All the Latest Free Streaming Movies & TV on Crackle

All the latest streaming on Crackle.

Best Streaming Movies & Television on Crackle

We’ll be honest, Crackle is one of the more ignored channels on our streaming media boxes. The commercials tend to show up at often jarring intervals in the middle of our favorite sitcoms, and their episode lists for most of the sitcoms they offer are scattered. It’s rare to be able to watch consecutive episodes of a show.

But then again, it is one of the rare streaming services that offers some terrific television and movies, and all for FREE. Plus it is compatible with most of the popular steaming devices with an integrated app including Roku and AppleTV. So while we have highlighted best streaming videos onCrackle before, we figured it was time to check back in and see what you can stream today.

Best Streaming Television on Crackle

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Certainly the most high profile original program Crackle offers, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is basically Jerry Seinfeld’s version of the chatty comedian podcast format that’s so popular among his peers. The differences? Well, it’s edited together for smoother, funnier interviews; the interviews are in video form; and Seinfeld’s guests are almost uniformly A-list comedians (Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, David Letterman). In fact, a new season is starting in early June with a Kevin Hart episode.

The Larry Sanders Show – A groundbreaking, bleak sitcom about the backstage goings-on at a late night talk show, The Larry Sanders Show is just about as fearless as TV gets. Sympathetic characters were rare and the humor was usually as dark as possible, but The Larry Sanders Show remains a bracing viewing experience for its cynicism and brutal wit.

Damages – A binging favorite around the office, this Glenn Close legal thriller/drama features the breakthrough performance for Rose Byrne as well as well as some excellent turns from John Goodman among others. If you are looking for a high-quality drama to plow through this summer, Damages could be for you. (Editor’s Note: First 2 seasons are pretty good but then it gets a bit ridiculous. Still that’s 26 episodes of conniving, backstabbing goodness.)

NewsRadio – There’s no sense in being impartial about this: on a list containing some of the most beloved sitcoms there have ever been, Newsradio is our runaway favorite. A brilliantly written, acted, and directed (how many sitcoms can you think of where the direction and staging stand out?) wonder, with a style all its own and featuring too many memorable characters to list here. Okay, we’ve got to shout out Jimmy James (Stephen Root) and Bill McNeil (the late Phil Hartman).

Seinfeld – Yes, pretty soon Hulu Plus will have every episode of Seinfeld ever, but while you’re waiting, you can re-watch some of your favorites of this deathless, generation-defining sitcom. At this very moment, Crackle offers “The Chinese Restaurant”, “The Library”, “The Rye”, and many more. What are you waiting for?

The Jeffersons – Crackle offers the opportunity to catch up on sitcoms you may have only heard about it. In our case, we’re eager to catch up on The Jeffersons, which stars Sherman Helmsley and Isabel Sanford as a newly rich black couple who move into a fancy high-rise and try to get along with the current tenants.

Cleaners – Another in a series of highlights of Crackle’s original programmings is Cleaners, which follows the misadventures of two contract killers, Veronica (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Roxie (Emily Osment). Gina Gershon, David Arquette, Clifton Collins Jr., and Missy Pyle are on hand to provide support for some campy, if a bit dopey, fun.

Sports Jeopardy – Are you only interested in Jeopardy when they get around to sports-themed questions? Believe us, we hear ya, and thanks to this Dan Patrick-hosted original Crackle game show, you can have a whole half-hour of sports-themed trivia without feeling bad about not knowing anything regarding island nations.

Best Streaming Movies on Crackle

All About My Mother – Pedro Almodovar’s lovely ode to a strong mother (and strong women everywhere) takes many a tragic turn, but is ultimately worth your time, as it allows you to bask in the glow of a uniquely perceptive filmmaker working at the top of his game.

American Movie – A documentary of remarkable pathos, American Movie follows Mark Borchardt, an aspiring horror filmmaker who scrapes together every last one of the limited resources available to him to get his first movie together, despite his self-doubt and personal flaws. It’s a sad, sweet, and even funny movie that’s well worth your time.

Stream The Blues Brothers on Crackle

The Blues Brothers – Streaming on Crackle

And Now for Something Completely Different – Basically, a Monty Python’s Flying Circus Greatest Hits collection, And Now For Something Completely Different features the troupe’s best sketches cobbled together into movie form. So you can watch “Nudge Nudge”, “Dead Parrot”, “Lumberjack Song”, and so many more, all in one viewing.

The Blues Brothers – The brothers on a mission from God, you know Jake and Elwood Blues. John Landis directs John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as the titular characters who put their band back together to save the home where they were raised, no matter how chaos they cause in the process. It’s always a good time to revisit this one.

Stranger Than Fiction – One of the rare times Will Ferrell ventured into serious mode and it really worked, Stranger Than Fiction was initially greeted as “Charlie Kaufman-lite”, but has since developed a reputation as a genuinely sweet and inventive movie in its own right. It’s got a seriously strong cast alongside Ferrell to boot, which includes Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tony Hale, and Queen Latifah.

Cry-Baby –  Cry-Baby, John Waters’ wonderfully transgressive and hilarious riff on 1950’s teen romance movies, is available to stream on Netflix Instant in a number of countries across Central and South America, as anyone who read our Johnny Depp country-by-country Netflix primer found out. But what about the rest of us? Well, that’s when Crackle comes in handy.

Enjoy Streaming Movies & Television on Crackle W/ a FlashRouter

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Best Wireless Routers for Crackle Lovers

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Watch Crackle From Anywhere Using A VPN

Since Crackle is only available in United States, Canada, Australia and Latin America, you’ll need to able to access it from other parts of the globe if you’re out of the country for vacation or work.

Thankfully, VPNs provide all the help you’ll need. In addition to keeping all of your private information safe from cyber-criminals, VPNs are particularly useful for accessing geographically restricted streaming content.

When you log into your VPN, all of your online information is tunneled through encrypted servers set up all over the world. After you pick your server, you’re given an IP address in the country housing the server, effectively tricking your smartphone, or laptop, or desktop think it’s in that country.

So if you’re in the UK, looking to catch up on all of the latest episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, all you have to do is log in to your VPN and pick an American server. That’s all it takes.

Our team supports all sorts of VPN service providers and you can look at them all on our official supported provider list. Rest assured, any VPN on that list is implicitly recommended by FlashRouters. Otherwise, we’d recommend checking out our recent best-sellers list to see which VPN are the most popular among our customers.

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