How to Stream Crunchyroll From Anywhere

If you’re a serious fan of anime, no doubt you’re already familiar with Crunchyroll. It simply has no peer in the world of anime streaming. It is the Netflix of anime.

And like Netflix, Crunchyroll’s library of streaming videos varies from country to country. Unlike Netflix, Crunchyroll, while covering a significant amount of countries across the globe, still has a considerable chunk of the planet left to integrate.

So how do we allow those anime fans in unlucky countries access Crunchyroll? Incidentally, what about those of us with Crunchyroll that want to access the streaming services assorted libraries around the world?

Recommended Crunchyroll Titles

Before we jump to how to stream Crunchyroll from anywhere, some recommendations are in order. As stated above, Crunchyroll has a very impressive library. Furthermore, Crunchyroll’s selection ranges from anime classics to contemporary hits. Here are a few favorites from around the FlashRouters office.

  1. Cowboy Bebop: “See you, Space Cowboy.” Shinichirō Watanabe’s classic 1998 series is certainly in the pantheon of great anime. Set in the year 2071, Cowboy Bepop focuses on a ragtag crew of bounty hunters traveling through space. Looking for a sci-fi anime mixed with classic 1960s/1970s cowboy westerns, New York City film noir, and jazz/blues music? Cowboy Bebop is the anime for you.
  2. Attack On Titan: Dubbed the “Game of Thrones” of anime for its setting and tone where “no character is safe”, Attack on Titan is prepping to approach its third season in April of 2018. Attack on Titan tells story of humanity’s last stand in a walled city against gigantic beings known as “Titans”. Recommended for anyone interested in dark fantasy.
  3. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Are you a fan of alternate history shows like “Man In The High Castle”? If so, Code Geass is the giant robot anime for you. This anime focuses on the fictional Holy Britannian Empire, a superpower looking to conquer the world using mechs called Kightmares. Lelouch vi Britannia, a former prince of the Empire, has obtained a power known as Geass. Lelouch hopes to use this new power to demolish the Empire that exiled him. Interested already? Stream it on Crunchyroll.
  4. One Piece: Based off of the best-selling manga series in history, One Piece follows the journey of a group of pirates looking for the world’s ultimate treasure. One Piece started it’s run in 1999. It continues to this day with over 800 episodes. In addition to the manga series and the anime, the universe of One Piece also contains thirteen feature length films and multiple video games.
  5. Samurai Champloo: – Already excited for Cowboy Bepop? How about another Shinichirō Watanabe production? Samurai Champloo focuses on the journey of a vagrant swordsman and a brave girl throughout Edo era Japan. In typical anachronistic fashion, Watanabe soundtracks this trek with a soundtrack from the legendary Japanese electronic artist Nujabes resulting in a unique mix of samurai drama and hip-hop.

Stream Crunchyroll From Anywhere With a VPN

Becoming a Crunchyroll globetrotter is a simple matter of subscribing to a VPN (or Virtual Private Network). VPNs have been receiving a lot of attention these days, largely because Chinese and Russian governments have gone to extensive efforts to criminalize them.

In other words, they’re angering all the right people. In fact, hackers and identity thieves are other known enemies of VPNs. That’s because VPNs encrypt your data by tunneling it through protected servers around the world. Stealing identities and surveilling citizens against their wishes becomes much harder when VPNs get involved.

But enough about the protective qualities of VPNs. Ultimately, we’re here to discuss how VPNs enable greater anime streaming on Crunchyroll. And it’s easy. All you have to do is pick a server in the country with the Crunchyroll library you want to access. Moreover, want to see what Crunchyroll has to offer in the US? Pick a US server when you log into your VPN and you’re all set.

If you’re new to the VPN game, we’re happy to recommend a few. To whittle things down further, perhaps check out:

Best VPN FlashRouters for Streaming Crunchyroll

Naturally, a VPN is just a start to remaking your WiFi network as an insurmountably powerful and secure entity. If you’re going to be streaming anime from overseas, then a strong router boosted by open source firmware like DD-WRT is what you’re going to need.

And whaddya know? FlashRouters has a bunch of those. Our routers make VPN streaming from halfway around the world – and any other heavy network activity you might be engaged in – a total breeze. FlashRouters even offers a series of alternative VPN setup options. No doubt, these allow you to customize your VPN experience. Head over to our Router Finder and let us know what type and price of router you’re looking for. FlashRouters has something for everyone!

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