How To Protect Your Router From the C.I.A.

There is an old Chinese proverb that states it is a curse to live in interesting times. Given the state of the modern world, it is hard to disagree with that statement. It is almost impossible to escape the chaos of modernity. Furthermore, this chaos is making its way to the universe of Technology. Regardless of one’s political affiliations, it is important to stay aware of the potential dangers which lay ahead. Whether it is Net Neutrality opponent Ajit Pai heading the FCC or the recent Wikileaks Vault7 reveal, these interesting times are sure to become more interesting. However, given the weight of the Vault7 reveal, it is important to know how to protect your router from the C.I.A.

Why You Should Protect Your Router From the C.I.A.

It appears the Tin Foil hats are correct. Americans are being spied upon. Additionally, it is the 21st Century. Of course, the government can still listen to your phone calls. However, new technology opens the door for new ways of spying. The State can now watch you through your laptop and even spy on you through the Internet of Things. In Police-State America, your T.V. watches you!

Yes, this is all very troubling. It is even more troubling given that this is happening in the United States- a country with a base population which values individual sovereignty and personal privacy. The fear of a real Orwellian “Big Brother” has been building up for years. Now, due to Julian Assange’s revelations, it has proven to be a concrete reality.

So how do we protect our networks? One should start at the router level as this is where the network starts. As FlashRouters has shown time and time again, routers are frequently chock full of firmware bugs and factory installed backdoors. What do you think those backdoors are for? Who do you think has access to these backdoors? If you value personal privacy, you should find a way to close those backdoors- and quickly.

Update: WikiLeaks has revealed the CIA was secretly exploiting a vulnerability in a huge of Cisco router models. This is a concrete actualization of the idea that the CIA is using hidden backdoors in routers to spy on people.

How To Protect Your Router From The C.I.A.

If you do not want the C.I.A. (or anyone else for that matter) accessing your router through factory installed backdoors in the firmware, your best bet would be to change the firmware of your router. This is where Open Source Firmware becomes relevant. Open Source Firmware is created by teams of dedicated developers, working for free, to provide users with a safe and secure connection to the Internet through their router- one free of nefarious backdoors.

You can flash your router for free on the DD-WRT site – or – if you are a technical novice, FlashRouters will gladly flash (and support) your router with the purchase of a Support Plan. However, it is important to note that flashing a router will void the factory warranty. If this is a concern, FlashRouters has plenty of routers pre-flashed and ready for purchase.

Here are some of our favorites:

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