Netflix Instant Streaming Movies & TV Added in 2015 (Updated: June)

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

Enjoy Streaming Videos on Netflix

New Netflix Streaming Movies and Television Shows of 2015

Ever since Netflix stopped letting people know what’s been subtracted from their Instant streaming lineup, it’s been a little difficult to keep track of what’s coming and going in their library.

So the purpose of this post – which will be continually updated on this site as new movies and television shows are added to the Netflix Instant streaming lineup – is to keep you, the dedicated Netflix Instant streamer, apprised of what new additions should be watched immediately, or should go on your queue but not be considered a top viewing priority.

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Best New Netflix Instant Streaming Videos (June 2015 Update)

Best New Netflix Instant Movies (June 2015) - Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler – New on Netflix Instant (June 2015)

New to Netflix (June 2015)

Plenty of good stuff to get excited about this month, including a favorite Netflix original’s return.

Rosewater (June 10) – Even Jon Stewart’s biggest fans were likely skeptical about his ability to bring the story of Maziar Bahari, a journalist unjustly jailed by Iranian militants, to the screen as a first time writer/director. While Rosewater is no masterpiece, Stewart shows himself to be a sensitive, and even artful, storyteller, telling Bahari’s harrowing tale with tasteful amounts of humor and visual flair.

Nightcrawler (June 10) – Those of us betting that Jake Gyllenhaal’s skills as an actor would never rise above serviceable got our mouths roundly shut by Nightcrawler. His scarily committed turn as Leo Bloom, a sociopathically motivated, budding crime journalist is the stuff of nightmares. Oh, and first-time director Dan Gilroy’s parable about the unique shape and side effects of capital-A American ambition is pretty terrifying in its own right.

Orange Is the New Black: Season 3 (June 12) – Get ready to reacquaint yourselves with the woman of Litchfield Prison; Orange Is the New Black is coming back for another season of memorable characters, dark humor, and morally dubious behavior. For the sake of those not yet caught up, we won’t reveal where we were left off at the end of season 2, but we’re as eager as everyone else to catch up with Red, Taystee, and Poussey as the rest of you.

Two Days, One Night (June 16) – The Dardenne Brothers continue their ridiculous hot streak as crafters of wrenching cinema with Two Days, One Night. Marion Cotillard (typically excellent and Oscar-nominated for the movie) stars as Sandra, a woman who will lose her job if she can’t convince her co-workers to take a pay cut by the end of the weekend.

Beyond the Lights (June 24) – Writer/Director Gina Prince-Bythewood brings her formidable talent to bear on Beyond the Lights, the story of a world-famous singer who is starting to crack under the pressure. That all changes when she meets a cop who helps her learn how to express her truer self in her art. Sure, that sounds a little hokey, but Prince-Bythewood’s deft hand keeps the film from descending into sticky sentiment.

What Happened, Miss Simone? (June 26) – Fans of the incomparable “High Priestess of Soul” Nina Simone have reason to get excited for the end of June. What Happened, Miss Simone? is a Netflix original documentary to chronicle the life of the groundbreaking singer, pianist, and civil rights activist that promises a wealth of rare live footage as well as previously-unheard recordings. In short, a treasure trove for Simone fans.



Other Great Streaming Movies & TV Shows

Since other streaming sites are stepping up their games to compete with Netflix Instant, we thought we’d highlight some of their best options. Everything you’ll see in this section is available from Amazon Prime Instant.

The Shining – The movie that taught us all about how integral sound, or the lack of it, is to effective horror films joins Amazon Prime Instant. You know all the iconic moments – the twins in the hallway, Jack Nicholson’s face through the bathroom door – but The Shining plays against those loud, visceral moments with long stretches of stillness and silence, building and building the tension to an unbearable boil. That is at the heart of The Shining‘s legacy as a masterpiece.

Watch The Shining on Amazon Prime Instant (June 2015)

The Shining – New on Amazon Prime Instant (June 2015)

Apocalypse Now (Redux) – Of the many great Vietnam movies, none capture the hallucinatory confusion and the nihilistic violence of the era better than Apocalypse Now. Based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of DarknessApocalypse Now stars Martin Sheen as Captain Willard, who must travel into the heart of the jungle to assassinate the highly decorated and AWOL Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando). Along the way, he encounters horrors the likes of which are rarely captured on film.

Seven Psychopaths – The great profane poet of cinema, Martin McDonagh, follows up the peerless In Bruges with this kaleidoscopic tale of bad men and the screenwriters who live off their tales. The narrative is a little too twisty to get into here, but as is the case with In Bruges, McDonagh balances equal parts violence, heart, and humor to create a uniquely potent blend that is all his own.

Troll 2 – Maybe you’re sick of hearing about movies so bad that they’re good. Well, what about movies so bad that they’re good enough to warrant a whole other movie about how bad they are? Such is the case with Troll 2 and the documentary about it, Best Worst Movie. YouTube choice scenes if you just want the highlights, but Troll 2 is loaded up, moment to moment, with laughably inept scenes, so we recommend watching the whole thing.


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