How to Access & Unblock Netflix Denmark From Anywhere

Use VPNS to watch Netflix Denmark from anywhere.

Watch Netflix Denmark from Anywhere

Luckily for those in the Nordic countries, Netflix’s recent European expansion managed to include Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

And, as those of us who’ve traveled outside of the country on business or vacation have found out, what Netflix Instant offers varies wildly from country to country. Seems like every single country but America has Superbad available to them at any time on Netflix Instant. Doesn’t seem fair, frankly.

Denmark was in fact the champion of our battle of the best country for Netflix Instant Superhero movies. In fact, Denmark is the only country that offers all the Superman movies from Christopher Reeves until now.

Anyway, there are ways to right this great wrong. Why should you be limited to one catalog of movies with your Netflix subscription!

You can watch Netflix Denmark from anywhere in the world if you take the right steps, and it’s easier than you may think.

Watch Netflix Denmark from Anywhere

Best VPN Service Providers

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

The answer to unblocking Netflix for any region including Denmark  is a VPN. A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based service designed to protect your sensitive online information and allow to access a more open internet.

When you log into your VPN, all of your activity is tunneled through encrypted servers that VPN services have set up all over the world. This makes it untraceable and thereby protects you from snooping governments, hackers, and identity thieves.

VPNs also allow you to use geographically restricted areas of the internet. When you log in, you get to choose your server and whatever country you’d like that server to be in.

Best VPN Service For Denmark

When you choose, say, Denmark, you get an IP address from Denmark, which makes your computer (or tablet, smartphone, or whatever other internet-capable device you may be using) think that you’re in Denmark. Now you can access Denmark websites like Netflix Denmark with ease.

There are some great VPN services out there for Denmark IP addresses but the limitation of some low cost of free VPN options is the absence of a wide variety of country servers and/or slow speeds.

  • CyberGhost – The EU specialists with 7  servers in Denmark
  • IPVanish – 2 Tier 1 high speed servers in Copenhagen plus 69 other servers all over the EU and 40+ in the US & Canada.
  • HideMyAss – 4 Servers & 300+ IP addresses in Denmark.

Enjoy Netflix Denmark  a VPN-Ready FlashRouter

But if you really want to make sure that you have the best Netflix Denmark streaming experience possible, then you need to bolster your VPN with a VPN-ready FlashRouter.

As the video above explains, a FlashRouter is the best way to future-proof your wireless network. What we do is take already powerful routers and boost their functionality, speed, and power by flashing them with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware, which are replacement firmwares that far surpass stock firmware by every important measure.

A FlashRouter allows users the ability to access advanced security options, extend your wireless signal, and control how your bandwidth is allocated, which is especially handy for people streaming video overseas.

Best VPN Routers for Netflix Instant Denmark

To find the FlashRouter that best suits you, we recommend taking a look at our most recent best-sellers list, or even our list of the Best DD-WRT routers of 2014.

Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT OpenVPN Router

Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT Router

On these lists, you’ll find routers for all needs and price-ranges, from our top-of-the-line Wireless-AC devices (such as the the just released Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT AC2400 DD-WRT Router, the monolithic Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT or the Asus RT-AC66U Tomato), to lean, economy models that perform like a dream (such as the Linksys E1200 DD-WRT FlashRouter & the E2500 TomatoUSB FlashRouter).

How about a budget Wireless-AC model? Check out the Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT OpenVPN FlashRouter, which brings you Wireless-AC speeds without breaking the bank.

Each FlashRouter includes a complete setup guide tailored to your VPN provider and setup including troubleshooting tips, 3 months of direct support with our expert Netflix-loving team, and at least a 90 day warranty. Contact us any time.

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