New Verizon A La Carte Cable Packages: A Breakdown

FlashRouters Breaks Down the Details of the New Verizon Streaming Service.

New Verizon Streaming Service

Put another point on the board for cord-cutters. The pressure those of us who’ve abandoned our pricey cable packages in favor of streaming media is indisputably being felt by the big cable companies.

How else to explain Verizon’s decision to start offering a cable package that allows their customers to pay for channels they want and only channels they want?

FiOS Custom TV

The new service is called FiOS Custom TV and it costs $55 a month, which is considerably more costly than Netflix, but considerably less than your average cable package.

That $55 gets you a 35 channels, which can include local channels as well as cable offerings such as CNN, AMC, The Food Network, etc. There’s also an add-on package deal that allows you to narrow your choices down to certain genres like sports, or children’s entertainment. You can get two of these seven packages added to your bill for no extra cost. Additional packages cost $10 extra per month.

And, perhaps best of all, you can switch up which channels you want after 30 days, something for those of us with fickle tastes to celebrate!

Enjoy the New Verizon Streaming Service with a FlashRouter

But this is just the beginning for Verizon. They’re also looking to get into the streaming business. Details on that are incredibly scant at this point, but it seems that your future viewing experience will likely be cobbled together through a mixture of a la carte cable and streaming services.

Knowing that you’re going to be reliant on streaming services for the foreseeable future, it’s worth considering just how important the strength of your wireless network need be. After all, how much freezing and skipping are you willing to tolerate during your streaming media experience?

Lucky you, FlashRouters provides a variety of top-of-the-line routers that can provide exactly the network you need. As the brief video above illustrates, a FlashRouter is a guaranteed way to rescue your sluggish wireless network.

We take already powerful routers and flash them with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware. These replacement firmwares open up the router’s functionality by leaps and bounds. With a DD-WRT or Tomato router, you can access advanced security features, extend your wireless range, and control the allocation of your bandwidth, which is especially useful for those streaming lots of media.

As our recent best-sellers list demonstrates, we offer routers at a range of prices with assorted levels of power. Looking for a strong economy model router for home usage?

We’ve got great devices like the Cisco Linksys E1200 Tomato and the E2500 to suit your needs. Looking for a networking beast to handle high volumes of network traffic? Then take a look at the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk. Or the Asus RT-AC87U. Or the TP-Link Archer C9 (we’ve got a lot of crazy powerful routers).

The new Verizon streaming service will be here soon. Let’s get those wireless networks ready, folks.

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