Russia VPN Ban Update: 50 VPN Providers Blocked

A little over a month ago, FlashRouters asked the question, “What happened to the Russian VPN ban?”. At the time, it seemed Vladimir Putin’s plan to introduce a Russian VPN ban had plundered. Furthermore, this plundering of Putin’s VPN ban was believed to have been the result of the technical incapability of the Roskomnadzor.

The Roskomnadzor is titled as the Russian government’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media. According to Karen Ghazaryan of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications, the Roskomnadzor does not have the technical solutions to implement a true ban of VPNs.

However, we did suspect the Russian government would enact a blanket ban on VPNs, as we have seen in China. Now after some development, we see that the Russian government is claiming to have blocked access to over 50 VPN providers.

Russian VPN and Telegram Ban

On April 13th, Moscow’s Tagansky court blocked access to Telegram in Russia. Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service. The Taganasky court banned Telegram over its refusal to hand encryption keys for the service to the Russian government.

Shortly after the ban, the Russian government claimed to block 50 VPN services offering access to Telegram. The Russian government has not revealed which VPN services were blocked, so there is still speculation about the validity of this claim.

Regardless of validity, this claim is a step in a scary direction. Now that the Russian government is claiming to block access to not only VPN services but banning messaging apps as well, the fight for Internet Privacy in Russia is seeing serious opposition from a draconian state.

Using a VPN Router to Avoid VPN Ban in Russia

Best DD-WRT Wireless-AD Compatible Netgear Router - R9000 Nighthawk AD7200

If the Russian government has in fact blocked access to VPN services, one possible workaround is to purchase a pre-configured VPN FlashRouter.

A FlashRouter, like the Netgear Nighthawk R9000 DD-WRT pictured above, can offer an alternate method of VPN integration to encrypt your entire network. The VPN FlashRouter will encrypt all connected devices, including devices which have no native VPN support like Roku, Xboxes and much more.

If you would like your router to arrive working with your VPN out of the box, provide us with your VPN username and password and we will pre-configure the device.

However, due to customs issues, shipping routers directly to Russia can be frought with issues. This does not mean all hope is lost! Using a service like Qwintry freight forwarding service is a good middle ground to utilize their expertise in navigating any transportation issues if you are looking to ship to Russia.

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