Better Call Saul: How to Stream the Breaking Bad Spin-Off Anywhere

Watch Better Call Saul from anywhere with a VPN

How to Stream Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

Sure, Breaking Bad wrapped up pretty definitely for Walter White, but that doesn’t mean legions of rabid fans are done with the landmark series’ universe.

Enter Better Call Saul, which aired its first episode on February 8th and the second February 9th. Centered around Bob Odenkirk’s less-than-scrupulous attorney, Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul is the Breaking Bad spin-off than fans all but demanded after the original AMC favorite ended after its sixth season. As big Breaking Bad fans and lifelong Odenkirk fans, we’re every bit as excited as the rest of you.

That said, for devoted cord-cutters like ourselves, the first question we have is always this; how do we stream it?

Stream Better Call Saul from Anywhere With a VPN

In an encouraging sign for serious streamers everywhere, the television industry is seemingly making some effort to accommodate those of us who’ve ditched our pricey cable packages. In fact, each episode of Better Call Saul becomes available on Netflix Instant UK the day after it airs in the US!

Fat lot of good that does us in the US, right? Right, because we have VPNs to take care of the rest.

Best VPN Service Providers

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

For those of you who haven’t heard of VPNs, allow us to introduce them to you. A VPN service (or Virtual Private Network) service is a subscription-based service that serves a multitude of purposes, the primary one being securing your online data.

When you log into your VPN, all of your activity is tunneled through encrypted servers that are set up all over the world. This basically makes your personal information virtually impossible to trace, keeping your private e-mails, credit card numbers, and other sensitive pieces of information away from would-be hackers, identity thieves, and snooping governments.

That’s all well and good, certainly, but how does this help fans stream Better Call Saulf? It’s simple: remember how we said that the VPNs encrypted servers are set up all over the world? Well, when you log in to your VPN, you get to pick a server in the location of your choosing. If you pick, say, a UK-based server, your internet-ready device is given a UK-based IP address. This means your device now thinks you’re in the UK, and that means you can stream Netflix UK at your leisure.

This means you’re going to want a VPN with a lot of UK-based IP addresses, so we particularly recommend looking into NordVPNHideMyAss VPN, IPVanish VPN, and PrivateInternetAccess VPN. Otherwise, check out our official supported provider list for any even greater swath of options.

Stream Better Call Saul W/ a VPN-ready FlashRouter

But wait, we’re not through with you yet. You want to ensure the best possible Better Call Saul Netflix UK streaming experience? You’re going to want a FlashRouter.


As the brief video above explains, a FlashRouter is many things, most importantly a hedge against future router purchases. What we do here is take excellent routers, and replace their stock firmware with even better firmware, namely DD-WRT and Tomato.

A router flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware is going to open up your wireless network in ways you’d never imagine. Extend your wireless range, access advanced security options and, best of all for people who stream a lot of their entertainment, control how your bandwidth is allocated, prioritizing streaming devices for a skip-free viewing experience.

A FlashRouter can even improve your VPN experience. If you’re subscribed to any VPN on our official supported provider list, we’ll send your FlashRouter ready to work with your VPN right out of the box! Tricky installations are for the birds. Let us handle the hard stuff for you.

We offer superior products for a range of needs, whether you’re looking for an easily affordable upgrade or a network-revolutionizing beast. Take a look at our recent best-seller list and get to know some of our more popular devices, like the  Linksys WRT1900ACS/AC V2 DD-WRT Router, which is one of our top economy models, or the ever-popular Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT Router, which will turn your network into an unstoppable dynamo. Then there’s the brand new, earth-crushing Asus RT-87U DD-WRT AC2400, which is showing wireless speeds the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Better Call Saul is already underway. Don’t fall too far behind. Get yourself a VPN-ready FlashRouter today!

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