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DD-WRT & Tomato USB Warranty Options - FlashRouters

For those just entering the world of alternative router firmware and open-source, upgrading a router sadly voids the manufacturer warranty whether you do it yourself or we do it for you. That also means that if you try to do it and it doesn’t work you can end up with a hunk of useless electronic equipment or a “brick”. Which is why we continually test routers, firmware versions, and the flashing process of the most popular alternative firmware wireless routers to make sure we’ve got it down pat.

Just in case you need a little more, here is our handy “What is FlashRouter” video:

So we’ve decided the take the next step to show users how confident we are in the process of firmware modification and optimization of these superb devices. And because our confidence in these upgrades is at a fever pitch, we proudly announce…

Site-Wide Warranties on Any DD-WRT or TomatoUSB Wireless Router

You read that right. From here forward, FlashRouters is happy to offer warranties for all of our DD-WRT and Tomato-flashed routers. Every last supremely versatile device on this website is officially covered by our full warranty program.

Every FlashRouter already includes a 3 month warranty for free backed by us but we have continually had requests for longer term assurance so we’ve decided to give the people what they wanted.

There is no need to ever doubt the reliability and power of a FlashRouter or the upgrades we consistently put FlashRouters through, but if you need that extra dose of assurance, then assuage your doubts by purchasing the warranty.

Open Source Warranty Pricing

Meet the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Tomato FlashRouter

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Tomato FlashRouter

So enough talking in the abstract; how about we tell you what the open source warranties are?

Well, that depends on the type of router you go for. Choose a sleek, excellent FlashRouter that under $100 (like the economy favorite N300 Linksys E1200 DD-WRT FlashRouter). Upgrade to a one-year warranty for $15, or $25 for the two-years.

High end AC Wireless Routers like the $300+ range (like the brand new AC1900 Netgear R7000 Nighthawk TomatoUSB up there) are $35 for the one-year and $60 for two.

Here’s a more complete list at the range of the warranties:

  • Up to $100 – $15 one-year warranty/ $25 two-year warranty
  • Up to $199 – $25 one-year warranty/ $40 two-year warranty
  • Up to $299 –  $30 one-year warranty/ $50 two-year warranty
  • $300+ – $35 one year-warranty/$60 two-year warranty

As always every FlashRouter includes custom pre-configuration by one of our in-house techs to a users requests prior to shipping (including VPN setup), plus a custom setup troubleshooting guide to help you navigate and maximize the use of your enhanced wireless router.

Have any questions or concerns about our new warranty policy, or are just looking for a recommendation on the best device for you and your setup? Feel free to let us know, or take a look at our knowledge base.  Our router specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the perfect wireless router for your specific needs.

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