Netflix Australia Goes Live

Netflix Australia goes live

Netflix Australia

Netflix Australia Goes Live

It was only a matter of time before Netflix entered the Asia Pacific market, and they’re taking their first cautious steps in Australia and New Zealand.

Australians and New Zealanders, Netflix has gone live in your respective countries, and while the streaming giants introductory library is a bit bizarre and lacking when compared to the Netflix US library, that will doubtlessly change over time as the company gets its footing.

So start subscribing. After all, it’s not like you can’t access other countries’ Netflix libraries anyway (more on that later).

Australian Copyright Infringement Code

One thing Australians should definitely be worried about is the three-strikes draft code that ISPs have introduced in an attempt to curb Australian online piracy.

Here’s how it works: if you’re Australian, and you infringe on someone’s copyrighted material, you get a education notice (along with some info about where to access legal content). The second time you overstep, you get a warning notice. You get the final notice within twelve months of receiving the first one, and your customer details will be handed over to a copyright owner by court order.

This system has its flaws, particularly when it comes to Australians that utilize VPN service providers. If the user takes advantage of their VPN and masks their IP address, there’s really nothing the ISPs can do to stop them. Some copyright holders want to require VPNs to maintain a log of their customers’ IP addresses – Canada has even introduced legislation to this effect. Needless to say, VPN services ain’t having it.

Protect Yourself With a VPN

Fastest VPN Service Provider Routers - IPVanish

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

At FlashRouters, we do not advocate illegal activity, but the Canadian legislation to beef up the draft code threatens the ability of VPNs to function properly. Thankfully, VPN service providers are stepping up and threatening to abandon Canada altogether if need be.

Frankly, we do not want to imagine a world with defanged VPNs, as we’ve become reliant on the combination of internet security and online freedom they provide. So if the security on your online data and the ability to travel to anywhere on the web without encountering geological restrictions matters to you, we recommend you get yourself a VPN subscription as well.

Any VPN service on our official supported service provider list comes highly recommended from FlashRouters, but if you’re particularly looking for good Australian service (if, for instance, you want to see just what Netflix Australia has to offer), then we recommend checking out IPVanish, HideMyAss, and PrivateInternetAccess. They’ve got plenty of Oceania-based servers (and countless international servers) waiting to be utilized by you.

Enjoy Netflix Australia With a FlashRouter

Regardless of whether you’re in Australia trying to access other countries’ Netflix libraries, or anywhere but Australia trying to find out how they do Netflix down under, you’re going to want that VPN. And if you want it to work as efficiently as possible, you’re going to want a FlashRouter.

As the brief video above explains, a FlashRouter is a hedge against the future, an assurance that your wireless network will be the strongest around for years to come. We flash our devices with DD-WRT & Tomato firmware to ensure that they’re the fastest, strongest, and most versatile around. Want an extendable wireless range, extra security options, and the ability to allocate your bandwidth as you please (a great feature for people streaming movies and television)? These are the routers for you.

And aside from boosting your network to make your VPN more functional, a FlashRouter offers a lot more to the VPN user…

How To Use ExpressVPN on a RouterThat’s an illustration of our dual router setup, and you can use it to switch back and forth between your local network and your VPN with ease.

What’s more, if you’re subscribed to any of the VPNs on our official supported provider list, we’ll send your router ready to work with your VPN right out of the box, saving you the trouble of dealing with the installation process.

Best VPN Routers for Netflix Australia

There are too many good options to choose from at FlashRouter, immodest as that may sound, but if you need to start your search somewhere, we’d recommend taking a look at our recent best-sellers list.

There you’ll find routers from all price ranges, all ready to revolutionize your network. Devices like the sleek and thoroughly affordable Linksys E1200 DD-WRT FlashRouter or the Linksys E2500 Tomato FlashRouter. Or if you’re looking to spend a little extra to get the best router money can buy, check out the Netgear R7000 DD-WRT FlashRouter, or the Netgear R8000 Wireless-AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter with it’s triband (!) wireless speeds.

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