Best UK Shows of 2015

Watch Wolf Hall Online - Stream one of the best UK shows of 2015

Wolf Hall – Best UK Shows of 2015

As we’ve discussed in the past, the UK is home to some of the finest television programming available. From the BBC to Channel 4, you can find beloved sci-fi institutions, gripping police procedurals, and deft mysteries.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best UK shows of 2015, see what we can look forward to this year, and show you how you can watch these fantastic shows from anywhere.

Best UK Shows of 2015

Wolf Hall – For those of you who miss having Homeland‘s Damien Lewis on your TV screen (yes, his presence on the show did coincide with the show’s decline in quality up through the 3rd season, but it could hardly be considered his fault), get ready to watch him assay the role of the marriage-happy King Henry VIII in Wolf Hall. This six-part adaptation of Hillary Mantel’s novels, Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, has been earning rave reviews since it premiered on BBC Two earlier this year. We suggest you catch up.

Luther – The tortured genius detective trope has certainly been worn to tatters lately, but somehow a combination of Idris Elba’s steely charisma and a daringly pulpy sensibility elevated Luther above the pack. It seemed like the show would be on hiatus indefinitely. Then last year, we found out that the show would be returning to BBC America for a two-part miniseries. So yeah, we’re psyched.

Sherlock – Okay, maybe this one is a little bit of a cheat considering that the show is only offering a Christmas special, and will thus be out of the picture for most of 2015, but we couldn’t resist. Fiction’s greatest detective will be returning in one of his most entertaining incarnations (that offered by the effortlessly compelling Benedict Cumberbatch) and bringing Watson (Martin Freeman) and the rest of the gang along with him. Details about the special are scant, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Doctor Who returns for its ninth season.

Doctor Who – Best UK Shows of 2015

Doctor Who – Okay, it’s likely that fans need no reminders that their favorite time-traveling doctor will be returning for a season nine this fall, but any list of the best UK shows of 2015 would be incomplete without it. And the great Peter Capaldi (the twelfth doctor, for those counting) will be back as well. That’s all we need to hear.

Orphan Black – The third season of this tremendously popular series is just getting underway over at BBC America, so time is of the essence if you wish to stay caught up. As ever, Tatiana Maslany dazzles in nine distinct roles as clones at the center of a secretive government program. Catch up on one of the most buzzed about shows on television.

Broadchurch – Admittedly, season two of this show has already aired in its entirety on ITV, but again, this is a list of the best UK shows of 2015, not the list of the Best UK shows of 2015 yet to come. So yes, season two of this gripping crime drama is already several months past its airing, but it deserves recognition nonetheless. And season three is already promised, so get yourself up to date.

Babylon – Here’s another one where kind of have to fudge the rules a little. Technically, the first season of this critically acclaimed show (co-created by Danny Boyle, Robert Jones, Jesse Armstrong, and Sam Bain) aired last year on Channel 4, but it was such a hit that SundanceTV in the US decided to start airing it in 2015. Either way, this comedy-drama that divides its attention between the police officers at the Metropolitan Police Force, and the PR department that has to account for their behavior, is essential television.

Watch the Best UK Shows of 2015 From Anywhere

As we mentioned above, not every one of these shows is available to international audiences. So if you want to be able to access these shows from anywhere in the world, you’re going to need a VPN.

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Enjoy the Best UK Shows of 2015

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