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FlashRouters 2015 March Madness Router Tournament

…and the Tournament continues. Two weeks ago, we introduced you to our Top and Major Contenders, our Cinderellas, and our Long Shots. Last week it was the remaining contenders. Speculations were made, and a deal was introduced. This week, things will be a little different. Some surprises, and a new coupon code to further the celebration of the FlashRouters 2015 March Madness.

In honor of the FlashRouters & NCAA Final Fours, get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ANY of our Final Four below with the coupon code FINAL4.

This is fantastic news for non-US customers looking to cut the costs of international shipping, as well as US customers who will benefit from cost-free USPS Priority shipping.

All FlashRouters include a customized pre-installed advanced firmware upgrade, white-glove tech support with remote Teamviewer assistance, a custom setup guide to their setup requests plus an open-source firmware warranty besides the plentiful benefits of getting an enhanced firmware router like VPN integration and advanced protection and access controls for your home or office network. Now on to the FINAL FOUR router contenders…

Final Four Best Router Bracker

Netgear R8000 X6 vs. Asus RT-AC87U

With no surprise, the fan-favorite with the 1 GHz processor and six external antennas, the Netgear R8000 X6, has stayed at the top of the pack, proving once again to be the Kentucky of 2015 Best Router bracket. Combine those top line features with the innovative integration of Tri-Band WiFi can turn a behemoth router into something even more powerful. Up against this Top Seed is another beastly machine, the Asus RT-AC87U. Another 1 GHz powerhouse, the 87U boasts 4 external antennas, and provides range that can give the R8000 a run for it’s money.

Nighthawk R7000  vs. AC1450

Netgear makes an amazing showing in the final four of open-source routers with three major competitors.
Then there is Netgear’s other high-end router, the Nighthawk R7000. Last year’s champion, the Nighthawk boasts the same processor as the RT-AC87U and R8000, offering a top of the line performance at a more competitive price point. 2015 may as well be the year of Netgear, as adding the Netgear AC1450 (pictured below) to the batch means three of the Final Four in FlashRouters March Madness are Netgear routers.
Though the AC1450 is a longshot, it rounds out the Wireless-AC exclusive finals showcasing the desirability of upgrading to top-end, future-proofing WiFi use. The AC1450’s reliable performance has proved this Cinderella story of a router may certainly be able to hold its own against the R7000. The AC1450 is no schlub either, packing an 800 MHz processor at $199.95. That’s half the price of a 1 GHz FlashRouter, with nearly the same CPU.

Best Routers 2015 - Budget Wireless-ACUnsure of what makes a FlashRouter so special? Watch this video and find out if your old router will find it’s way out the door during Spring Cleaning.

Stay tuned for more specials throughout this three weekend March Madness Router Tournament. Here’s our recap of top contenders for our best routers of 2015 going into the tournament…

Don’t forget to choose your contender (Netgear R7000, R8000, AC1450 or Asus Rt-AC87U and get free shipping worldwide with coupon FINAL4 !

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