Can I Setup A VPN for Specific Websites Only? (FlashRouters FAQ)

If you’re a devoted VPN user, you know that Virtual Private Networks serve the important function of securing your online data and allowing you to location-hop on the Internet. But they’re actually more versatile than you may have realized.

In fact, FlashRouters constantly receives questions regarding the functionality of VPN router setups. Today we’re going to answer one of the most common questions: can you use a VPN for specific websites but not for others through an entire wired or wireless network?

Select Which Websites Go Through VPN

Chris in VA asks:

I am in need of help to set up my VPN with IPVanish and creating the proper rules for some websites not to use the VPN. I have the VPN set up on the router but some websites do not function properly when using a VPN ( So I am hoping you can help me identify the proper configuration / rules that I can use whereby all traffic goes through the VPN except sites that I can list on an as needed basis to use the ISP’s IP address.

Basically, Chris wants to know – can I pick and choose or select which websites go through a VPN service on a router level?

Seems simple enough, right? You have your VPN service and you want to use it regularly, but you’d like to use a VPN for certain websites and not for others. Maybe VPN causes issues for certain sites or you want to appear in different locations for different websites. Either way Chris, we’ve got you covered…

Router Setups to Use VPN For Specific Websites

You’re going to want to familiarize yourself with a few of our VPN Setup Options, as there are a few that will be able to help you use a VPN on specific sites.

Dual Gateway Setup Options

Using Dual Gateway Router Setup allows for multiple options on how to solve this question of selecting which websites go through VPN on a router.

Routing Policy By Website

For TomatoUSB open-source router users, the option of routing policy or selecting which domain use VPN is built right into the OpenVPN client setup. This is the optimal solution that the FlashRouters Networking Experts recommend for Chris if his lone goal is to pick and choose which sites use VPN.


Use Routing Policy To Select VPN on Certain Sites

Device Whitelist VPN Solution

Want to split Internet traffic between your VPN and your local ISP by device assignment within the router? That means you want vpn for certain devices. Then the VPN Whitelist Dual Gateway Setup is the way to go.

In thie Dual Gateway Setup option, create a whitelist of specific network devices (iPhone, Roku, PS4, Xbox) to connect through a VPN. Any device not on the whitelist will then run through VPN.

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk - Wireless-AC Router

Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT

Popular Policy Based TomatoUSB Routers

Dual Router Setup

For the Dual Router Setup, you will need your current/old router when you got your new FlashRouter because you will need two routers for this to work (as the name implies). If it sounds intimidating, don’t worry. The Dual Router Setup is our specialty at FlashRouters!

2 Router Setup Diagram

All the “dual router setup” means is having two segmented network. One router for your local network (we recommend using the older, less powerful one). Then hook up your new, powerful FlashRouter, which is used as a dedicated VPN router.

This means you can switch back and forth between your local network and VPN. Have trouble using the Bank of America site on your VPN? Use your local router’s network. Want that VPN protection again? Switch back to your FlashRouter. It’s that simple.

The best Linksys DD-WRT Router ready for improved security

Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT Router

Popular Dual Router Setup Routers Options

Have More Networking, VPN or WiFi Router Questions?

We’ve got you covered! Contact our helpful networking team to help find the right router and networking solution recommendations for your unique purpose. Your question could make our next FAQ!

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