How to Stream FilmStruck from Anywhere

Any film-lovers out there sideswiped by the loss of Criterion Collection movies on Hulu? Wondering where all of those art house cinema classics went?

At any rate, the answer is they went to FilmStruck. Started in late 2016, this streaming upstart gobbled up a ton of the Criterion Collection movies, added a bunch of other film classics, and has quickly become a staple of any good cinephile’s streaming diet. In addition, they even improved on the Criterion streaming experience. Filmstruck adds the special features that compel people to shell out upwards of $40 for a Criterion release.

Consequently, if you’re wanting to stream Solaris or Blood Simple, or if you’ve been meaning to check out the collected works of Agnes Varda, then FilmStruck is the service for you. Provided you live in the United States, of course.

How to Stream FilmStruck From Outside the US With VPNs

Despite the best efforts of Russia and China, VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks) continues to flourish around the world. As international governments grow more insistent about invading your privacy, VPNs grow more popular.

The reason is obvious: VPNs tunnel your online activity through encrypted servers set up all over the world. This is the best way to keep your sensitive information safe. Keep hackers and snooping governments out of your business with the help of a VPN.

Better yet, you can access geo-blocked websites, such as FilmStruck, with a VPNs help. Since FilmStruck is only available in the US, you just need to log into your VPN, pick a US-based server, and you’ll be streaming the best of Robert Altman in no time.

Use SaferVPN with VPN Router

FlashRouters supports many high-performance VPN services, but here are a few quick off the top VPNs to use for FilmStruck:

Best VPN Routers for Streaming FilmStruck

Netgear Nighthawk X4S Premium Open Source Firmware Installed Router

Suffice to say, you’re going to need a strong router to handle all of that art house cinema streaming. Particularly if you’re going to be using a VPN to access FilmStruck.

Fortunately for you, FlashRouters are built for this exact sort of thing. We offer routers free of faulty stock firmware and boosted by open source options like DD-WRT, which make VPN streaming a breeze. Furthermore, FlashRouters offer all kinds of VPN setup options and custom security solutions, to make your streaming experience safe and easy.

After you’ve perused our many supported VPN providers and picked the one that suits you, head over to our Router Finder to pick out the perfect router for your needs.

What Can I Stream on Filmstruck?

FilmStruck is perfect for discovering deep cuts in the filmography of beloved directors. At the time of this writing, the front page of FilmStruck is offering a collection of FW Murnau films. These go from Nosferatu to Sunrise to Faust.

Moreover, Filmstruck always features some interesting collection of thematically linked movies to peruse. Sign up now and check out “How the Future Looked From the ’70s”, which features oddball classics like Rollerball, Fantastic Planet, and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s World On A Wire.

So in that spirit, we thought we’d offer a few selections from the FilmStruck selection. Maybe you’ll enjoy them too!

Top Movies Streaming on FilmStruck

The Ninth Configuration

  1. The Ninth Configuration (1980)Let’s start with what has been perhaps this writer’s favorite surprise in random FilmStruck streaming: William Peter Blatty’s The Ninth Configuration. You might recognize the director’s name. After all, he did write both the book and screenplay for The Exorcist. However, he didn’t do much directing beyond this wild outing. It is set in a castle that has been repurposed as an insane asylum for soldiers deemed mentally unfit. The Ninth Configuration is hilarious, bizarre, often incredibly dark, and always compelling. It’s a shame Blatty didn’t spend more time directing. His ability to navigate vacillating tones and moods suggests a gift he didn’t get more opportunities to further explore.
  2. Cameraperson (2016)If you’re in the mood for a more abstracted, almost greatest-hits approach to a documentary, then Kirsten Johnson’s lyrical Cameraperson is the movie for you. Johnson has worked as a cinematographer on documentaries for over 25 years. Her work extends from Brooklyn to Washington DC to Nigeria to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cameraperson is a collection of often beautiful, often haunting footage that did not make it into the documentaries she was filming. The film is an arresting and unlikely whole.
  3. They Live by Night (1948)Miss the days of mid-budget crime thrillers? Well, you don’t have to go all the way back to the mid-20th century to find them. However, there are plenty of good ones from the era, such as Nicholas Ray’s They Live by Night. The story of a young man who breaks out of prison with a pair of career crooks, falls in love, tries to stay clean, and gets sucked back into a world of crime, They Live by Night is an auspicious and entertaining debut from Ray. He would later earn major acclaim with Rebel Without a Cause.
  4. The Robber (2010) – Based on the true story of Austrian marathon runner and bank robber Johann Rettenberger. The Robber thrillingly reconstructs the several of the robberies and flights from authority that marked this enigmatic man’s story. As anyone who’s seen Baby Driver can tell you, there is plenty exciting about a well-executed foot chase, and this movie has some doozies.
  5. Multiple Maniacs (1970) – Curious what an iconoclast like John Waters does early in his career and on the cheap, before anyone’s really watching him? Multiple Maniacs is here to answer that question in the wiggiest way possible. Watch in shock and awe as Divine leads her traveling roadshow into increasingly depraved situations. Believe us when we say that Waters working on a limited budget only adds to the air of turpitude.

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