popular DD-WRT router for users who want a top performer for wired devices and have no need for dual-band wireless.

After surveying DD-WRT users, scouring router reviews and message boards, the ASUS RT-N16 emerges as the most highly rated by discerning DD-WRT users for its excellent price, dual USB ports, and huge installed memory.

The Asus RT-N16‘s huge 128/32 MB of RAM/Flash Memory offers a distinct advantage over more expensive, higher-end routers is its — even the Linksys E4200 and the Netgear WNDR3700 only contain 64/16 MB RAM/Flash Memory. This extra memory gives the RT-N16 space to burn when it comes to installing the most comprehensive DD-WRT builds as well as add-on packages such as Optware while providing ample space for buffering your network activity.

A bedrock of consistency, the Asus RT-N16 offers just about everything that a DD-WRT router user would want. The DD-WRT RT-N16’s three potent external antennas compared to the trendy internal antennas provide one of the most consistent signals from strenuous streaming and sharing tasks to everyday Internet surfing use. It is especially popular with users who prefer its high-powered external antennas that can be upgraded to even stronger signal receivers/transmitters.

Variations of open-source firmware dedicated to this DD-WRT favorite is astounding and overwhelming but can also lead to confusion and anguish. OpenWRT, Kongmods, and lots of other fun little flavors. Let FlashRouters use their expertise and constant testing of new versions to pick the best DD-WRT firmware for you.

  • Primarily Wired Needs.
  • Users Looking for 2 Network USB Ports with their Network.
  • Not using dual-band wireless.

More Best-of-Breed DD-WRT Single Band Routers

Netgear Rangemax WNR3500L – Long a DD-WRT top choice, the Netgear WNR3500L has a 480 Mhz Broadcom CPU, 64/8 MB RAM/Flash Memory so it can support to handle DD-WRT big and mega builds, 4 Gigabit LANs, and a Network USB port. Lightweight, small form factor and very well supported by DD-WRT and excellent wireless connectivity. If you don’t need dual band, for around $150 it doesn’t get much better than this.


Best Budget DD-WRT Router/Wireless Repeater

DD-WRT Upgraded Linksys Wireless Routers from FlashRouter - The Place to FInd Routers Already Upgraded with DD-WRT

Linksys Cisco E1200

The Linksys Cisco E1200 ($89.95) is a sleek new newcomer to the economy range of DD-WRT. The E1200 can perform many of the tasks that its Linksys big brothers like the E3000 and E4200 do without some of the high-end hardware features like gigabit ports, dual-band or a network USB port.

Still, the E1200 DD-WRT FlashRouter makes an excellent addition or replacement router with its strong Wireless-N performance of up to 300 Mbps. A customer favorite as the BEST affordable DD-WRT option as wireless repeater/range extender or dedicated VPN connection router in a dual network setup.

Augmenting a network with an E1200 DD-WRT Router enables you to create a separate gateway just for connecting to a VPN while leaving the main router as the center of your network’s standard non-VPN traffic. Read our post on dual router setups for configurations and options.

Recommended Linksys Cisco E1200 DD-WRT Users:

  • Basic upgraders looking to move up to Wireless-N.
  • Looking for an affordable wireless extender, repeater, or client bridge.
  • Simple VPN secondary router for VPN dedicated network.

Best Low-Priced DD-WRT Router Contenders

DiscontinuedAsus RT-N12This low-priced Asus model is extremely small and popular for users looking for a Linksys alternate with excellent performance.

A Note About Our New Site Upgrades & Features

If you are a return visitor, you may see some significant changes. Our new site is streamlined to help everyone find the best router for them. With more information, a clearer layout, and tons of new router choices along with a large selection of streaming media players and accessories.

VPN Provider Drop Down Menu: If you are here to choose a VPN Provider like  NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, or IPVanish, among many more just select them from the VPN Provider List when making a purchase so we can configure your upgraded router accordingly and include a customized setup guide with your order.

If you don’t need any VPN setup or support, please just select none. VPN setup is not required at all, it is just a courtesy service that we offer to our customers. We added this much-requested feature by customer request to help avoid confusion on options for different wireless routers.

Support Plans: You will also see that FlashRouters now offers advanced DD-WRT support plans. Different routers come with slightly different plans. Users looking for support for their own devices or routers can visit the support plan center to see what the different plans cover from assisting you in flashing your own device to remote VPN setup options.

