Best Routers For the Xbox One X

Every summer in California, major companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft present their newest releases and technology for the coming year at E3.

The Microsoft E3 Briefing on Sunday 6/11 was highly anticipated.  Microsoft revealed their newest console, the Xbox One X – the next step forward from the Xbox One.

Meet The New Xbox One X

Scheduled to be released November 7, 2017, the big features of the new Xbox One X are true 4K gaming, a 6 Teraflop GPU clocked at 1.172 GHz, 2.3 Ghz Custom CPU, 1 TB HDD, 12 GB of GGDR5 Memory, and 326 GB of Memory Bandwidth.

With these eye-boggling specs alongside advanced silicon, the Xbox One X is the most powerful console gaming processor ever created.

Vapor Chamber for Xbox One X

A first for home consoles, Xbox One X’s Vapor Chamber claims to use an advanced liquid cooling system to manage the temperature of the console. It also sports a centrifugal fan to provide maximum cooling but minimum noise.

Hovis Method of Power Usage for Xbox One X

The Xbox One X also uses the Hovis Method. The Hovis Method is “a cutting-edge digital power delivery system that custom tunes each console’s voltage.” This allows for advanced performance while minimizing power consumption.

The X is also fully compatible with all your existing Xbox One accessories and controllers. You can even use the existing Xbox One games you have this new system, with promised improved 1080p resolution and reduced load times.

Xbox One vs Xbox One X Feature Comparison

SpecsXbox OneXbox One X
CPU1.75 GHz, 8 cores2.3 GHz, 8 cores
GPU853 MHz, 12 CUs1.172 GHz, 40 CUs
Memory8 GB DDR3 @ 68 GB/s12 GB GDDR5 @ 326 GB/s
HDMI resolution and framerate1080p @ 60Hz2160p @ 60Hz

Use A FlashRouter For The Best Xbox Experience

First, let’s explain what we do here: At FlashRouters, we offer routers that are designed to best any competitor in terms of compatibility, power, and versatility. In order to accomplish that, we flash all of our routers with DDWRT or Tomato firmware.

These enhancement firmwares are perfect for an Xbox One X user. Their many features include allowing you to access advanced security options (very important for a system that allows for interactive gaming), extend your wireless range, and even control how your bandwidth is allocated (you’ll definitely want to prioritize your Xbox One X with a Xbox One X Router, as gaming and streaming are big bandwidth hogs).

For gamers looking to utilize OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP connections with a Xbox One X, a FlashRouter adds full integration possibilities for those adding support for personal VPN connections as well as those to VPN providers.

Open source FlashRouters also have all kinds of NAT and Port Forwarding controls that work consistently. Many manufacturer firmware may have some limited settings but also provide limited functionality.

So basically, an open-source FlashRouter enables you to be able to enact some of the best possible ways of managing your Internet stability, bandwidth, and stability, then a device straight from Best Buy or Amazon will not. Plus, we actually include one-on-one US based remote support to make sure your network is performing optimally for the best Xbox One X Gaming experience. Sounds good, no?

Top Routers For The Xbox One X

To get the most of out your new Xbox One X, you’ll need a powerful router with a strong processor. A strong processor can provide high-quality streaming which you’ll need to take advantage of the Xbox One X’s 4K/2160p capabilities. It can also reduce lag to help provide a better online gaming experience.

Best of Breed: Netgear Nighthawk R9000 X10 AD7200 DD-WRT

What better way to take advantage of the most powerful game system ever created than with our most power FlashRouter, the Netgear Nighthawk R9000 X10 AD7200 DD-WRT? It has a massively powerful Annapurna Labs Dual Core 1.7 GHz (1700 MHz) processor and 4 high powered external antennas.

The R9000 is Ideal for:

  • 4K TV Streaming
  • Online Gaming with minimal lag
  • Premium VPN connection speeds
  • Bandwidth Management
  • DDoS Protection & Network Security

MU-MIMO Supported Router for Xbox One X

The R9000 also provides MU-MIMO support. MU-MIMO allows for the router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously. This increases the speed of the WiFi network, by limiting interference between devices.

Wireless-AD Router for Xbox One X

One of the most exciting features of the R9000 is the integration and futureproofing for next-gen Wireless-AD. What separates Wireless-AD from most WiFi connections today is its capability for 7Gbps –  4 Gbps higher than the max speeds of Wireless-AC in optimal conditions via WiFi.

The R9000 DD-WRT is the first DD-WRT compatible router to offer the 60GHz spectrum over the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands to allow for this unique feature-set. If you are looking for high-quality streaming, lag free gaming for 10+ high end devices with a bit of wireless future proofing to boot, the R9000 Netgear X10 DD-WRT FlashRouter is the high-end performance router for you.

Economy Mu-Mimo Option: The Linksys WRT3200ACM DD-WRT

MU-MIMO DD-WRT Installed Linksys WRT3200ACM

Like the advanced feature set of the R9000 but would prefer a more affordable option?

The Linksys WRT3200ACM DD-WRT is the best high-end router at an affordable price. This router takes advantage of MU-MIMO alongside four external antennas and a 1.8 GHz Marvell Processor. The WRT3200ACM is the perfect economy DD-WRT router for the Xbox One X.

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  1. Malibu

    What about the Asus GT-5300? It’s in the some class as the R9000. Also if you don’t have a device the uses the ad network standard you can’t benefit. And the GT-5300 also offers the same stuff, but built for gaming. If not a gamer the the Asus RT-5300 is more in class with the R9000. And hater know I currently own a netgear ac2400 (R7500v2) and an Asus RT-87U, no mods on either. So at least I can state truthfully on both. I moved to TN, it’s EPB fiber the fasted speeds on the plant…look it up. We lil people will never see full GIG. Fastest my PS4 pro has hit is 750mbbps, my One S does 450-475mbps. AT&T sat around 150-160 and I had the GIG fiber they offered and Comcast doesn’t even offer. ** the Comcast and AT&T was in SE Ga. Hope this helps others. I like both brands.


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