The Latest D-Link Router Bug Fix Isn’t Much of a Fix

The D-Link DIR 809L Router Bug

The D-Link DIR 809L Bug

More news about untrustworthy routers? Yup, and we’re as sick of hearing about them as you, but we’ll stop reporting about them the day router manufacturers start doing their jobs and stop providing us with vulnerable devices.

So let’s spin the wheel: who’s making their customers unsafe this time?

The D-Link Router Bug

That’s right: our winner today is D-Link, whose DIR 890L router features a pretty major bug in its HNAP (Home Network Administration Protocol) feature.

How did this bug come into existence? With a simple, three-letter misspelling. According to Naked Security, “The D-Link programmers wrote strstr() where they should have written strcmp().”

What does this mean? The Naked Security link above covers it detail by complicated detail, but, to put it simply, this minor oversight would allow a potential hacker to skip right over the password authentication process in the HNAP feature. After that, tinkering with your router settings is a breeze.

Then, if that weren’t egregious enough, the fix put forth by D-Link turned out to be no kind of fix at all, leaving the D-Link router bug just as strong as ever.

Avoid Buggy Devices with a FlashRouter

As the brief video above explains, a FlashRouter is an instant cure for an ailing wireless network, and a surefire way to avoid the bugs and vulnerabilities that plague so many commonly used routers. We take already high-performing devices and supercharge them by flashing them DD-WRT and Tomato firmware.

These replacement firmwares do so much that a router’s stock firmware cannot. You can extend your wireless range, or control how your bandwidth is allocated, and even access advanced security features, eliminating the worry caused by these near-constant news stories about unsecured routers.

If you want a high-end, bug-free router, then you’ve got to check out our latest devices. Devices like the Netgear R8000 Wireless-AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter with it’s crazy fast Tri-Band speeds, which makes using it feel like using three top-of-the-line routers at once. Or maybe something like the Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT FlashRouter is more your speed, with its Broadcom 1 GHz dual processor and best-in-class RAM/Flash Memory. That’s power for you.

Yes, we’ve got a whole string of revolutionary routers just waiting to change your wireless network into an absolute beast. Check out our recent best-sellers list for some other popular options around the FlashRouters office, and have a look at some of our VPN service provider affiliates, if you want to assure yourself of the utmost security around your network.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest D-Link Router Bug Fix Isn’t Much of a Fix

  1. Debraj kandel

    Hi developer.
    I am very glad to see that the new products in the market. The price of the router is not bad and I had ask to them about number of connection with the router. And I want to be clear about that, how many people can connect with one triband router? Is there limited connection with one router or it has unlimited? I am waiting for your kind response and may you will understand my query.
    Thank you

    1. joeso

      Hello Debraj,

      There is a theoretical limit of about 254 users on a standard subnet but it does depend on the speed of the connection running through the router since that will need to be split between the demands of the users.


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