Knowledge Base & Help Desk: Our site has also launched a brand new Knowledge Base and support desk to better handle the many requests and inquiries we receive. If you have any questions, concerns or are just looking for a recommendation on the best device for you and your setup, click the Support button on the left-hand side. Our DD-WRT specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right device.

We hope you enjoyed our best DD-WRT routers of 2013 list. Save this page as it will be frequently updated throughout the year.

Don’t forget to use the coupon code “best2013” through 06/31/2014 and get an extra $10 off any FlashRouter valued over $70!


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Netflix Streaming USA & UK – Watch Both From Anywhere

How to Watch Netflix USA in The UK

How to Watch Netflix USA in The UK

Whether you’re in the UK on an extended vacation, or on a lengthy business trip to London, or maybe you’re just choosing to live in England for a while, you shouldn’t be forced to do without the many streaming video options on Netflix Streaming.

Sure, Netflix Streaming is available in the UK, but the streaming TV and movie options are different from region to region. As you can imagine, Netflix caters each version of Netflix to the tastes of their audiences, and if you’re in the UK, you might think you’d have to get used to UK programming filling up your queue.

And there’s certainly plenty of great streaming television and movies offered by Netflix Streaming UK (as we’ll discuss later), but you’re liable to get homesick relying strictly on that. Fortunately for you, we at FlashRouters are here to advise you on how to enjoy Netflix Instant USA even when you’re traveling in The UK (and Netflix UK from the USA, for that matter).

Watch US Netflix Streaming Video in the UK

By taking just a few simple steps, you can ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy American Netflix Streaming from the UK, or from wherever you happen to be.

The first step in to subscribe to a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a subscription service designed to maximize the protection around your internet presence. Instead of connecting directly to your server, a VPN reroutes all of your network traffic through one of their servers in the country of your choosing.

Doing this will encrypt your data flow, which makes your information more secure, and allow you to effectively trick your computer into believing you’re in a different country. So if you’re in the UK trying to access US Netflix, the simplest way is with a VPN service account and select a US-based IP address. Simple as that.

Some popular VPN service providers for US & UK IP addresses include Nord VPN, HideMyAss VPN, ExpressVPNIPVanish VPN, and PrivateInternetAccess VPN.  Check out our new VPN provider comparison list for more options.

So Where Does FlashRouters Enter the Picture?

FlashRouters come with a built-in VPN connection, which saves you a lot of time and effort when trying to connect to Netflix US, Netflix UK or any other popular streaming media service from anywhere in the world.

Using a VPN connection within a router allows you to connect multiple devices (or your entire network) to your VPN service – meaning everyone can enjoy the upgraded content benefits of VPN on their Samsung Galaxy, MacBook Air, Sony PS3, LG SmartTV, etc. through one connection. Using a VPN router also allows you to connect popular Streaming Media Players like a Roku to Netflix US or UK via VPN which cannot be accomplished otherwise.

For more information about DD-WRT firmware and FlashRouters, visit our Support & FAQ page.

Since a VPN will allow you to switch between an American and a UK IP address, you might as well take advantage of some of the differences between the two countries’ respective Netflix offerings.

Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill on 21 Jump Street Movie - Stream Now on Netflix UKNetflix UK offers a treasure trove of streaming movies and television inexplicably not offered in the US, ranging from American classics (The Godfather, Saving Private Ryan, Mean Streets, Ed Wood) to popular hits (21 Jump Street, 50/50, Zombieland, Modern Family) to acclaimed, obscure fare (Hard Candy, The Skin I Live In, Cache).

Here are a few more choice selections from Netflix UK:

Planet Earth – Marvel at crystalline images of the rivers, mountains, and wildlife that comprise your home planet, and learn a whole lot in the process.

The Thick of It – A precursor to the brilliant 2009 film, In the Loop, The Thick of It is top-tier, hilariously vulgar, and cutting political satire from creator Armando Iannucci, who’d later create the equally biting HBO political satire, Veep.

Life on Mars NetflixLife on Mars – Before the failed American version, there was the original, beloved British version of Life on Mars, which told the story of a cop who gets into a car accident and wakes up in 1973. Not to be missed.

The King of Kong – A documentary about the quest for the best Donkey Kong score ever, this thoroughly winning movie comes with obvious heroes and even more apparent villains. All the necessary components to make you stand up and cheer.

