What Is a Router? (FlashRouters FAQ)

Just what is a router?

What Is a Router?

Perhaps it is time to take a step back from posts on the more specific router functions and give users a broader view of the devices sold at FlashRouters. This is the question that has been on our minds since day one: what is a router?

What Is a Router?

Yes, that thing you’ve owned forever, sitting hidden on a shelf or entertainment center. Yes, that thing that gives you the ability to get to Facebook and Instagram. What is it exactly?

‘What is a Router?’ is a more difficult question that it initially seems. Even expert router techs are hard-pressed to come up with a succinct answer for your average user.

A router is a box-shaped device built for the purpose of connecting more than one computer to a network. Most often routers enable connection to the Internet, the mother of all networks. Routers can be directly and physically connected to your computer but are lately much more reliant on wireless connections. Our handy FAQ on WiFI explains that a WiFi network is hosted on the router, and allows multiple devices – phones, laptops, tablets, etc. – to share the network.


Why Do You Need A Modem?

Now that “What is a Router?” has been answered, one must remember routers do not directly connect you to the Internet, which is why you need a modem. The modem connects to your Internet Service Provider either through a coaxial cable (if it’s a cable modem) or through the telephone line (if it’s a DSL modem). Once your modem is enabled, that’s when the router, (which disperses your Internet connection across a shareable network) is connected to the modem.

If you want to go further out, there’s the ISP, which lays an infrastructure of connective networks. These networks allow you and everyone else on the ISP to plug into the Internet. The ISP allows for the Internet connection to the modem which provides it to the router which is then shared across your network.

Basically, your router is the last step along the way in a chain of networks and devices that allow you to enjoy the (probably WiFi enabled) connection you’re using right now. And now that you have the answer to “What is a router?”, you’re ready to start checking out some of our top-of-the-line FlashRouters, like the powerhouse Asus RT-AC5300.

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