Firmware Flaws News Roundup From FlashRouters

Failing firmwares put people at risk.

FlashRouters Firmware Flaws News Roundup

Typically, at FlashRouters, we like to do the occasional hacking/cyber security news roundup when a big collection of stories has accumulated. Sometimes that takes a while, but sadly, there have been so many stories just devoted to the sub-topic of failing firmwares and firmware flaws that we’ve been able to make a whole new roundup on that alone.

It’s truly unfortunate that stock firmwares are so consistently failing users in terms of maintaining their online security. It’s a major issue, and we at FlashRouters are doing what we can to combat the problem by offering routers flashed with DD-WRT and Tomato like the new Linksys WRT1900AC DD-WRT pictured below to open-source replacement firmwares that not only eliminate these glaring issues, but add a whole new level of functionality and versatility to your wireless network.

Linksys WRT1900AC DD-WRT Open Source Firmware Installed For Upgraded Security

Linksys WRT1900AC DD-WRT

Check out some of the year’s top DD-WRT routers and some of our recent best-sellers if you’d like to get a better sense why a FlashRouter is just what you need to keep your online data safe. And if you’re still not convinced, the firmware flaws on display in the news stories below ought to do the trick.

Router Firmware Flaws & News

Major Attack on Cisco Routers – SYNful Knock is the clunky but ominous name of the major vulnerability discovered in Cisco routers by the security research firm FireEye. Apparently, SYNful Knock allows hackers to take over of enterprise-grade routers, which puts all devices on the network at risk of infection. Click the link to find out if your router is among the infected models.

A Serious Vulnerability in Certain Netgear Routers – Several thousand Netgear routers feature a vulnerability that could allow a hacker to redirect your web browser to a website featuring malware. Netgear has released a firmware update that addresses the issue, so if you have a router on the list of the potentially affected, we recommend downloading that update and fast.

ZHONE Routers Vulnerable to Zero-Day Exploit – ZHONE routers used by some of the top companies around the world feature a vulnerability that makes them susceptible to remote hijacking. In fact, seven (!) vulnerabilities were found on these routers which, incidentally, are the router of choice for a Singaporean ISP. The ISP has issued patches for these vulnerabilities, but it’s questionable that your average ISP-user has the know-how to take advantage of the patches.

Good Luck Out There, Owners of Older Huawei 3G RoutersIf you own one of a dozen models of Huawei 3G routers, we hope you don’t mind having your DNS settings changed, or being redirected to a site with malware. Major vulnerabilities have been detected in these routers, but Huawei have determined that these routers are outside of their support cycle, and therefore they have no intention of doing anything about the issue. So again, good luck out there.

Linksys WRT1900ACS Is Ready for Open Source Tinkering – Okay, we admit there’s no bad news on this one. We’re just excited about an updated version of a beloved router that is now capable of supporting open-source firmware. Got to have some good news in there to break up the drudgery.

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