There Will Be Blood A bold, expansive examination of the way American capitalism rewards the brutal and corrodes the soul, this masterpiece from Paul Thomas Anderson is probably most known for providing another meaty showcase for Daniel Day-Lewis’ immersive and virtuosic acting.

Streaming Movies & Television You Can Watch On Netflix USA (Not Netflix UK)

How to Watch Netflix US in the UK - Comedy Bang Bang

How to Watch Netflix US in the UK – Comedy Bang Bang

On the other hand, there’s still plenty from Netflix USA that Netflix UK fails to offer. If you find yourself in the UK for an extended period, whether on vacation or business, you’ll want to be able to access the great streaming movies and television shows listed below. Enjoy!

Comedy Bang! Bang! – This gleefully immature, wholly absurd talk show starring Scott Aukerman and his bandleader Reggie Watts is based on the popular podcast of the same name. Each episode features guests like Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Seth Rogan, Adam Scott, and Michael Cera showing up to revel in the madcap, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse-meets-Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! lunacy.

Mad Men – Well, you certainly don’t want to be trapped in the UK without access to Mad Men, do you? This rich, beautifully observed drama examines the gradual shifts in American attitudes and perspectives, as seen by a group of advertising agency employees and moguls in the 1960s.

Barton Fink – A surreal, truly idiosyncratic work from the Coen Brothers, Barton Fink casts John Turturro as a New York playwright who gets unwillingly sucked into the Hollywood system, with all of the compromises, shady dealings, and halls of fire that entails.

The Walking Dead on Netflix Instant Streaming US

Watch The Walking Dead Streaming on Netflix.

The Walking Dead – Simply put, if you’re not watching The Walking Dead, you’re out of the loop. This zombie drama from AMC, based on the popular graphic novel series, took a good season or two to really find its footing, but now it’s just bloody rip-roaring good television.

The Grey – Surprisingly morose and philosophical, this Liam Neeson vehicle caught a lot of audiences, who were expecting two hours of Liam Neeson killing wolves with his bare hands, off-guard. Instead, you get an unusually thoughtful and reflective survival movie (and yeah, some Liam Neeson wolf fights).


Of course, this is a smattering of streaming video offered by Netflix US and Netflix UK. There’s much, much more to be had. And with the help of FlashRouters, you can sample the full-range of Netflix’s catalog from Mexico to Canada to Sweden and beyond.

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Amazon Prime Instant Streaming Videos Not on Netflix

best amazon movies not on netflix

Amazon Prime or Netflix Instant? You don’t necessarily need to choose one over the other, but if you did, the determining factors would be pretty particular, as there’s no clear-cut better option.

Maybe you prefer the widest possible selection, or maybe you prefer a more particularly curated selection, or maybe the price is the most important to you.

If you’re looking for a side-by-side comparison to help you choose, you could always check out this article, written by Jill Duffy for But again, you don’t really have to choose. You could be like the many who opt to subscribe to more than one, since subscribing to Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime at the same time is still considerably cheaper than your average cable package.

We’ve sung the praises of Netflix Instant elsewhere on this site, so we’re going to take this opportunity to talk a little more about Amazon Prime and what makes it a premium streaming service.

What Is Amazon Prime?

amazon primeFor starters, a subscription to Amazon Prime is $79 a year, which is slightly cheaper than a year-round subscription to Netflix Instant. And unlike Netflix Instant, if it’s not available to stream for free on Amazon Prime, you can always rent or buy it right away at a minimal cost. Movies like Flight starring Denzel Washington, or Beasts of the Southern Wild, or Moonrise Kingdom are just a click away.

In addition, an Amazon Prime subscription guarantees free two-day shipping on Amazon orders, as well as access to a free lending library full of Kindle books.

We’ll delve a little deeper into what recommends Amazon Prime over other streaming services further down in this post. For now, let’s focus on FlashRouters, and how we can help you enjoy Amazon Prime even more.

How Can FlashRouters Improve My Amazon Prime Experience?


Streaming services can be incredibly unreliable when you’re using the wrong router. There’s nothing more frustrating getting well into a movie or television show, only to have the narrative momentum cut off at the knees when your Wi-Fi is compromised.

That’s why we at FlashRouters are devoted to bringing you the best possible internet experience with our routers, which are all flashed with DD-WRT firmware.

