Netflix In South Africa: What’s Available And What You Can Do

While Netflix is available in almost every country around the world, their content library varies greatly by location. For example, audiences in the United States can pick from 1326 TV shows and 4339 movies. On the other hand, audiences in South African only have 203 TV shows and 477 movies available on Netflix.

With only about 12% of titles available for Netflix in South Africa versus the United States, subscribers are scrambling to find a fix. FlashRouters has the rundown on how to access more titles for Netflix in South Africa.

Why Some Content Is Blocked For Netflix in South Africa

When connecting to Netflix, one of the things that the company takes note of is your IP address. A user’s IP address is a unique ID that shows your geographic location. This allows for Netflix to confirm that users are in a country that Netflix operates in.

This IP check is also performed to determine access to some content in Netflix’s library. Some titles are not available in certain countries due to licensing fees.

When Netflix makes a title available in different countries, they must pay a licensing fee to the production house. Given the smaller subscriber base in different countries, like South Africa, it would not be profitable for Netflix to license content to some countries.

For a guide to what is available on Netflix in South Africa, check out the South African section of What’s New On Netflix.

Unblocking Netflix In South Africa: Your Options

The options for unblocking Netflix in South Africa to access the catalog available in other countries are typically the use of a VPN or Smart DNS service.

While a VPN may initially seem like a good idea, just a few years ago Netflix began cracking down on the privacy tool. Netflix can detect if a user is using a VPN and continue to prevent the user from viewing their favorite shows. A VPN also routes all of your Internet data to a secure server, which could result in slower connections.

Netflix Content Block

With this crackdown on VPNs in mind, using a Smart DNS service becomes the better option.

In contrast to a VPN, a Smart DNS service only routes certain information to avoid geographical blocks. This allows for easy and fast access to your favorite content.

Using An ExpressVPN FlashRouter To Unblock Netflix

Good news for Netflix subscribers around the world – ExpressVPN recently unveiled a new and unique Smart DNS management system called MediaStreamer. This is only available on ExpressVPN’s Router App.

ExpressVPN MediaStreamer is included along with a slew of other features, including one-step VPN setup, VPN server switching, and top-tier router performance.

Processor1.7 GHz Broadcom1.6 GHz Marvell1.8 GHz Marvell
Antennas4 External4 External4 External
Flash Memory/RAM128/512 MB128/512 MB256/512 MB
Wireless Data RatesAC2600 (800 + 1800 Mbps)AC1900 (450+1450 Mbps)AC3200 (600+1300+1300 Mbps)

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