Are TVAddons And Kodi About To Change Forever?

If you have any experience with streaming TV shows or movies online, you’ve probably heard of TVAddons and Kodi.

For those of you who don’t know, these services are staples in the world of online streaming. Kodi is a free, open-source, media center software available online. It provides users with a flexible and intuitive interface to play music, movies, TV Shows and more from a variety of devices.

TVAddons & Kodi

What is TVAddons?

TVAddons is a popular repository, or library, for Kodi that allows users to stream virtually any TV show and movie through Kodi’s interface. However, TVAddons did not have 100% legal content. Many of the streams were pirated.

TVAddons recently rebranded as an unofficial repository, hosting only legal add-ons. With this move, TVAddons stopped offering many of Kodi’s most popular add-ons, garnering only two-thirds of their former user base. With this news, TVAddons released a statement with greater ambitions.

TVAddons Plans For The Future

The statement was posted to their website to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the repository.

The TVAddons team states that:

We’re almost ready to introduce a new generation of Kodi addons that will change the way people access streaming media forever! Expect the release of these addons in the coming weeks, along with our return to a standard addon submission policy which will once again foster innovation while remaining 100% DMCA compliant.

One key takeaway from TVAddons’ statement is their commitment to remaining DMCA compliant. This is good news for Kodi users as the media player has often come under scrutiny despite being 100% legal.

Multiple governments and copyright holders have gone after Kodi users due to these add-ons. Copyright holders have cracked down on the unofficial add-ons that allow users to stream copyrighted content.

Using A VPN With Kodi

FlashRouters recommends that you always use a Virtual Private Network when streaming content with Kodi. A VPN provides an extra layer of protection for users, especially legal repercussions if users do access copyrighted content.

Not only does it provide some legal protection, a VPN also offers protection against security threats from unofficial Kodi addons. Some third-party developers have malicious intentions and can implement malware into their source code.

A VPN can also assist with accessing geographically restricted content on Kodi, unlocking content from all over the world.

Using a FlashRouter For Total Protection

With a FlashRouter, like the Netgear Nighthawk R9000 (pictured above), that extra layer of security from a VPN will be implemented on your entire home network. A FlashRouter will protect all of your connected devices whether it be a computer or a smartphone.

Looking to start protecting your devices? Check out our Router Finder to find the best router for you!

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