Overplay Unveils JetSwitch & TurboDNS + A Special Router Discount!

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Overplay Now Offering JetSwitch & TurboDNS

The FlashRouters/Overplay partnership has been an undeniably fruitful one, both for our customers and respective businesses. We’re more than thrilled to be able to offer our top-of-the-line routers with the internet-freedom-enhancing security provided by Overplay, one of the very best VPN & Smart DNS services out there.

And just when you thought Overplay couldn’t possibly offer faster VPN speeds or tighter security, they’ve massively upped their game. In what way, you might be asking? Read on to find out…

Overplay Now Offers JetSwitch & TurboDNS

That’s right: Overplay looked at their incomparable speeds and security and said, “not good enough.” Now the premium VPN offers two new advanced services JetSwitch and TurboDNS.

Overplay Turbojet - Select Region based on Streaming service


Let’s start with JetSwitch, which will be particularly of interest to those who like to shuffle back and forth between different encrypted servers located around the globe.

Basically, JetSwitch allows Overplay VPN users to view content from assorted regions at the same time. With this featured universal control, you can save settings for different channels all over the world. Make a Canadian server your default server for Netflix and US server your go-to for Amazon Prime Instant, and access them both at the same time.

It’s the dawning of a new age of VPN with JetSwitch, and we haven’t even mentioned the heightened overview of your VPN provided by JetSwitch’s Global Settings and System Settings Check.


Then there’s the TurboDNS upgrade, which takes the security and speed offered by Overplay’s SmartDNS service and ramps it way up. You’ll need to change your SmartDNS settings to access it, but that little extra effort gets you:

  • Increased speed of service
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy setup
  • Improved multi-regional channel support through JetSwitch
  • Increased reliability

What more could you ask for from your favorite VPN/SmartDNS provider? Overplay truly knows how to keep their users happy. Learn more about Overplay TurboDNS.

You can upgrade to Overplay TurboDNS right now if you are already a subscriber. Just change your DNS server connections.


Obviously, if you want to do this on all your devices at once, make sure to do it on a router level. And we just so happen to have the perfect devices for the ideal handling of all the WiFi and streaming needs of Overplay users.

Best OverplayVPN Wireless Routers

Netgear R7000 OverplayVPN Router

The Netgear R7000 OverplayVPN FlashRouter

Overplay Router Deals

All Overplay router orders receive a 20% off coupon for Overplay service! Want that code earlier to get the Overplay party started, contact our Sales Team and they might just be able to help you out.

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