Comparing A VPN Router To A VPN App: Why A VPN Router Is Better

Why A VPN Router

Our team has quietly and stealthily released what we think is a revolutionary solution for users looking to simplify VPN setups in their home network – the FlashRouters VPN Privacy App For Routers. We thought this would be the perfect time to showcase how using a VPN service on a router separates itself from just using a VPN app on your phone or laptop.

The Shortcomings Of A VPN App

If you purchase a subscription to a Virtual Private Network, you will more than likely have access to a VPN App. VPN Apps run as a client on popular devices including desktops, Androids, and iOS devices. Unfortunately, a client VPN app trades ease-of-use for flexibility.

Client VPN apps are only compatible with specific devices and operating systems, often forcing users to update their devices and seek support for their device. Users are also only able to use VPN apps on a limited number of devices, often having a cap of 3-5 simultaneous VPN connections.

Along Came The FlashRouters Privacy App For Routers

Single Router Setup

With a FlashRouter, VPN subscribers will not have these problems. A FlashRouter is a wireless router flashed with open-source DD-WRT firmware. With this firmware, a FlashRouter can be used to create a wireless VPN network. This remedies the many problems that appear with VPN client app.

No More VPN Device Limits

VPN App: 3-6 Devices 

VPN Router: Unlimited Devices

Using the FlashRouters Privacy App for Routers allows you to maximize for almost limitless connections.

ExpressVPN Multiple Devices Infographic

For instance, a basic subscription to ExpressVPN includes three simultaneous connections. This means that you can only use the ExpressVPN App on three devices at a time. As stated in the image above, adding more connections will require the purchase of additional licenses.

  • No need to worry about going over VPN device limits.
  • Save additional VPN connections for on-the-go usage.
  • All connected devices count as one connection.

One Setup For Full Network Security

VPN App: Install One Device, Secure One Device

VPN Router: Install Once, Protect Every Device on the WiFi Network
  • All devices connected to the router will be going through the VPN.
  • This is the case for all devices: wired and wireless connections will all be encrypted.
  • Not interested in WiFi? Disable wireless and use the FlashRouter as a wired VPN hub.Connect All Devices To VPN

Connect Devices Without Native VPN Support

With support for wired and wireless connections, any device can reap the benefits of a VPN. Many Smart TVs, video game consoles, and various other Internet of Things devices offer no native VPN support. A FlashRouter remedies this issue by offering any connected device protection through your favorite VPN service.

Easily Switch Between Multiple VPN Servers And VPN Services

Do you use multiple VPN services for different servers or features such as supporting our preferred streaming video services? Do you wish you could easily toggle between different providers?

One of the largest frustrations for VPN users when it came to routers was the annoyance and confusion on how to manually configure the device and even worse the frustration on how to change servers.

The FlashRouters Privacy App has that problem licked as well. The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App is a user-friendly way to access your router settings and options. It runs directly from your Internet browser, allowing for easy network tweaking and VPN configuration. Some features include:

  • Easy device management.
  • Kill switch and VPN bypass by device
  • Seamless VPN server switching.
  • Optimized UI on any browser or mobile phone. 

In one move, you can upgrade your router performance, privacy and avoid another monthly fee for more devices.

The FlashRouters VPN Privacy App For Routers

Every DD-WRT FlashRouter now comes included with our new VPN Privacy App.

FlashRouters Internet Privacy App for VPN Routers

The new FlashRouters Privacy App is designed to make the VPN router experience user-friendly and stress-free. It eliminates the shortcomings of typical VPN apps while also streamlining and improving the user’s wireless network experience.

Get started with one of our Best VPN Routers Of 2018 today!

Any questions? Feel free to contact our support team.

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