Best New Netflix & Amazon USA Movies & TV September 2016

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Best Amazon and Netflix Instant Streaming Movies & TV Added in September 2016

Netflix Instant streaming is a bit difficult to monitor. Movies and TV shows come and go from the streaming service with much frequency.

This post serves the role of keeping the dedicated Netflix Instant streamer apprised of what new additions should be watched immediately. The content here will be continually updated on this site as new movies and television shows are added to the Netflix Instant streaming lineup.

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Best New Netflix Streaming Movies

Sicario is one of the best Amazon and Netflix Instant streaming movies coming in September 2016.

Sicario – Best Amazon and Netflix Instant Streaming Movies (September 2016)

New to Netflix Instant Streaming (September 2016)

Netflix has some good options this month, but we’ll keep it brief since Amazon Prime really brought their A-game.

Jaws – This is a rewatch situation, right? It seems impossible that you have not seen Steven Spielberg’s nightmare-inducing and enduring summertime classic. First of all, Jaws has a perfect cast (Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw). Additionally, the film contains perfectly suspenseful set pieces shark attack scenes and a timeless score. Sure, it relates better to July 4th weekend. However, you can just as easily enjoy it on Labor Day.

U-571 – We hope you’re not too water-logged after Jaws, because U-571 offers up yet another ocean-based tale of action and suspense. In this case, a team of American submariners board a German submarine during WWII. The submariners must secure an Enigma machine before the Germans can report it stolen. An underrated war thriller from 2000. Furthermore, it stars Matthew McConaughey.

The Wicker Man (REMAKE) – We’d much rather recommend the Robin Hardy-directed, Christopher Lee-starring one-of-a-kind original, which audiences can enjoy without irony. But the Neil Labute-directed, Nicolas Cage-starring remake has an inadvertent gonzo charm all its own. Watching the best-of compilation is highly recommended. However, one should see Cage’s performance as the worst detective of all time in totality.

Available Later in the Month

Narcos: Season Two (Sept. 2) – Netflix original programming scored an unsurprising hit with Narcos.  This series dramtizes the life and times of notorious Columbian drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. Consequently, the popular series makes its return with a second season.

Zootopia (Sept. 20)Netflix’s recent deal with Disney is already paying dividends for the streaming giant’s customers. Mere months later and this major Disney hit is arriving in our Netflix libraries. Gather the whole family ’round for Zootopia, which follows a cop (also a bunny) and a con artist (also a fox) as they work to uncover a conspiracy in a city with an animal population.

New Amazon Prime Instant in September 2016

Other streaming sites are stepping up their games to compete with Netflix Instant streaming. Henceforth, everything you’ll see in this section is available from Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Bronson – By now, the world is on board with the imposing acting presence of Tom Hardy, and Bronson is where he really breaks through. Hardy plays “Charles Bronson” the alter ego of the man also referred to as “England’s Most Violent Prisoner”. In addition, those familiar with the sort of thundering brutality Hardy shows as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises will sense even more shock at his performance in Bronson.

Wiener-Dog – Can anyone remember a fairly 1995 disturbing movie from Todd Solondz called Welcome to the Dollhouse about a young awkward teenager named Dawn Wiener? Well, Dawn is back as an adult played by Greta Gerwig. Consequently, she’s one of the several people who take brief ownership over the wiener dog of the title of this latest Solondz movie.

Available Later in the Month

The Witch (Sept. 17) – One of the year’s best and most chilling movies will be streaming on Amazon mid-September. The Witch is a remarkably detailed, patient, and thoroughly unnerving horror movie set in 17th century New England. The film follows a family living in isolation and potentially beset by deadly forces. And there may or may not be (SPOILER) an evil goat.

Sicario (Sept. 23) – Director Denis Villeneuve has made a few imperfect though visually striking movies (PrisonersEnemy) but his most recent, Sicario, may be his most visually distinctive yet. A tense and rigorous look at the drug trade as it relates to the US/Mexico border. In addition, Sicario features great performances from Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro.

Transparent: Season Three (September 23) – Amazon’s landmark, award-winning series about the deeply flawed Pfeffermen family inspires a kind of unreasonable, slavish devotion.

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