South Korea Reports on Cyber Attack Attempt from North Korea

North Korea Cyber Security Attack on South Korea

North Korea May Have Planned a Cyber Attack on South Korea

Having worked up a good head of steam after their Sony Pictures hack of 2014, state-sponsored hackers in North Korea seemed to have something major in store for South Korea.

Officials in South Korea have reported to Reuters on what appears to be a massive scale cyber attack set in motion by North Korea in 2014. State-sponsored hackers in North Korea forced their way into 140,000 computers at 160 South Korean companies and government agencies. South Korean officials suspect that North Korea’s lack of action on the hacked servers indicates an eventual plan to create confusion with a massive simultaneous attack or to “continuously steal industrial and military secrets.”

What sort of military secrets, you might be asking? Well, it would seem North Korea managed to steal blueprints for the wing of an F-15 fighter jet, though spokespeople from the affected companies denied that any classified material was stolen during these attacks.

Naturally, North Korea denies any involvement in these attacks, which have been traced to an IP address inside the capital of Pyongyang. Incidentally, this same IP address was involved in the 2013 hacking of banks and broadcasters in South Korea. North Korea denied that one too.

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