Inteno Router Hack Allows Attacker Takeover of Your Whole Network

Inteno router hack allows takeover of network

Inteno Router Hack

Another day, and another router hack is exposed. This new Inteno router hack demonstrates once again that stock firmware is untrustworthy.

Inteno Router Hack Leaves Whole Networks Exposed

A major vulnerability that would allow hackers to potentially control the user’s whole network has been found on several Inteno home routers, per The Merkle.

F-secure researchers discovered the vulnerability. Furthermore, this vulnerability allows hackers to take full control of the router and its Internet traffic. A hacker could even install his or her own firmware.

Suffice to say, a hacker can put your network into a world of hurt by exploiting this vulnerability. All of your home devices – your phone, laptop, Smart TV, etc. – run on your router, and therefore all of your devices are at risk. This means that Inteno router owners are vulnerable to a complete network takeover. An attacker has the potential to direct users to malware-infected sites, or install backdoors on your router without your approval.

Astoundingly, Inteno has no intention of patching this flaw, at least as of this writing. This strikes us as an almost criminal display of negligence, and if Inteno maintains this position, we’d just as soon recommend avoiding their devices altogether. It is absolutely the company’s responsibility to correct this error.

How to Circumvent Inteno Router Security Flaws

ET Telecom’s article on this incident includes useful tips for keeping your network safe from this sort of flaw. Tips include keeping “browsers and other software updated to prevent hackers exploiting security flaws in old software” and use a VPN (hey, we know where you can find a lot of those!).

Avoiding routers with stock firmware is the best thing you can do for your cybersecurity. Stock router firmwares are constantly being exposed as vulnerable, and a conventional router just won’t cut it anymore. Make the jump to open source. Your security vastly improves. In fact, your whole WiFi network vastly improves.

FlashRouters avoids running into these recurring network security flaws by installing DD-WRT and Tomato on our routers. Our devices are fast, powerful, and reliable, as a result of these open source firmwares. Your Netflix streaming is dependably excellent, and your gaming suffers no buffering interruptions. Most of all, a FlashRouter is VPN-friendly, giving you that extra security a modern WiFi network demands.

Check out some of our bestselling routers, because you’ll see the ways in which your network can improve. Don’t let your network fall victim to problems like the Inteno router flaw.One can easily avoid such issues with a FlashRouter.

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