Best New Netflix & Amazon USA Movies & TV July 2016

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Best Streaming Movies & TV Added in July 2016

Ever since Netflix stopped letting people know what’s been subtracted from their Instant streaming lineup, it’s been a little difficult to keep track of what’s coming and going in their library.

So the purpose of this post – which will be continually updated on this site as new movies and television shows are added to the Netflix Instant streaming lineup – is to keep you, the dedicated Netflix Instant streamer, apprised of what new additions should be watched immediately, or should go on your queue but not be considered a top viewing priority.

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Best Netflix Instant Streaming – July 2016

Best Netflix streaming for July 2016 - Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China – Best New Streaming Netflix Movies (July 2016)

New to Netflix Instant Streaming (July 2016)

Now we’re back in the swing of things with plenty of great new streaming titles for Netflix Instant users.

Back to the Future(s) – Fans of blockbusters from the ’80s and their sequels have a lot to celebrate this month, starting with the Back to the Future series. We don’t remember too much about 2 and 3, but the original – about a teen (Michael J. Fox) who travels through time with the assistance of a mad scientist (Christopher Lloyd) and almost inadvertently erases his own existence when his mother develops a crush on him – is about as close to pop sci-fi perfection as it gets.

Beverly Hills Cop(s) – Eddie Murphy’s ascension was well underway in 1984, thanks to his Saturday Night Live stint and Trading Places, but Beverly Hills Cop solidified his superstardom for all time. Playing irreverent Detroit police officer Axel Foley who travels to Beverly Hills to solve the murder of his friend, Eddie Murphy’s easy charm makes this one of the most flat-out enjoyable action movies of the era.

Big Trouble in Little China – This recent resurgence in appreciation for the films of the great John Carpenter couldn’t have come soon enough, in our estimation. And while we’ll always be partial to The ThingBig Trouble in Little China gives us Kurt Russell doing his best John Wayne impression as truck-driver Jack Burton, who ends battling sorcerers in Chinatown for reasons that are too ridiculous to explain.

Lethal Weapon(s) – And it wouldn’t be a proper month of ’80s action blockbusters without the first couple of Lethal Weapon movies (the other two came out in the ’90s, but are still available). Alternately hilariously slapsticky and shockingly dark, Lethal Weapon introduced us to the immortal pairing of Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs and Danny Glover’s Roger Murtaugh, two cops who team up to stop a crew of drug smugglers.

The Big Short (July 6) – Breaking the theme of the last few entries is a recent Oscar winner. The Big Short is writer/director Adam McKay’s surgical breakdown of the financial crisis of the late aughts, starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Christian Bale as assorted investors who sense the impending doom of housing bubble collapse well before anyone else. Incisive, exhaustive, funny, and ultimately quite sad.

Amazon Prime Instant – New in July 2016

Since other streaming sites are stepping up their games to compete with Netflix Instant streaming, we thought we’d highlight some of their best options. Everything you’ll see in this section is available from Amazon Prime Instant.

Best in Show – Of all of the memorable Christopher Guest mockumentaries (Waiting for GuffmanA Mighty Wind), Best in Show may stand out as the most adored. A loving tribute to the many quirky characters that populate the world of dog shows, Best in Show is filled with memorable characters, none more noteworthy than Fred Willard’s hilariously clueless commentator.

Kill Bill I & II – Even for a guy who’s known for stylized, remarkably entertaining violence, Quentin Tarantino offered a lot of stylization, a lot of entertainment, and a whole lot of violence with his Kill Bill movies. Starring the incomparable Uma Thurman as “The Bride”, a martial arts expert who sets out to revenge the deaths of everyone in her whole wedding party, Kill Bill is full of dazzling action set pieces and a surprising amount of effectively emotional character development.

Rosemary’s Baby – It’s a good a time as ever to catch up on one of the all-time great horror classics. Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby stars Mia Farrow as the titular Rosemary, who grows increasingly convinced that her neighbors and maybe even her husband (iconic indie writer/director John Cassavetes) are part of a demonic cult. A truly disturbing film with one of the best endings in movie history.

The Shining – And if Rosemary’s Baby has you on a classic horror kick, maybe continue your night with The Shining, Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of a Stephen King novel that is renowned by damn near everyone but Stephen King as one of the genre’s best. Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably taken in its many famous moments (“Here’s Johnny!”, the twins in the hall) through cultural osmosis. Go back and watch the whole thing again anyway. It never ceases to be riveting.

Hannibal: Season 3 (July 5) – Okay, this one still hurts: Bryan Fuller’s beautifully gory vision for Hannibal Lector and Will Graham was cut short far too soon. Yet, despite the pain of wondering what might have been, Hannibal managed to close on a remarkably haunting, poignant, and ultimately satisfying note. Watch the third season and find out for yourself, if you dare.

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