DD-WRT firmware is an open-sourced firmware designed to upgrade and enhance your router. Using a router that we’ve flashed with DD-WRT firmware allows you boost and enhance your wireless signal, thus diminishing the possibility of interruptions during your Amazon Prime viewing experience.

As you might have guessed, the benefits of DD-WRT routers don’t end there. In addition to the boosted wireless signal, DD-WRT offers advanced QoS, or Quality of Service, controls, which allows you to determine how you’d like to allocate bandwidth throughout your various network connections. So, if you’re looking to utilize the most bandwidth on whichever device you use to stream Amazon Prime, our routers can allow you to do just that.

DD-WRT is also useful if you’re looking to enjoy Amazon Prime from outside the US. Since Amazon Prime is limited outside of the US, you will need to subscribe to a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, which will allow you to enjoy US-based websites by changing your IP address to one in a country of your choosing.

DD-WRT routers feature VPN integration capabilities, which makes the process of utilizing a VPN subscription service infinitely easier. For more information about VPN’s, check out our Introduction to VPN.

These are just a few of the features offered by our DD-WRT firmware-flashed routers. Visit our DD-WRT FAQ page to learn about even more benefits.

(Editor’s note: FlashRouters now offers the option of routers flashed with Tomato firmware.)

Movies Offered On Amazon Prime (But Not Netflix Instant)

Waynes World - Best Streaming Moves on AmazonThough a great deal of Amazon Prime’s catalog and Netflix’s catalog overlap, a quick search of Amazon will yield a lot of titles that Netflix either never offered or don’t offer anymore. Here are some selections from Amazon Prime that are essential to any good movie collection:

Wayne’s World – Let’s start light (since there are some heavy and gory choices ahead): Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s immortal Wayne and Garth share the distinction of being two of the only Saturday Night Live characters to ever make their way into a good movie. Always worth a re-watch.

You Can Count On Me – This beautiful, bittersweet drama stars Laura Linney as a tightly wound mother whose wayward brother (Mark Ruffalo) re-enters her life after a long period of estrangement. Touching, minutely realized, and often hilarious.

Citizen Kane – What more needs to be said about this masterwork? Orson Welles’ epic character study, loosely based on the life of William Randolph Hearst, has been called the best film of all time so often that any further commentary would be redundant.

The Wicker Man- Nicholas Cage- best movies on amazon primeThe Wicker Man – Perhaps you’ve been too busy mocking the remake with Nicolas Cage to ever give the original it’s a fair shake. That’s understandable, but we can assure you that this version is wonderfully twisted, darkly comic, and unshakeably macabre. Great songs too.

Gaslight – This classic psychological thriller is so potent that its title spawned a term. To “gaslight” someone is to try and drive someone insane by making them think they’re going insane. Makes you curious, doesn’t it.

Big Night – Do not watch this movie on an empty stomach. Though the primary story of two immigrant brothers (Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub) struggling to keep their restaurant afloat in America is perfectly touching, you’ll likely remember the ongoing display of beautiful, authentic Italian dishes most of all. Maybe the best food movie ever made.

Evil Dead II- Best movies on amazon primeEvil Dead II – Probably the all-time great, campy horror classic, this movie is titled like a sequel, but it’s more accurately described as a remake of the first Evil Dead. This time though, there’s more gore, more slapstick, and more scenery chewing from Bruce Campbell. Unmissable.

The Descent – An intense, bloody, and claustrophobic horrorshow. If tight spaces bother you, then you will want to stay far, far away from this tale of cave-divers who are trapped and hunted by freaky cave-creatures.

The Friend of Eddie Coyle – This gritty, tense crime drama features some great late-period acting from the inimitable Robert Mitchum, who plays an over-the-hill criminal desperate to avoid going back to jail for another long stretch.

Amazon Prime - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? – On a list populated by some of the film’s most notorious and beloved camp classics, meet the granddaddy of them all. Even if you leave aside the delicious meta-textual material about stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford hating each others breathing guts in real life, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is simply one the most entertainingly nutty movies that exist. Blanche (Crawford) is a movie star in the care of her psychotic, former child-star sister Jane (Davis), whose brand of nursing can charitably be called unconventional. There’s plenty to recommend it, but most of all, Davis’ full-tilt lunacy is truly something to behold.

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